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Long gone

I was so in love with that girl. And then I wasn't. Her name was Esadina, we went to school together. At first, we were friends since we spent a lot of time together in school as well as at the gym. I was playing handball and volleyball at the time and she was playing volleyball as well. So we started spending more and more time together, fell in l



I don't really have plans for the Halloween. Maybe go out with friends for a drink or two. Or maybe stay in, watch some movie or something, just relaxing with my love, having a glass of some nice and tasty white wine. Or I might be stuck in front of my monitor, either collecting Bitcoins around the net or playing some game I am hooked on at the mom


Relax and enjoy

I am not really sure when I want to retire, but when the time comes I will know. My vision of retirement includes a person I love, to spend the rest of our days on this planet together. Some cottage up on the mountain at the opening of forest, huge garden and a couple of dogs running around freely playing with the kids, a stream nearby with life in


Feds: Massive data theft at NSA could bring espionage charges - USA TODAY

"The government intent.... blah blah blah"? How far is intention goes and how to prove what is "intent" in the court of law? In comparison, Hillary Clinton communicates with anyone including Obama using unsecured server. In fact is those 33K emails content that Wikileaks leaked it to the public do not considered as an "intent", so how this guy cons



I would go for 6-7. Well, people say that the hardest thing for people in general is to speak about yourself and that is actually true. Well not hardest, but weirdest for sure. You will always say everything top for you, right? Well, anyways I will try to be objective and realistic and say that I consider myself very intelligent. I never did a test


Not specific

Well, I just love to walk at night, alone, listening to music while walking and smoking my cigarette. That is how I relax almost every night. It is almost perfection for me, I just find my peace and enjoy in that moment. Whenever I'm stressed I just get out and walk, while listening music and smoking. Works every single time.


Angelique Kerber Clinches WTA Year-End No.1 Ranking

She will end this season as no. 1 rank, without any doubt. Well, this is just impressive season for Kerber, from start till end. Let's remember that she won Australian Open which was in January against legend Serena Williams, what a great way to open season, right? Congratulation Kerber, love you!


Halep Plays Confidence Game With Coach Cahill Ahead Of WTA Finals

As you may already see, everyone is talking about Singapore, everything is pretty much about Singapore, players love it, so everyone else love it too. I start to get feeling like they love it even more than Grand slams, I mean there is so big dust going on for it, people would believe in it. I guess it is because they are ''fighting'' over those to


Safarova Out Of Moscow As Pavlyuchenkova Battles Through

Surprising match, indeed. I didn't except this results at all, nor anyone else I believe. Oh well, this is why I love tennis and I'm watching it like 24/7, you never know who is going to win, you can never say it with 100 percent. Unlikely to the other sports.



If I was an unsuccessful ugly painter in Arles by the end of 19th century who's struggling to feed himself or to get a shot of absinth and I painted and painted on, never mind little brats making fun of me, if I wanted to cheer up my favorite prostitute who always said "Vincent, I love your ears, why won't you give me one of them at least" and I cu

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