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Link from What does check gauges and beeping mean on jeep grand Cherokee Laredo?

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2004 Jeep Cherokee Running Rough...

The check engine light came on a little while back but it was running fine. Now when it is idling, it will be a little bit rough and twice when I started from a stop light it stalled out. Started up again easily. Any suggestions? Also, what about a mass airflow sensor? A lot of people think cleaning that improves gas mileage a lot. But, I can't fig



I have a 2003 toyota sequoia that will start and then stop, but will start and run on the second try. I've changed the mass airflow sensor, the fuel filter and I've checked all of the vac. lines. The truck has 180k on it. There are no trouble codes. It does this every time I start it. The check engine light is not on. Any ideas?


1997 Ford Expedition lost power

i was driving down the road and engine lost power and eventually died, and now the truck wont even click when i try to start it. the oil light turned on as the truck died. no warning. i checked the oil. there was none. i put 5 qts in the truck, still nothing. my question is did the motor seize up? Just dont understand i had no warning the oil was l


Stalling Issues - 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan

My van has been stalling a couple times per week when I'm driving slowly or when its stopped. The highway seems to be fine. It either starts right up again or I have to give it some gas to get it started. It seems to be fine once its been driven for a while. I brought the car to two shops but they couldn't find the issue without a check engine ligh


current maintenance and some cautions of CNC Router

everything need maintenance, especially machine, so is CNC Router machines. CNC Router belongs to high precise machine, so it need good maintenance. 1, keep the clearance of cooling water and the normal function of pump with the consecutive working time under 10 hours. forbid hydropenia of spindle motor, timely change the cooling water for fear tha


Seven Crescent

Seven Crescent A pleasant residence is a common and one of the most mentionable desire of human being. With a total of 14 units of 2-storiey strata bungalows with basement carpark (each unit is provided with 2 parking lots), Seven Crescent is one sort of that kind of desirabale residence. So, your dream of a wonderful residance may come into light!


Dodge caravan Running rough 4 codes

I have a 2003 dodge caravan 3.3l. It was running great then one afternoon went into a store and when i came back out and started it up it ran very rough and the rpms jumped all over and then it died. the check engine light came on and while its running the battery light comes on. It has 4 codes: P0122 throttle position sensor voltage low P0106 Bar


2002 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.3l 6 cyl with no power

My wife's 2002 grand caravan had an electrical glitch with the power locks for months (they would lock themselves or go up and down rapidly by themselves). The other night, I was driving when the battery light came on and the radio started to go on and off. I stopped at a friends house and a couple hours later I started home when suddenly everythin


Caravan bad gas mileague

Iknow there are 3 common issues with 3.3l engine having high gas consumption.1) is low octane (bad gas - lower than 86) and E85 will lower efficiency. Solution = go for a better gasoline -Tier 1 or change to national brand -reliable brand name.Check the result with at least three different gas station . 2) If there is all the same result without an

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