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Love it

When the snow comes, you love him or not. There is nothing in between. I love snow, I love when it fall, I love all the joy and fun that it brings to us ... and snowballing and ice skating and making a snowman and rolling in the snow. I'm the kind of people who will watch the situation thick flakes of snow, eager to put on boots and go in the winte


Have you ever attended a concert? If yes, who's the artist?

I admit, I haven't attended a concert in my whole life but I really wanted to. If ever I am going to watch a concert, I would love to see Coldplay. I love their music especially during their melancholic rock days. I also want to see Justin Timberlake live, but hopefully now going to sing his too explicit songs. I also want to watch an Ed Sheeran co



Beautiful photo, beautiful memories. These values remain and are priceless. Therefore the procedure showed you how much you love your nearest and how good of souls. I also have a very old photographs and they are to me, as you do your very valuable. Toe and teach your child. To be proud of their ancestors and to honor their past. Each cast for this


both by little

The theme for reflection, so I thought before. Then I usually listen to your heart and there was a feeling. Sometimes I heart negotiate happy and you. Usually heart misses, because it does not cooperate with the other components that should make the magic of love problem solution. Now, when I grew a little, I'm actually a big and reasonable person,


@ivon smile Eternal love

It is different story when is someone young, he thinking that is every love is eternal, but life teach him that is not so. Many of us live their life and never meet such a love. Meet someone who will love forever is great thing in life. I hope you will find your happiness with someone who will love forever


when choosing encounters a doormat

In Serbia, there is a saying "when choosing encounters a doormat." In my opinion, a partner with whom you want to spend your whole life should not be looking. Girls for one night, for a while, to choose, to spend. Partners for life does not seek, do not look at what country, what language you speak, the color of the hair and the like. Simply let ev


important that tended

I believe that most men loves a woman has long hair. I see that many fathers daughter does not like to suck their hair and that is not painted. I think love or not to love depends on the part of the world where you live. I personally like to see when a woman has a natural hair color, and it does not matter whether it is long or short, it is importa


each after someone

My family loves animals. We live in the countryside. Besides the domestic animals we have and any of their pet. My husband has a hen dog Lala, my daughter who loves cats and I have a cat and the cat Milica and Whiskey and I have two singing parrot. In fact they are our only me but they feed, clean up after them and so on. They are only maze. Pets h



For a person who is selfish consequences are worse, and the others who are in contact with such persons have consequences such as shock and stress. Selfishness is negative energy. Selfishness is a problem not only for the individual but for society overall. Because of selfishness, you lose friends, family, acquaintances. If you go to their rebellio


Pumpkin pie ~bundevara~

When autumn comes, our garden are full of large pumpkins in various shapes. We have them for the duration of winter. Bake them cut into pieces, or call pies. For the feast of Halloween make sure pie with pumpkin, do not celebrate or love pumpkin. Pumpkin is one of the first foods you try a little baby. We put it in a variety of homemade juices as a

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