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1987 nissan pathfinder

When truck is cold I start it drive for 5 minutes or so and it acts like it not getting fuel it buck so i put in clutch hold gas pedal down and engine surges between 3500 and 2000 rpm up and down with me pumping it. it does it on its own for about a minute to a minute and a half then it like it starts getting gas again and it runs fine the rest of


Different Bags for Different Occasions

Bags have different colors, size and designs because they are used in different events to compliment one's outfit for the day. It is quite impossible to find a bag that can perfectly blend from one event to another (e.g. casual meeting to formal ones). If you have one bag that fits all, then you are lucky. But are you sure it is the right bag for e


94 Cherokee SE In-Line 6 (no 4x4) 2-door HELP PLEASE!!!!

Prior to yesterday my 94 Cherokee has been running great! I started it yesterday and the A/C, radio and turn signals are not working! We have examined every fuse and relay all are in working order. Does ANYONE know or have a clue what could be the reason for this malfunction? I don't have a lot of money but am very mechanically inclined and would p



To whom it may concern I own a 1992 S10 pickup that I had problems with bleeding the clutch master and slave cylinders I bled the system according to directions and what other info from mechanics told me to try all failed to work ! I was getting very frustrated because it seemed that everything i tried just would not work then finally i had spoken


Don't lose your grip

Do you ever have a hard time writing or drawing because your pencil or pen just keeps on slipping from your hand? It used to always happen to me. I am a writer and you know how inspiration has to hit writers oftentimes to be able to write something creative, literary, effective, poignant even. I always bring a pen and paper with me wherever I go


Rural internet

4 years ago I bought this place and one of my first jobs was to obtain an internet connection. I visited all three of the telecoms companies (Ancel, MoviStar and the one currently called Claro.) All said no problem, all loaned me dongle devices and all three didn't work. As a result, I signed up with the jolly pirates aka Dedicado who supplied me w


Forum: pathfinder won't start

This forum resource: pathfinder won't start, Nissan-Pathfinder has some useful conversations. Here is a sneak peek. "Please help me. My 96 pathfinder only starts sometime's. It's as if there is either a problem in the ignition or the clutch. The battery is" The clutch will have no effect on your engine starting. If it wont turn over try sho


YouTube: Building the Go-Kart (High School Senior Project Video)

(Music By Juno Reactor) The first video thats related to this is the entire video. this is just a demo. heres the Specs: This project was done for a graduating grade at my high school. the grade on it was a 98% and i got a 95 on my speech (which was 12 minutes long.) this was the video i showed during my presentation. this project took a total of 2


Mitsubishi overprices and underperforms on the new Lancer

Japanese automaker Mitsubishi has somewhat of a cult following, especially among the street racer community, but their newest offering appears to be a let down across the board. With a fairly average hatchback appearance plus a few added curves and grilles here and there, the rear of the new Lancer Sportback Ralliart has been adequately described a

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