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Could Bitcoin Price See a Fall?

I don't see it Jim! Seriously, I know that Jim Fredrickson is mentioning about the 4th arch, but I just don't see it. Perhaps, it might be because my knowledge on GANN chart is rather lacking. Whether it will fall or not, it has been proven before that bitcoin price is volatile and it's possible. But to drop below 500 within couple of hours, I thin


Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 10/24/2016 - Another Pullback Opportunity!

Indeed! It will pullback to 640 range before consolidating further in the 645 areas for couple days. Despite the momentum is still oversold, the amount of volume is neutral and there are no whalers coming in plus the market psychology seems stagnant from the outside. I sit down today for this round.


Ethereum Price Technical Analysis - Time To Buy ETH?

Personally, I'll wait until the end of the month to get in. One thing is that the network is just underwent a hard fork and the ETC will undergo a hard fork on 10/25. So far, despite the warning that people should wait for another week, but my suggestion is to wait for at least until the end of month where both of them will be stable by that time.


Gold To Bottom Out At $775 Says Financial Astrologer

Now this is a good prediction. In fact you do not need a financial astrologer to tell you. A regular analyst could tell that gold will go down below $1,000 mark at the beginning of 2017. The reason is simple, this week the gold price hold due to demand in the South Asia market, but afterwards when people start selling their holding back to the reta


Bitcoin Price Watch; Closing Out Strong

Did you see the dragonfly candle on the closing of EU session in 10/21? That's a perfect indicator that bitcoin price will go up the next day. Seriously, it's very rare that technical analysis produce such pattern. And for a long term trader, it's time to move back in again.


Bitcoin Price Back Above $650 for First Time since Bitfinex Hack

Yes! Some whalers eat a large chunk of bitcoin last night in the Asian market. Who knows who's this whalers was, but the price jump from 630 at the closing of Asian market to 650 when it was open on Sunday morning the 23rd. I move my support line to 640 and resistance at 660. So far, so good!


Bitcoin Price Surges as Chinese Miner Conference Concludes

Nope! This got nothing to do with the Chinese Miner Conference. I know that they have a small meeting in inland China but the price jump on bitcoin got nothing to do with them In fact, the core miner will still adopt the v13.1 with Segwit in it and the ViaBTC still fooling around with the BU.


Venezuela's food prices skyrocket as people go hungry

Of course, once the government ease the sanction on food price controls, the price will go up significantly due to uncontrollable inflation. Yes! Who want to sell a doze of eggs for less than 50 cents if the inflation is 5 times bigger than what it used to be. They are dying. And now, these groceries store will also die since no one will buy the fo


Propaganda, conspiracy theories harmful to country

Of course it's harmful. The only problem is that people still believe in it and worse, they are choosing, voting and electing a complete idiot as their representative in the state or federal level. I remember that after 9/11, the line to the gas station in my neighborhood was 2 miles long. They said that by the end of the week, gas could be $5/gall


Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 10/20/2016 - Approaching Area of Interest!

Nope! It will consolidates further in the 630 range. The RSI already show and oversold status but the momentum is still slightly bearish until 10/22. This could be a moment for traders to buy bitcoin to the point that it will make them some money after the 22nd.

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