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Reminder & Chalkline Newsletter

Chalkline Reminder: Associate Council Meeting: Tuesday, September 6th, Central Mall Community Room, 12 pm Board of Directors Meeting: Thursday, September 8th at Central Mall Community Room 11 a.m. General Membership Meeting: Monday, September 12th at Larry's Pizza, 12 pm., $10 at the door, cash or check.. Sponsored By: Edward Jones Speaker: Matt P


MinerGate CEO Opposed Ethereum Hard Fork On Legal, Business And Philosophical Grounds

I made the same arguments over a similar article on the other post: Using their specific tools, they can take everything back and compromise the technology to benefit a limited group. This will make ethereum no difference than a typical banking or financial system, which is to reverse the transaction. Isn't it violating the smart contracts theory f


Expats banned from buying property in Saudi cities

It is hoped the ban will bring an end to 'tasattur' crimes committed by such expats, whereby they conduct business in the name of Saudis for certain fees, Arabian Business reported. Now, it seems that restricting expats from purchasing certain real estate will lead to more "corruption" where they conduct business (ie: own real estate) in the name o


SurBitcoin Is Back in Business in Venezuela

Well, whether it's running or not, one the question remain is whether the people can use bitcoin as a medium of payment for their daily transaction. Despite it's run again, there is some invalid issue on whether user can deposit the bolivar into their account since it was frozen by the bank. So, in lieu of that, there is no win-win situation here o


BTCS Inc (OTCMKTS:BTCS) Has Too Many Red Flags

This is what happen when you invest in Wall Street type bitcoin business. There are no money on it. Besides, who want to mine bitcoin in North Carolina where the electrical price is so high. People are looking to mine bitcoin in a cheap areas and possibly using an alternative energy source. Just by looking at their bogus picture, I already know tha


Russia to Treat Bitcoin as Foreign Currency

By allowing consumers and businesses to exchange cryptocurrency and Ruble, yet making spending Bitcoin punishable by law, an interesting ecosystem is created. This is the weirdest law proposed that I ever seen. You are allowed to buy and collect bitcoin, but you can't sell or spend it! What a bunch of crap. Yay or Ne is still muddled in their head.


UK Blockchain Startups Pondering Serious Move to Berlin

Why don't they move it to the closest neighbor that still independently govern like the Isle of Man? Besides, I think it's cheaper from business standpoint. Of course for human resources and technologically savvy entrepreneurs, Berlin is one heck of a hub or even Luxembourg if you want to avoid hefty taxes.


EU Intellectual Property Office research describes 25 illegal business models, only 8 mention Bitcoin

8 out of 78 that ever mention bitcoin? What about the rest of illegals business models? The one that hide their assets overseas, escaping tax, defrauding the current financial system, or the one that trade weapon internationally? Bitcoin is just a drop of water in the middle of the sea.


Euro IP study finds 25 Tor-and-Bitcoin-loving pirate business models

...EUIPO, and for just about proving the Brexiteers argument that EU tentacles are excellent at pointing out the bleeding obvious. The bleeding obvious? WTF! The tax haven country is bleeding obvious! The Panama papers is bleeding obvious! The war in the middle east is bleeding obvious! Encryption is got nothing to do with anonymity, and anonymity


Big Tobacco Gets Crushed by Tiny Uruguay

It is nice to see the little guy win. Of course the real problem is cultural... where people seek out and consume products that are bad for their health from multi-national companies that know nothing but how to make money. I think a much more serious problem to health is other much more prevalent pushers of bad health which at the top of the list

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