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RBA watching blockchain, but tap-and-go is where the action is

Really! The issue is not tap and go. That thing has been implemented in many ways like ticket office, or bus or train station. Even the immigration office already done the same thing. But bitcoin is different story. Those tap and go doesn't require blockchain type of technology as it operates. It can be done with a distributed databases system in m


Segwit Moves Closer to Full Proposal for Bitcoin as Accusations of Politicking Flare

Buterin accused bitcoin developer Peter Todd, who has advocated a "forced soft fork," of preferring politics over markets deciding what features people can use. Dude, didn't Ethereum forked was political also? It was used to reverse the transaction from the hacked DAO. If it's not political, then what else it could be! I think we should let the seg


J.P. Morgan Sued over BlackBerry's Purchase of Good Technology (BBRY)

Hey, that's how the hostile takeover be done in the first place. The one behind the screen such as an advisor board will not come to the surface unless they are being published publicly. On the other hand, why in the world Blackberry would do any M&A anyways since they are dying company.


What Will Happen To China's Economy If Xi Jinping Continues To Lead

Well, he won't be president after 2018. But he still have power at the CCP as a politician. Similar to his predecessor, they are all stays on the board until they died. This opinionated article only concern about economy from western point of view. There still lots of people in China that better than him. But to have an assumption that China should


Bitcoin philanthropist Roger Ver joins Private Internet Access Board of Advisors

Do the bitcoiners' community care about him anymore? Most of the die hard cultist don't even care what Ver does moreover as an advisor. They want him to lend a hand in programming or help the core development rather than just talking.


Reminder & Chalkline Newsletter

Chalkline //l[1]//l[2]//l[3]//l[4]//l[5] class="MainLink" style="color:#0078C1;text-decoration:none;font-size:12pt;font-family:"Times New Roman",Times,serif;" shape="rect" href="#"> Reminder: Associate Council Meeting: Tuesday, August 30th, Central Mall Community Room, 12 pm Board of Directors Meeting: Thursday, September 1st at Central Mall Commun


China's Biggest Economic Challenge

China's government is not averse to economic reform. Where is this idiosyncrasy come from? Of course this is from an editorial board of Bloomberg who with their western capitalism thinking doesn't know anything about the Chinese economy! How in the world you expect to "promote consumption" albeit I agree that China should not depend on export alon


Monero's 200% Gain On Darknet Marketplace Adoption

Okay, that's a good start after 2 years stagnant. Of course if one meatballs get caught and the law enforcement official can prove that they use Monero on the darknet, the price of Monero could drop again. But for the time being, most people still stick with bitcoin across the board.


Japanese Banks Plan Blockchain Currency Exchange

One using Ripple protocol and the other using Chain protocol. Why don't these meatballs make up their mind. Assuming that these two protocol will talk to each other to make it uniform across the board, then it could be useful. Otherwise, it could be another vaporware. This is the problem with the current SWIFT and ACH system. The network looks like


US ready to 'hand over' the internet's naming system - BBC News

This is what I'm waiting for. There were a news couple month ago that the Commerce Department still allocating money for ICANN on their 2017 budget. But the UN is not ready to take the ICANN either. For one reason that the UN is controlled by the US. I think it's best that ICANN become independent completely. I'm waiting on the new board member tha

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