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I want the next new thing to be travel related - a portable portal

I think it would be really cool to have a portable portal (some kind of space folding 'tube')... of course the other side of the portal would need to be a terminal or a station of some kind (still working on it), but how cool to open your portal at home and walk right into the station at New York, Beijing, Paris, London or Los Angeles??


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As a kid

As a kid I experience many travels than I am now. My parents are both businessman and woman and they travel all around the nations with their kids. Me and my brother next to me. Its quite fun actually. I usually sits in my mother's wheel chair and pretends that I am the boss there and as I remember it correctly employees of my parents use to tease


Where have you ever traveled outside of your own Country?

Are you a World traveler? Have you only been to a country that borders your own? Maybe you have never been outside of your own Country in your whole life (That's not very Worldly, is it?) If you haven't; why not, what's keeping hostage? If you have, where'd you go? Is it a place you'd go to again?



Costa Rica is one of the safest place where one can travel and have a nice time with family and friends. But before you can have a night party as Costa Rica make sure you make a good studies of the place and make sure you find out that the club as a police permission concerning any night party them are holding. Though for me it is a good place to p


Phone Usage in Mexico

Don't worry about using your phone any where around the world. Using of phone in any country is not limited, till only the service provided that is limited. Before you travel from your country to another part of the world, always ask the service provider of your country if you can use their network any where around the world. Yes, use can use your


Old but gold

It might be a service that is losing the battle over the job since future is here and now we have cabs that work with applications and such, but taxi is still the best and the safest way to travel if one doesn't have a car of its own. Might not be the best by the price, but accessibility is one thing they have. Where ever you turn, you see a taxi.


Away from home

Agree with you Ross, with all the daily stress we meet from family to work, we need to unwind. For me, travel helps me to unwind. Seeing different ambiance away from home and work will work. Provided that when I travel, my family is with me to enjoy the travel.


My Favorite Way to Traveling is by car.

Yes, I do enjoy traveling. My favorite way of traveling is by car. No, I don't prefer the luxury of train when traveling, prefer the luxury of car when i am traveling. The best favorable way i ever prefer to traveling is by car, because it makes me fill comfortable and also try to know new place while i travel along the way.


Kuznetsova Soars Into Singapore, Set To Shake Up White Group At WTA Finals

Svetlana Kuznetsova is traveling right now to Singapore for her new and last tournament in this season. She deserved that last spot in it without any doubt, I would be so sad for Svetlana and it would be bad for her to miss this big and last tournament. The only thing I can say is good luck!

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