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God is, never was

God is a construct that humans need to provide control over each other and help them through tough times. Nature is the only God that is and its nature is a cyclical being that has ebbs and flows via input from climate and universal laws of physics


Australia senator Malcolm Roberts calls climate change a UN conspiracy

His previous writing indicates that he believes a shadowy cabal of bankers is controlling world affairs. Isn't that the same thought that present with liberty minded people all over the world? The question is whether does he or the rest of his party can convince the people of the kangaroo state to believe him? The report says the US Federal Reserv


Designing climate-friendly concrete, from the nanoscale up

An MIT-led team has defined the nanoscale forces that control how particles pack together during the formation of cement "paste," the material that holds together concrete and causes that ubiquitous construction material to be a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. By controlling those forces, the researchers will now be able to modify the mic


No Longer a Conspiracy Theory: CIA Director Admits Plans of Aerosol Spraying for Geoengineering

Holy Crap! stratospheric aerosol injection, or SAI, a method of seeding the stratosphere with particles that can help reflect the sun's heat, in much the same way that volcanic eruptions do What the heck they were thinking! Making the world goes into the ice age by blanketing it with artificial volcanic ash? An SAI program could limit global tempe


Scientists trying to clone Ice Age cave lion after finding two near-perfectly preserved cubs

I've seen a lot of meatballs in my life, but this one takes a cake. A little part inside my brain tells me that I would love to see a prehistoric animal come to life again, but do you think that in today environment, these animals can survive? I mean even the climate was different. Back then the temperature, pollution, disease and their food were d


Vancouver restaurants and grocery stores warn customers of high food prices

This is not only happening in Canada, but also other part of the world. The problem is simple, housing and urban development run rampant to make room for people. Those people that used to be farmer and work in the agricultural areas leave their arable land and move to the big cities for bigger opportunities. Instead of working for themselves, they


Assessing nature's carbon sinks

Protected areas such as rainforests occupy more than one-tenth of the Earth's landscape, and provide invaluable ecosystem services, from erosion control to pollination to biodiversity preservation. They also draw heat-trapping carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) from the atmosphere and store it in plants and soil through photosynthesis, yielding a net cooling e


A Reality Worse Than Climate Change

The Washington Free Beacon reminds us that "Obama's Motorcade for Climate Change Talks Costing $784,825." The post totals up some of the costs for the talks in Paris and comes up with startling numbers. Car service, hotels, and accommodations for the president and other administration officials to attend climate change talks in Paris are costing t


Elon Musk's Hucksterism

Elon Musk Says Climate Change Refugees Will Dwarf Current Crisis ... Tesla's CEO says the Volkswagen scandal is minor compared with carbon dioxide emissions. Elon Musk, co-founder of electric carmaker Tesla Motors, warned on Thursday that climate change will spark a refugee crisis of catastrophic proportions if no action is taken. In a speech in B


The Truth About Weather Manipulation

Growing Number Believe California's Drought Is A Government Conspiracy ... There is a growing, underground movement of people who believe California's drought is part of a government conspiracy instead of a naturally occurring event from a lack of rain during the last four years. The movement's leader, Dane Wigington, says he's putting his life on

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