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Well that's good Davo. Sometimes, its good to put our money in good use and when the business you desire went successful and that's a well one job isn't it? I'm happy for you in advance Davo! Congratulations! ha ha ha


Impact of anti-U.S. rhetoric on BPO industry

The IT-BPO industry is viewed as the second largest source of income of the Philippines so you can not blame call center employees if they are worried or concerned about what would happen to them if the US and European BPO companies haul out their business firms in the country. Because of the reckless rhetoric and unwarranted remarks of Duterte aga


Link from Playa del Carmen Businesses and Services Links - Playa del Carmen

Confirmed link from to Mexican Total: First click through viewed: 10/24/16 12:08


How tech will transform the way we buy, borrow and sell

"A lot of fintech is now focused on helping individuals level the playing field so they can take advantage of services wealthy people or businesses have had for decades," Really? If that the reason then how in the world the 80% of the world population are underbank? In fact, they decided to operates outside the corrupt banking system and still surv


How China's Dealmakers Pulled Off a $207 Billion Global Spree

It's all about politics. When the Chinese conglomerates wants to buy foreign business, especially in the west, they are being held to the ground by the government. In fact, the business itself is in dire needs of long term financial stability. This is what government should not interfere. What the government needs to do is to interfere when they st


Alibaba's Jack Ma Urges China to Use Online Data to Fight Crime

When Jack Ma speaks, there is always something behind it. He doesn't see surveillance as an act of violation of privacy, but as a business opportunity. Of course, Alibaba hometown in Hangzhou, the site for last G-20 meeting has more CCTV camera in every corner of the city compared to say New York or other major city in the world. Jack smell busines


Companies urged to use multiple vendors in wake of cyber attack - Business Insider

Isn't that a common consensus where big boys should diversified their DNS services? This is too easy and too stupid to overlook. In fact, even a non tech savvy engineer use multiple DNS services. I think anyone who works in this company as CIO or CTO should be fired to let their network system must go through just one DNS portal.


Darknet Marketplace Monero Market Goes Offline Until January 2017

No order then the business went bust. This is typical in the real world not excluding the dark net. After all, bitcoin is still the ultimate medium of payment in the dark net despite its negativity. Monero hype was so much to the point that they are start cooking the coin value two months ago. And now, it's nothing to be gain other than return to t


Why a new national strategy on food can't satisfy all

Of course they can't! Government is for big business and as the country who can't even feed their own people moreover exporting some of the food, Canada needs to overhaul is food dependency policy. The last paragraph actually summon it all. Withdrawing from the WTO section of food and agricultural business is much more important to protect local fa


Elderly Make Up Nearly a Third of Japan's New Entrepreneurs

That's the main difference in the Japanese culture. No matter how old you are, there is no way anything can stop them to start their own business as long as you have the will to do it. Besides, being an entrepreneur is a lifetime activity. These people are aware of it. Rather than stay home and enjoying a monotonic life, they decide to go out and m

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