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Monero's 200% Gain On Darknet Marketplace Adoption

Okay, that's a good start after 2 years stagnant. Of course if one meatballs get caught and the law enforcement official can prove that they use Monero on the darknet, the price of Monero could drop again. But for the time being, most people still stick with bitcoin across the board.


Japanese Banks Plan Blockchain Currency Exchange

One using Ripple protocol and the other using Chain protocol. Why don't these meatballs make up their mind. Assuming that these two protocol will talk to each other to make it uniform across the board, then it could be useful. Otherwise, it could be another vaporware. This is the problem with the current SWIFT and ACH system. The network looks like


US ready to 'hand over' the internet's naming system - BBC News

This is what I'm waiting for. There were a news couple month ago that the Commerce Department still allocating money for ICANN on their 2017 budget. But the UN is not ready to take the ICANN either. For one reason that the UN is controlled by the US. I think it's best that ICANN become independent completely. I'm waiting on the new board member tha


Link from Full Disclosure Bulletin Board | Hermetix

Confirmed link from to Bit Soap Box; All Sites Combined: Search on Bit Soap Box; All Sites Combined for: First click through viewed: 08/17/16 22:21


Aide to UKIP's Nigel Farage Arrested for Demanding Bitcoin in Blackmail

Aha ha ha! If the name Nigel Farage doesn't appear on the title, people probably will not flock into the news. Of course what the moment of truth is when he get arrested at O'Hara airport in Chicago while try to board the plane with his boss. This is proof that even bitcoin reach to the highest level of UK government official and they know it's muc


Bitcoin Price Watch; Here's What's On Tonight

Men, nothing happens that much on the trading board. The volume is there, but it's just a nickel and dime trade all over the exchange. It seems that people are lurking around ETC at Poloniex more actively rather than bitcoin in most of the exchange. Of course the BTC/CNY trading is the most active one. And by looking at it, the price will be consol


Yahoo Ordered to Reveal How Deleted Drug Case Emails Were Recovered

This is really stupid! Why in the heck he used Yahoo email in the first place? Moreover, I think the defense attorney argument is valid since Yahoo TOS mentioned something about privacy. Of course this will hit both sides of the board. Luckily the judges agree to it. I'll keep watching this as the trial is ongoing. Note: Maybe Marissa Mayer should


Delayed DECENT Network Crowdsale to Start Soon

Another alt coin on the market. It supposedly be on sale in June 2016. Maybe the ethereum fiasco causing them to go back to the drawing board as a lesson for the future. On the other hand, their giving away free ether could backfired if the ether market drop due to lack of confidence and also their DCT alt coin. The only thing survives is stakehold


Bitcoin Scam vs. Ethereum Scam: Which Is Easier To Get Away With?

"Because the Ethereum ecosystem is currently so small, it is not very hard to enforce changes to the state of the ledger. Should a scammer attempt to pull another heist, there could possibly be another hard fork for the sake of consumer protection." This is really stupid! This proves that the ethereum is nothing more than a private blockchain contr


Bitcoin Startup Founder Resigns Board Position Amid Fraud Charges

Aha ha ha! I know that investment company is full of it! When they have those mining company in down under, DigitalBTC, their financial report is all fabricated and they are still buying bitcoin despite their losses. And now, the Aussie official has the right to shutdown the DigitalX and Air Pocket as a result of this charges.

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