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Link from gm clunk in steering wheel

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front end noise,clunk or bumping sound when turning

I have a 2007 Silverado, when I turn, usually at slow speed, I feel a bump or clunk, like it's in the steering. I finally read that this is the body of the truck/cab, bouncing off of the frame. The fix is to lift the body, off of the frame/ drivers side, and put an extra rubber bushing between the body and the frame. Many people have had this probl


Noisy Front End

Why do cars suddenly start making noise in the front end. It is really hard to explain to a mechanic what you hear coming from under your car. Have you ever tried to describe a noise your car is making. They look at me like I am a complete idiot. My Dodge Caravan starting feeling very unstable in the front end and made some clunking and clanking n

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