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Well, you got two solutions. Depends what you want from the trip there. Fast option would be by an airplane, since the flight takes about 1-2 hours. But you don't get to enjoy the ride, or should I say flight. The slower option, which gives you enjoyment of the ride, and some sight seeing along the way. The prices of either are not that costly. Che


Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 09/30/2016 - Another Test of Range Support?

Market was so slow today. Price still hovering at 600-605 range throughout the Asian session today. Nothing exciting is going on. In fact, it seems that only a nickel and dime traders that active. Not even whalers or investor was playing. I think the Asian market will close at the low 600 today.


US Food Prices Continue to Plummet

If the food prices continue to plummet, then how come there are more Americans are in welfare program like food stamps. Further there are lots of people even that in the food stamps can't buy decent food to eat. On the other hand, farmers has been complaining about the sharp decrease in the raw agricultural product thus making them wants more and m


Kim Dotcom Continues To Predict A US$2000 Bitcoin Price

First thing first bro, get your Mega 2.0 platform up and running first, then we can talk about your 2000 bucks prediction. The reason is simple. If you can get that platform running in January 2017 along with all users data, it should give people some stuffs to play on and possibly more and more people will join in. As a result, the price could bum


Bitcoin Price Watch; Our Take On The Late US Session

Nothing happen in the US session. This morning the Asian session open with 605 and still hold the price above 600 all the way to mid-day session. Price will further consolidate at 600-605 range and nothing moves. Resistance is at 610 and support at 590.


Analysts: Bitcoin Price Expected to Hit $848 Soon

Aha ha ha! You got to play long in this one like me. I always play long and do not concern about short or medium term on trading. Those are fundamentals trader principle. Of course it could go higher, but those 848 price is probably reached by the end of the 2016.


eMarketer Daily ( sent you 0 files

From: "eMarketer Daily" ("eMarketer Daily" (, To: "Williams Gardner" ("Williams Gardner" (bill), Cc: DotLoop eMarketer Daily ( sent you 0 files in an email. eMarketer Daily - Function, Price Influence Smart Watch Sales peoplework, not paperwork **IMG** dotloop is the largest network in real estate w


Could gold be about to fold?

The answer to that question is yes! I think gold is no longer a safe haven to hedge your assets. Even if the S&P is down, it doesn't guarantee that gold price will go up. In fact, with the weakness of global economy and the inability of the feds to raise the rates until after the election, gold price is stagnant or might go down to low $1,000 by th


Bitcoin Price Reclaims $600

Last night (9//28) US session doesn't help the bitcoin price either. Price down to 605 at the opening of Asian session today (9/29) when they closed at 609 a day before. It seems the price is trying hard to stay above 600 and will consolidate further in the 602 range. I pass this one.


In U-Turn, Saudis Choose Higher Prices Over Free Oil Markets - Bloomberg

Yup! That's how it works. Be in bed with the US with their petrodollars and now they are in red for the first time in history. Time to move out from oil business. The world is moving away from coal and fossil fuel to a more greener and cleaner energy source. The question is that not everyone agrees. Even if OPEC will cut production to boost the oil

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