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Robert Birgeneau to receive Vannevar Bush award

Robert Birgeneau, professor emeritus in MIT’s Department of Physics and former dean of science, has been named as the recipient of the National Science Board’s 2016 Vannevar Bush Award. Birgeneau, who is also chancellor emeritus at the University of California at Berkeley, is being recognized for his “exceptional public service



ROMAIL MUNIR Address: - H # P, 758, St # 5, 224 Warispura, Faisalabad. Cell #Pakistan: 923009651116 Skype ID: romail.munir Career Objective:- A position with the growing organization, where my abilities and capability of hard work can lead to opportunities for growth and advancement. Work Experience:- Organization : ALMCO GROUP OF COMPANIES IRAQ De


Bitcoin Foundation Appoints 3 New Board Members with a New Mission Statement

The question is what will the Foundation do now other than clean up their name after the recent mismanagement. Can they justified the previous spending spree done by previous board members? Can they justified which core-dev got paid?, etc. The foundation is dying and need money to survive. They should stick to educate people by fostering education


Two Board Members Exit as Bitcoin Foundation Seeks Funding

So, time is up for Janssens and Harper. It's a pity that Janssens as one of the founding members has to be ousted because of dumb agreement. This s more like a corporate environment instead of non profit since the vision of the foundation is unclear itself. People should know that the philosophy behind bitcoin and its blockchain is decentralized an


The Bitcoin Foundation might be close to running out of money

Mismanagement is always happen in the organization including the non profit Bitcoin Foundation. How in the world they blew 150K a month? Everyone knows that the Board of Directors is who's who in the bitcoin world and the title is merely honorary as the foundation main philosophy is to educate people about the benefit of bitcoin. Maybe they should


Looking for a condo for rent in Makati near hospitals? Worry no more at our condos for rent in Makati.

Are your looking for a condo for rent in makati? Are you looking for a condotel that is also near hospitals? Worry no more because at our condos for rent in makati website category, you can find condos for rent that is less than 2 to 7km away hospitals. That is right, run accross numerous hospitals in makati that is close to your rental home with t


One rule to rule them all

Hong Kong carefully and constantly educates all of us seven million residents on how to live in a bunched up area without annoyingeach other to death. As a result there are many, many rule boards.


Reimagining high school

Pedestrians walking by the MIT Media Lab earlier this week might have noticed an interactive public installation challenging visitors to rethink high school in America. Developed by XQ: The Super School Project - an initiative aimed at bringing people together to design the next-generation American high school - the installation offered viewers a c


Bhupender Narayan Mandal University in Madhepura, Bihar, India

Bhupender Narayan Mandal University Admission 2015 If you have been waiting for the Bhupender Narayan Mandal University Admission 2015, it is the right time to fill the application form to pursue the desired course in one of Bihar’s best universities. For the current academic year, the announcement has been made about the study options at the unive


Glass Erase Board

Krystal Glass Writing Boards offers variety of glass dry erase boards made of different sizes and materials. Dry erase glass boards are their specialties. Boards of different sizes and specifications useful for corporates, kids, schools and education purpose are available with us. Dry erase boards, glass erase boards, glass dry boards; transparent

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