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Message the White House with its new Facebook chat bot - SlashGear

Okay! How many people want to complain to POTUS like Obama in regular basis? How many of these are actually bot that were setup by user just in case the White House is using their own politically correct AI to answer people question? I wonder how long before some hackers start flooding the White House message board with some stupid issues!


Facebook Cites 'Diversity' As Reason To Keep Billionaire Trump Donor On Board - Huffington Post

Dude! Zuck is trying to save FB from the wrath of the people. He knows that if the users doesn't want to use it, the popularity will be dwindling. Heck, most of the new generations already leave Facebook for something else anyway. But Thiel is the Don of Paypal Mafia. His background as a lawyer enables him to make lots of money in his heyday. He ha


Spy agencies team up with National Academies

Understanding "the limitations of our knowledge," says Robert Fein, a national security psychologist in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and a member of the new intelligence board, "will help to protect us against armies of snake oil salesmen." So, this is what the best US spy psychologist teaches their subordinate: "WATCH OUT FOR THE ARMY OF SNAKE OIL SA


Link from Costa Rica Public Message Board - Details -

Confirmed link from to Total Costa Rica: First click through viewed: 10/16/16 16:33


Bitcoin, Fintech and the New President of the United States

The US government already have their own advisory board. It's called the department of Treasury, SEC and IRS along with the OMB. Moreover, those department doesn't even know what fintech is so they have another advisory board outside the government that act as a lobbyist. I don't think the new POTUS will address fintech at this moment. These two me


Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 10/14/2016 - Strong Area of Interest

Morning Asian session on 10/14 was great. The price is holding above 635 (BTC-e) throughout the morning session all the way to the lunch break. The strength and volume is there but it's not enough to raise the price back to 640 at this moment. Who knows, there might be some whalers come in the afternoon to eat the right board. Aha!


Your Favorite Board Game

Your Favorite Board GameOne of the earliest memory of my childhood I could remember is me running over and throwing the character pieces of Monopoly while my siblings were playing. We rarely watch TV and it was very common for us to spend the whole day at home playing Monopoly during weekends (we are only allowed to play it when school is off). Bel


Why people prefer playing bingo online?

You know, if they can teach senior to use electronic board or computer, that are one sector that they need to tap on. Seriously and no pun intended. I've seen lots of senior never miss their weekly bingo game. Moreover, it helps to train their memory by utilizing multiple bingo card at the same time.


Bitcoin Price: Markets Still Set for Rally After Sustained Highs

Duh! The last minute before the closing of the first half of Asian session today (10/11), some whalers just ate a large chunk of bitcoin on the selling board. Price jump to be above 620 in no time. Who knows what will happen during the next half a day. But if the price holds, we could move the support line to 620 and resistance at 630.


What Strategy Game were you good at as a kid (Pie)

What Strategy Game were you good at as a kid (Pie)I grew up in a time before digital gaming; in fact, I remember the first calculator that was brought into my home way back in the 70's. We were stuck with cards and board games, which were all very fun in the time. Some have stood the test of time, while others have long ago fallen by the way-side.

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