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The dirty little secret of central banking

... the central bank has focused on a single goal: to reduce and stabilize inflation. Yeah right! Economy doesn't grow without an inflation according to them. If the inflation is 0% that's mean the growth is stagnant. Think about this: How in the world the federal reserve can keep almost 0% interest, but retail banks charge 5% plus for mortgage an


Hoax manpower agency sheltering illegal expats busted in Kuwait

This is not only occurs in Kuwait, but also in many countries. Human trafficking is very lucrative business. They bought this girl or boy from a small village in Africa or Asia then sell them as a sex slave to people in other countries. The law of human trafficking is strict, but the government seems to look the other way as these perpetrators can


World's First Bitcoin-Based Oil Market Launched - Will It Be A Success?

It actually not PetroBTC or the world first bitcoin based oil market. In fact, anyone who involves in oil business can do it at anytime. This platform is just to make sure that when you transact in a large amount of BTC, it complies with KYC/AML law since they act like an escrow to keep the data among customers.


Zippie - 20196534

Chinese restaurants are plentiful in Panama City so there will be a lot of competition. You can look up commercial rent prices here: [URL deleted] I have never worked in the restaurant business so I can't really help you with the rest. I will be sure to visit your restaurant if you decide to open up shop here since I now live near Panama City.


Why is my name your business?

"Come out here and give me back my name!" That was the response from Salman Rusdhie to Facebook back in 2011 when he found out that the social media giant has deactivated his account. He went to Twitter and told all of his followers that Facebook literally acted like a de-facto passport vendor, an extension of government agent where all the informa


Fwd: FW: ITEL Unpaid Invoice Attached - Payment Inquiry: Kelly Beckley CRS4615506-08

---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Glen Roberts <glr@[deleted]> Date: Mon, Mar 30, 2015 at 2:56 PM Subject: Re: FW: ITEL Unpaid Invoice Attached - Payment Inquiry: Kelly Beckley CRS4615506-08 To: "Baldwin, Rhonda" <> Cc: "ServiceMasterDisaster@[deleted]" <ServiceMasterDisaster@[deleted]>, "Arancio,


UK Financial Regulator Considers Approving Blockchain Startups

"considers approving"? What the heck! There are lots of blockchain or fintech startups that runs worldwide. It seems all the fintech in UK are currently invalid or not being approved by the government or what. I know it's so easy to obtain a business license in UK, especially anything that dealing with finance. It looks like they are start branchin


Trump open to 'softening' laws to help illegal immigrants - Washington Post

Yeah, idiotic psychopath on the rise in the US. Sadly, lots of people supports him and perhaps will elect him to become the next POTUS. Duh! What if the other way around. This so called "softening" policy should say that "I'll busted any business that employs illegal immigrant!" Easier to said than done, since his real estate enterprise perhaps emp


Will this really protect the bankers and put hackers out of business?

Bank websites are often at the top of the list when it comes to being the target of a cyberattack, so a group of them created their own domain name: .bank. Now, that means that the entirety of the security rests with the issuance of .bank domains. "There's a lot of scrutiny that goes into applying and receiving one of these .bank top-level domain n


Expatriate Taxation - Who should figure your US taxes?

Texas companies that send their employees on international assignment shouldn't let their employees figure out their US federal income taxes by themselves. Now, I can't imagine why the author of that article limits his suggestion to just Texas companies!?!? However, the issue I think it a deep one that requires lost of personality thought and publi

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