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Photos of a gun pose by a wedding couple and their bridal train, goes viral

Looking at this picture, am like, what is this? For the wedding couple, i could explain it to be, yeah, she shot him down with her love, literally, but the bridal train and groomsmen, now that's the confusing part. But its been trending online social media, what's your take?


This is an easy one for me

I would save my wife. How can I choose so easily? Well my wife is my best friend, so that narrows things down. As for my mother, she's quite accepting of her eventual death, and so would insist that I save myself and my wife. Therefore, I can choose who I'd save without hesitation. I would still be upset that my mom died though. If you want to brin


The Good News They're Not Telling You

I'm putting this under psychology for a reason. Humanity are afraid of change but in fact, in the next 20 years, the changes that occurs in this world is even bigger than the last 300 years of human history. The last paragraph of this article summon it all. It's the same thing that I've been preaching to other many times. People must find your nich


Best feeling

Love is the best feeling share by two person who are in love. So love shouldn't feel pain. But sometimes, because of love, we can do things that can unintentionally hurt our love ones even if don't like it. But forgiveness will heal the pain.


Bitcoin ban horror scenario: Can States the Bitcoin paralyze?

If states want to paralyze bitcoin, why don't they do it earlier before it becomes big like now? To perform 51% attack is much more difficult right now due to the fact that the hash rate is pretty high. Admitted that any government in this planet might have a resources to do that, but with the system that currently decentralized, it's getting harde


Love Can't Be Painful

Love is pure and clean like the ocean, when you find it you smiles amidst your pain and troubles. Because you got your heart broken, or loose someone you love or someone left you in the name of love doesn't make "LOVE" painful. Humans inflate pains on each other and blame it on LOVE. Love holds no pain, humans does that. I don't want to spill much


Youngest wife of Alaafin of oyo's youngest wife

How picture struck me, she's not only young, not that love knows age or how old you are, but it struck me why most of our traditional heads gather so many women as wives, some don't even get to see all of them till death. But looking at her pics, didn't she go too far with the skin whitening? Just saying


Just Can Be Felt

When someone loves us, we don't need no prophet or soothsayer to tell us. We just feel it, really feel it to the core of our being. After all, love was essentially made to be felt. It's a kinda special feeling, sometimes unexplainable but it really makes us feel happy and satisfied.


Open House and Ribbon Cutting - TONIGHT

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It shouldn't be

Love shouldn't be painful, but problematic relationships can be stressful. You should not force yourself into a relationship with somebody that you dislike and pretend that there is a presence of love. If somebody is a drain on you, and destroying your life then you should forget about love.

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