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Link from Átirányítás

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Link from 2008 Nissan Altima Engine Turns Over, Won't Start: 5 Complaints

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Chrysler's starting problems probably caused by battery cables - Salem News: Lifestyles

After a cold winter, difficulty starting the car engine can be pretty normal. But it should not always happen especially during the summer months. If you are experiencing this kind of problem, for a good car like the Chrysler Sebring, if might be the battery. Or the battery cables. Replacement of the cables is the best solution


96 jeep starts and runs but?

my 96 jeep wrangler starts and runs great ? but once its been running for a while i shut it off and it wont start back up unless i let it sit for a while turns over has new battery ? its like it floods out after driveing for a bit ? any body have this problem ? thanks to any body who can help michael from kansas


tired of being saved by a chevy

Short story long. this is a two part problem. Number one I blew a head gasket..truck was running great still..just going water..going yo try dura seal...any advise?? Number wastwo..occasionally my truck will just click when starting..after several attempts it will finally start but with a couple grindinthatg noises and slow cranks while crankin bu


2002 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.3l 6 cyl with no power

My wife's 2002 grand caravan had an electrical glitch with the power locks for months (they would lock themselves or go up and down rapidly by themselves). The other night, I was driving when the battery light came on and the radio started to go on and off. I stopped at a friends house and a couple hours later I started home when suddenly everythin


How is Assa Abloy/Securitron treating you?

For those who have used and/or rely on Securitron products, this is something you should know. Assa Abloy owns Securitron, and is therefore a major part of the problem I am dealing with. Securitron started offering a battery operated access control leverset as part of their line about 10 years ago. Called the "SABLE" lock, it was a competing produc


looking for Rodney Brewer

Rodney posted this question about 2 years ago and i cannot find a response. I am having the exact same issue. My truck ran great when my dad dropped me off at work but after he got back to the house he shut it off...when he went to go pick a friend up it started right up but on the way back it died and didnt want to start...we put a new fuel pump o


My uncles nissan maxima 02 cranks but doesn't start , any suggestions ?

My uncles 2002 nissan maxima engines turns but does not start , also the security light stays solid red when the key is on , he tried removing the security to bypass its problem and nothing , changed relays , checked the battery , checked the pump and everything you can imaging to do and nothing ..... I need a clue as to what it can be .....HELP



I have a 2007 chevy classic pickup 5.3 eng that has an intermitten problem. Over the past 4-5 weeks it has failed to start 3 times. It happen at normal operating temp. The soileniod make a clicking sound but the starter will not engage. I have taken the starter off and had it tested at O'Rielly and AutoZone and it chechs okay. also have had the ba

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