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Plan spontaneously

Going to new places, seeing some new things for the first time, trying out some new things in life; its what I like when I travel. No matter where you go, try and be spontaneous in your planing. Don't try to make every minute planed out, try going with the flow, just enjoy the ride. Life is full of surprises. My suggestion for a nice 2 week vacatio


Satral Continues Strong Form In Banja Luka

Satral is in quarter finals of ATP Challanger in Banja Luka. I watched all matches live since they were playing on courts who are 2 KM from my house. Good performance from Satral in this tournament. Anyways, as he said in interview: "I'm in Banja Luka for the second time and really like it here," said Satral. "The club and the city are really nice,


More harm then good

I was 6 years old when I first set in front of a poker machine and broke it. My dad had this night club with many games on fortune. And one night i was waiting for him to finish the work so we can go home but some people wanted to talk and drink all night. So as i was getting bored, he set me in front of a poker machine, told me what I need to do t


21 Of The Absolute Most British Problems Ever

Well, those are not only British problems, they are worldwide. You just need to change like show that is in your country, bar or club and it is worldwide problem. However I don't really think that is like biggest problems or something like that but those are problems for sure!


World we live in

We live in a world that is constructed on information, a digital world where any information you need is just one click of a mouse and/or keyboard away. So why not just open your browser and start searching; now days almost every one is promoting their thing on the net, and I am guessing many clubs that provide classes in kickboxing or martial arts


Roam Around

There are a lot of things you can do while in Dominican Republic. You can visit the Santo Domingo's Zona Colonial where you'll be brought back to the history of the oldest city in the new world. You can roam around the Playa Rincón beach and do sun bathing. Or you can just take the pleasure of peacefully resting in Peninsula de Samaná. Fo


First, find out where....

Hi, First you should find out where exactly your clients are staying; be sure to stay there, also. Good that you're getting there first, when you arrive, make contact with the Concierge. He or She is going to know everything about Hawaii, from the best deals on Dinner, what clubs to check out and which shows to see. They can also route you to the b



I am not sure what would be the worst question that someone could ask on a first date, but what happened to me I consider the worst possible scenario. I was after this girl (in time before Facebook and such when, if you wanted to meet someone you had to do it in person, no internet or profiles, or picture sending) for almost a year. We became frien


Meeting Reminder & Event!

From: Greater Fort Smith Association of Home Builders (, To: joe, Cc: Mark your calendar **IMG** **IMG** //l[1] //l[2] //l[3] **IMG** //l[4] **IMG** //l[5] **IMG** **IMG** **IMG** **IMG** class="MainLink" style="color:#0078C1;text-decoration:none;font-size:12pt;font-family:"Times New Roman",Times,serif;" shape="re


Not really!

Depending on what definition of friends here. If you think that going out to a club or bar and mingle with people considered making friends, then I'm not good at it. But if you think friends like best friends, then it will take longer way to get to know each other rather than simply socialized at common places.

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