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Center for Environmental Health Sciences announces 2016 call for pilot project proposals

The MIT Center for Environmental Health Sciences (CEHS), an interdisciplinary research center funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), invites MIT faculty and research staff with principal investigator privileges to submit applications for funding of pilot projects related to environmental health, to support either


New KnCMiner Data Center Will Be Up and Running Within Four Weeks

I have a doubt about KnC people. For once, I hear lots of bad vibes on them at the various forum along with the lawsuit that they are facing. Secondly, they been lying to people that they sell a used equipment that it's no longer profitable to their user or investor. This new miner they open in the arctic circle is part of a project called the node


Many Psychology findings not as strong as claimed!

"The new analysis, called the Reproducibility Project, found no evidence of fraud or that any original study was definitively false. Rather, it concluded that the evidence for most published findings was not nearly as strong as originally claimed. Dr. John Ioannidis, a director of Stanford University's Meta-Research Innovation Center, who once esti


Total Uruguay Week;y Update 07/08/2015

Top posts... I would like to move there soon i am living in Cebu Philippines now. First on direct deposit any new advice? USA $ .Also any other news i should be aware of or helpful hints , Is it better to use my American debit card where my SS checks goes now ,because of fees there or open a Account there and pay there fees thanks a lot , Smile.


Bitcoin - is it money, currency, property, investment tool or what? Let the public tell you.

Bitcoin, that decentralized virtual currency we all love. Defined in many ways, yet still clouded in mystery. What is it exactly? Governments and financial institutions across the globe see and define bitcoin differently. Some classify it money, others not quite. They see it as a currency, as an investment tool, and more commonly, as a property. We



What is anxiety? What does it do to you? Anxiety is different from what we may call " anguish " - a condition that (within a medical context) can be treated by drugs and medical intervention. Anxiety, however, is an emotional disorder that can be controlled by finding and managing the causes of distress even without pills or professional interventi


A Modest Proposal to Increase Spying in South America

Manquehue reports, "Brazil proposes intelligence center in the Triple Border." South America is fighting against drugs, weapons and tobacco and Brazil wants to track smugglers as part of a larger war on criminality. The idea therefore is to put a top level spy center on the border between Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil. It will incorporate the "lat


03/18/2015 Total Uruguay Weekly Update

Top posts... Hello All Uruguayans, Now and to Come, What I Call "Free Friends" This is Jack Carney, in Beijing, China where I have lived and worked full time for the past 11 years. Before then, I lived and worked in Australia for 22 years. Previous to this, it was 15 years in Canada. I was born and spent my first 22 years in America. I am th


03/04/2015 total Uruguay Weekly Update

Top Posts... I started in May of 2005 just before I moved to Uruguay. At that time there were no significant expat resources for Uruguay and very little information in English. In June 2005, I hopped on a plane from tropical Costa Rica and came to Montevideo in the middle of Winter. I've been living here ever since with only


Pre-Internet Nasty Gram, Triggerfish, and Stingray

Many of you have heard of the so-called Stingray. Not the fish, but rather a device used by police agencies, intelligence agencies and possibly others to intercept, monitor, and record cell phone conversations. You can pop the word into Google News search to find out more than you want to know about it. Because the Stingray is nothing more than glo

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