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New Vita Update Is Causing All Sorts Of Problems

A newly released Vita update is presenting some users from accessing the PlayStation Store on Sony's spunky little handheld. It's also draining some people's batteries.


Andorid Altcoin Mining – Is It Possible?

It's possible to mine altcoin with Android. The only problem is just take continuous internet connection and high amount of power so it will drain the battery faster. But the idea could be beneficial not for the sole purpose of mining, but for decentralized internet of the future. Imagine that there won't be any central storage or information cente


Popular Android Apps Covertly Talk to Remote Servers for No Apparent Reason ... - NDTV

When Apple discover that the battery of their iPhone keep drained because of Facebook apps, they immediately found out that the apps has been taking up so much resources in their processor for no apparent reason. It just running a process in the background by sending user data to Facebook for nothing. Facebook fixed it along with other vendor that


Streamlining mobile image processing

As smartphones become people's primary computers and their primary cameras, there is growing demand for mobile versions of image-processing applications. Image processing, however, can be computationally intensive and could quickly drain a cellphone's battery. Some mobile applications try to solve this problem by sending image files to a central se


Video: Antigravity Batteries Parasitic Drains Info Video

"batteries" Informational video about Parasitic Drains and how they effect batteries and what to watch out for to prevent damage to your battery.. . . .


Testing shows voice-over-LTE power drain is improving, but it's still no 2G

VoIP calling over 4G networks may be the wave of the future... Tests of MetroPCS's new VoLTE service found that 4G calls drained twice as much ... Spirent recently performed a new batch of tests using Metro's newest generation ... With its latest generation handset, LG improved the overall radio performance of... Spirent's tests conclude


Wishes of Christmas Night by Walker Themes 30 copies to be won!

Last week we featured some awesome Christmas themes to get your BlackBerry in the holiday spirit. One of those themes was Wishes of Christmas Night by Walker Themes , who has developed quite a few amazing themes for BlackBerry devices. It was so well received, in fact, that Walker Themes has 30 copies to give away to you guys just in time for the h


Heavy Equiptment Operator

RETCHEL L. ANDOY Cell# +97477691460 E-mail Add: OBJECTIVES: Looking for the greatest opportunity to work as Heavy Equipment Operator for a reputed company. SKILLS: H.E Operator /welder Able to operate the following equipments: • Mobile Crane, Tadano Faun 160G-ATF-5 , Grove 80ton Capacity • Backhoe, Excavator, CATERPILLAR,


1980 mercedes 300d will not shut off and drains battery

My 300d has a new alternator and battery. It will not shut off when turning the switch off and the battery is going dead in about a week. Any suggestions as to where to look and cost of repairs.


Tips in Saving Electricity to Save Money: Part 4

Laptops and netbooks are one of the gadgets that are used by many individuals today. It works as a computer but has a battery and all accessories in one system. The computer can work without some of its accessories so turning it off can save electricity but how can one save electricity when using a laptop when it does not have detachable accessorie

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