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Changing Dead Batteries of Electronic Vaults

Electronic safe vaults are one on the best things to keep your valuable safe. But what if these vaults made itself too safe, even for you. This things happen because, electronic safe uses electricity from batteries which in some time would run dry. But don't worry, every model of these safe can have their batteries replaced even without help from i


Mark Talley seeking work in Iraq, Afghanistan

Mark L. Talley / Cover Letter 1845 North Essex Circle Mesa, Arizona 85207 Cell/480-789-1902 Home/480-219-8058 Fax/480-219-3458 Email: mlt503@y[deleted] July 12, 2009 To Whom It May Concern, I have always been curious about what makes machines and people tick. Machines were easy: I have always had the ability to take things apart and


My Day of Bad Luck with Batteries!

The other day I was trying to help a friend figure out why the phones weren't working in his house. I tried everything I could in the house to try and find the problem. After doing so, I figured the problem had to be outside where the lines come in to the house.~~ My friend did not have anything that would help me, as in tools or a flashlight. Goo


Battery For Keyless Entry Remote Keeps Dying

I have a 2002 Mercury Cougar XR. When I bought this car about a year ago, everything worked just fine. Like most cars, it came with a keyless entry. The remote worked fine for about two months. Then when I noticed the doors weren't locking and unlocking with the remote, I went to Radio Shack and bought a new battery.~~ As soon as I put the battery


Cell Phone Batteries

Cell phones are becoming more and more popular everyday. I didn't get a cell phones until I was 18 years old. There are kids these days that have them when there 8 or 9 years old. It's crazy! I was just wondering what the best way to take care of the battery is.~~ Cell phone batteries are always being improved. They are always going down i

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