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Fwd: FW: ITEL Unpaid Invoice Attached - Payment Inquiry: Kelly Beckley CRS4615506-08

---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Glen Roberts <glr@[deleted]> Date: Mon, Mar 30, 2015 at 2:56 PM Subject: Re: FW: ITEL Unpaid Invoice Attached - Payment Inquiry: Kelly Beckley CRS4615506-08 To: "Baldwin, Rhonda" <> Cc: "ServiceMasterDisaster@[deleted]" <ServiceMasterDisaster@[deleted]>, "Arancio,


Bitcoin Price Watch; Here's What's On This Morning

Nothing. The Asian market was stagnant throughout the day (8/24). The price was hovering at 580 range. But judging from the volume for the last 8 hours in the Asian market, there are more people buy than sell. Is this any indicator that people confidence start coming back into bitcoin?


Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 08/24/2016 - Channel Support Bounce or Break?

Trading was stagnant today at the Asian market. But the good thing is that I can move my support line from 560 to 570 now. Which is good to do since it shows me that there will be bullish momentum that coming in due the volume of trading is stay the same.


Meet Monero, the Currency Dark Net Dealers Hope Is More Anonymous Than Bitcoin

I'd like to see this. I hold some Monero crypto and if the dark net vendor such as Alpha Bay adopt it, we could see a price jump in the next couple of months. But I still have a reservation for Monero security though, what happen if the user "viewkey" is hacked and the law enforcement official can see who's on the other side, which in this case is


Litecoin Price Spikes 10% as Coinbase Exchange Turns on Trading

Isn't it kinda oxymoron that Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin and former Google engineers are the VP for technical development at Coinbase? And just now, Coinbase open their door to Litecoin trading after 3 years in existence? The Chinese did that back in 2013 even before the Mt. Gox collapse. I don't know this is a signal or not, but it looks


If you live in the US, you pay too much for prescription drugs

They found that FDA regulations and patents protect drug companies from competition, and federal law prevents Medicare from negotiating drug prices. All of which work together to allow drug companies to set their own prices, ... "found"? My sweet end! It's been going on since medicare was created. The FDA law protect big pharmaceutical company for


Bitcoin Price Watch; Pegging Our Scalp Trades

Men, don't worry about it. The price is consolidating further. At the close of Asian session today (8/23), I notice that the price stays within 580-590 range and do not move that much. The support and resistance is getting narrower which is good for medium and long term trader who expect the price to go beyond 600 within 1-2 weeks.


Beyond war on drugs, Philippines' Duterte seen setting up economic boom - Reuters

Hell yes! Despite the 6% economic growth under Noynoy, he's consider pro upper class while the lower class is still struggling to make the ends meet. Similar to Joko Widodo in Indonesia, their administration emphasizing more on infrastructure such as transportation to make the price of basic goods uniform across the country. I agree with Duterte pr


Expat Rents Plunge As Oil Price Tumbles

I think this is frivolous. If the property cost related to the oil and gas market, then this is all bogus money. I can understand that sometimes the demand was so high for mining industry workers, but the idea to increase rent due to high demand is now backfired to them as the number of property now empty and they couldn't even cover the cost of ma


Bitcoin Markets Remain Stagnant Around $570, Although Conditions Are Slowly Improving

I somewhat agree with the analysis here where the author said to give 2-3 more weeks for the bitcoin bull market to start move again. But I do not agree that the drop will go down below 520 within a week or so. I notice that despite its stagnation, the volume is steady and the number of people that buy is even larger than the sales. This wouldn't m

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