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Glen Roberts is the founder of TotalChaos.Club. He is a real life The Man Without a Country," he is an author, activist and Internet pioneer who has built a successful network of websites focused mainly on the Americas and featuring self-empowerment, social networking and cultural reporting. He also runs a publishing website that can be found at ww


electrical gremlin

have 1997 s10 blazer 4x4. When key is in run position or vehicle is running the ABS light on dash stays on and the power windows and blower motor wont work. At first ABS light would go off and everything would work, but now the light stays on and windows and blower will not work. help please as windows are down and rain is in the forecast. Thank yo


blower not working

ac light was flashing, I removed #1 green wire from controler and comp. now kicks in but blower does not work( it did before) shows it in low speed and I can't change selection



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blower motor works intermitantly

I have a 2004 Ram 1500 5.7...120, 000 miles. The blower motor works perfect at times, and completely shuts off at others. There is nothing that I can find to predict when or why, and it, s been in the shop three times...they cant fix it if it does not act up when they have it. It will work perfect the whole time they have it, and stop the day I get


Blower Fan not working

Good Day all, I have a 1997 4x4 Expedition and yesterday bluish smoke came from the air vents while the fan motor was on. It smelled like electrical burning then the fan stopped blowing on all speeds. I was thinking the Blower motor resistor went out on it. I have not pulled all of the fuses to check them out, but the ones that my manual said were


DIY: Air-con Maintenance (Part 1)

When the high heat of summer is up, you better not be in a place where the air conditioning is dry. At these time our air conditioner are working harder and long that usual and you should think of ways to make it work in shape so you wouldn't suffer a hot summer day. It is best practice to have your conditioner be checked at least twice a year of m


2001 Dodge 1500 Pickup

Air conditioner is working, High & Low pressure are correct, one line is getting very cold as required, fan blower is working in all positions, problems is the cab is not cooling down.


Woodworking, fuel sources, tools, and what to bring

Hello. We're planning an extended trip to uruguay in june. If we like it, we plan to stay semi-permanently. We're trying to figure out what to bring and what should be left behind in the US. I read an FAQ (I think on this site somewhere) that listed all sorts of things that are hard to get there. I'd like to get a second opinion though and I have a


Arts and Crafts fair Matsumoto Japan ( Interview with Ito Hirotoshi )

THIS IS NOT A FLEA MARKET! Its a Matsumoto tradition and a fine craft fair known across Japan! I have to say: There are no resellers here its all original hand made and one of a kind stuff. The Annual Craft Fair in Agata-no-mori on its traditional last weekend in May is always a really nice event with a pleasant atmosphere. Its a real family affair

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