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Is your 4x4 Ready for Canada

With end of the ice fishing season looming in the close future, it's a great time to start putting together a must do list for this year's trip to Canada. That list should involve getting your vehicle prepped. Get the proper paperwork - registration, license, up-to-date insurance and emergency contact info Tools - Tire plug kit, utility knife, auto


2001 F150 supercrew, 5.4 V8

Looking for the cabin air filter in my 2001 F150 supercrew



ACTROS 2646 LS Engine Mercedes-Benz OM 501 LA : 12 litre V6 turbocharged with inter-cooling. Four-stroke diesel with direct injection. Telligent® engine management. Maximum power 335 kW (456 hp) @ 1800 rpm. Maximum torque 2200 Nm (1625 lb. ft) @ 1080 rpm. Emission level : ADR 80/00, Euro 3. Bore : 130 mm. Stroke : 150 mm. Capacity


Air Filters

The combustion air filter prevents abrasive particulate matter from entering the engine's cylinders, where it would cause mechanical wear and oil contamination. The [link below] is typically a pleated-paper filter that is placed in the outside-air intake for the vehicle's passenger compartment. Being a relatively recent addition to automobile


Automobile Air Filters

An [link below] is a device which removes contaminants, often solid particulates such as dust, pollen, mold, and bacteria from air. Two main types of air filters are used in automobiles: the combustion air filter, and the cabin air filter. Paper Filters: Pleated paper filter elements are the nearly exclusive choice for automobile engine air cl

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