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Would you wear clothes made from bark?

I run into BBC news site today and this article caught my attention. For thousands of years, before the Chinese figure out the way to make thread out of silkworm caterpillar, most part of the world are still wearing clothes made of tree bark. So, if you think your love for nature would go all the way, would you wear clothes made from tree's bark?


A 'Brave' New Benchmark: Putting the Browser's Hype to the Test

I still have a reservation for this new browser. And I personally agree with the author opinion that the browser is too slow. For someone that test this using the old version of windows, the benchmark is disappointing. Of course I'd love to see the final version of it since it pays people in bitcoin only to browse the web.


There may be trouble ahead for China and Singapore

Singapore plays their game. They just want money from both sides. No offense, but Singapore is known for a gray country. Politically, Singapore gets no involvement whatsoever in South China Sea other than being a member of the ASEAN. I'd love to see the Chinese pull their investment from Singapore and not just debating over their political stance.


Seized Silk Road bitcoin used to fund Shadow Brokers exploit auction

Now that's just dandy isn't it! I thought all the seized silk road bitcoin has been up for auction and the one in the account is the donation made by bitcoiners to the FBI as a way to say "fu*k off". I think the government loves to participate in this since they could trace the bitcoin to whoever hack the NSA. So far, the shadow brokers has not put


Coinbase Faces Hate On r/Bitcoin, Love on r/btc

That's because people that participate in the /r/bitcoin are a true bitcoiners. They have been there since day one and despite it's moderated by Theymos, they are the people who believes about a true decentralized nature of bitcoin. While /r/btc were spun off from /r/bitcoin, Coinbase are getting more positive result since it was kinda a moderate d


How bad a Black Eye has Lochte placed upon the People of the U.S?

How bad a Black Eye has Lochte placed upon the People of the U.S?We all know that Ryan Lochte is a liar and has probably ruined his career. Just how big of a black-eye has he given to the reputation of the U.S. people in general?? No doubt you have an opinion please show us!Shame on you Ryan Lochte - Liar of Olympic proportions! Not much, Americans


Stop trying to

'From a certain point onward there is no longer any turning back. That is the point that must be reached.' That's what Kafka wrote. And he was right. Find out what you love and get into it. Big time. From there, there's no turning back. Work will no longer be an "effort". Since then, work will be your life. A happy life.


A three-day carouse for the dead ones

It's a holiday lumping Halloween (October 31), All Saints Day (November 1) and All Souls Day (November 2) into a three day celebration for the deceased ones. In Europe, we mostly only pay attention to All Souls Day, visiting cemeteries and lighting candles. Mexicans and some other cultures believe in an afterlife that needs to be taken care of and


Expect ransomware arrests soon, says bitcoin tracking firm Chainalysis

I'd love to see this. We all know that no matter how good hacker is, there is some breadcrumbs that they left behind. Of course if the law enforcement officials overlook at it, then it won't be visible to them. But the question is what next? If such perpetrators is located outside their jurisdiction, can they arrest them? Remember, the ransom ware


The Day of the Dead Festival

The Day of the Dead Festival is held in Mexico on the 2 days after Halloween. It is a festival that commemorate their family members, friends and relatives that has already passed away. They draw sugar skulls on the skulls of their loved ones because it represents how their loved one lived their lives.

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