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NO, I haven't.

From my birth day to now I have never traveled out of my country. So I haven't traveled in Ecuador or Galapagos Islands but I learned their existence in books. If I get rich one day, these are the place where I want to go for vacation.


Swiss politician says hijab should be banned from passports

I think it's not 'hijab' that should be banned but face cover. There are lots of countries that have passed similar measures for legal travel document such as passports or even drivers license and national ID card. In reality if you make it too far right like what this right winger said, it could even invite more trouble in the future.


Oliver Stone: making Snowden was a 'desperate venture'

Of course he was desperate! No studio in the US wants to sponsor him. He used his own money and then travel abroad to look for sponsorship. It took him months until he finally found a group of studio to pitch in. He was right about one thing that McCarthyism has been affecting Americans all over the world. The more FUD the government spread, the ea



I like to travel with my car. And so every summer I find a new location for summer vacation to spend. So I did that as well 2 years ago. After a few days of just enjoying the sun and the sea, I decided it was time to explore. So I got into my car with my friends that were there with me and we just drove, exploring city by city, street by street, si


I love movies, but...

Books rule. They co-make my living in a way movies never could. I can take them wherever I go and they can make otherwise irksome travel palatable. Not only I dig the entertainment value. Books give a boost to your vocabulary and improve your writing skills. I love movies though. Unfortunately, the last time I enjoyed one must have been in 2012. I


Link from List for travel forums ...? - Webmaster Forum

Confirmed link from to Travel Drama: First click through viewed: 09/23/16 04:40


Bitcoin is The Answer For Chinese Travelers Looking To Escape Domestic Capital Controls

Over 70% of all undeclared cash seized at Vancouver International Airport in the past few years belongs to Chinese travelers. No wonder two thirds of Vancouver real estate markets are owned by the Chinese these days. Over 10K CAD is barely over 50K yuan, the limit that the government impose on the Chinese people who want to take cash outside their


Berdych, Raonic Visit Iconic St. Petersburg Site

Well, they needed to relax between matches, so they visited St. Isaac's Cathedral. One of the good things of being tennis player is that you travel all over the world and that you can actually visit some cool places while you are relaxing between matches.


21 Things People Who Moved To Scotland From A Hot Country Will Just Get

Lol, I get it. I mean I was in Scotland for a month or so and I did get some of them. However, I don't think it is only case with Scotland though, it is almost in all countries. I didn't travel that much so I might be wrong.


Travel to New Zealan

You really want the best? Then, go to New Zealand and enroll in the International Karate and Kickboxing Academy. The school has been renowned for many years to be the pioneer for world class kickboxing masters. Plan it now and do it!

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