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Fwd: *Internal Use Only: R J McLeod - PL policy: LB348871 - ZEUS claim: 20-50-085175

From: David Toogood Date: Tue, Sep 13, 2016 at 8:48 AM Subject: *Internal Use Only: R J McLeod - PL policy: LB348871 - ZEUS claim: 20-50-085175 To: mailto:jerry.cutler (jerry.cutler) Hi Jerry - Here's a copy of the policy schedule. Regards David Toogood Senior Claims Handler Construction & Engineering Team Zurich Insurance PLC PO Box 9942, Birmingh


Lads Must Work - British Authoritarianism Expands

Unemployed young people will be sent to work boot camp, says minister ... Matt Hancock, minister for the Cabinet Office, says new proposals to tackle unemployment among 18 to 21-year-olds will give young people more intensive support to help them find work ... Cabinet Office minister Matt Hancock has denied that a government plan to send young unem


Greece and Bitcoin: Can they both help each other?

It's all over the news. Greece's financial problems, it leaving the EU, dropping the euro, with rumors of it adapting bitcoin as its national currency. Bitcoin as its national currency is highly unlikely to happen, but Greece using bitcoin to workaround its problems? Quite possible. Already, some bitcoin startups are taking advantage of the situati


How Bitcoin Revolutionized The Way We Do Business

A small restaurant will generate a small revenue, relative to how many people it can serve at any given time, how much it will spend for every meal it serves , how much it can earn after deducting expenditures and a lot of other factors. Small businesses need all the help they can get to maximize their earnings if they wish to continue doing their


SharpVision Weekly Newsletter 06/30/2015

Top posts... The Associated Press explains, "Australian doctors told not to prescribe homeopathic items as 'they do nothing'." The attack on homeopathy thus continues in Australia. Royal Australian College of General Practitioners says pharmacists should not stock such products because there is no evidence they are effective in any way. The Roya


Poland warns David Cameron not to fool voters over EU referendum

The British people must be told the brutal truth about the damaging consequences of leaving the European Union, and not be duped into believing that they can "keep all the goodies and forget about the costs", the Polish minister in charge of EU policy says. In an outspoken interview with the Observer, Rafał Trzaskowski, Poland's secreta


Fwd: Stockman's Market Predictions: Right and Wrong

CNBC reports that David Stockman believes, "Stocks and bonds will 'crash soon'." The trouble here is that Stockman has been predicting this for a while. And anyone who understands neoclassical economics cannot argue with his observation, only the time. Because the timing is the big issue. But Stockman seems to believe that the collapse is imminent


Change May Come to the EU Via a British Referendum on Participation

The BBC tells us, "Deutsche Bank mulls UK EU exit plan." Now that David Cameron has been re-elected, there are plans to hold a referendum on whether Britain should stay in the EU or not. Time will tell whether or not Cameron holds a referendum, as he has promised to before and then declined. But this time, the process seems serious, enough so that


The Top 10 richest people in the Philippines 2015

1. Henry Sy - Business: Diversified assets Net worth: $12.2 billion 2. John Gokongwei Jr. - Business: Diversified assets Net worth: $5.8 billion 3. Enrique Razon - Business: Ports Net worth: $5.2 billion 4. Andrew Tan - Business: Diversified Net worth: $4.8 billion 5. Lucio Tan - Business: Diversified Net worth: $4.4 biliion 6. George Ty - Business


A scholar who thinks globally and acts locally

You have probably not forgotten the banking crisis of 2008. But do you remember the banking crises of the 1980s - a series of bank runs that started in 1984? "Unfortunately, banking crises tend to happen fairly often, even though our memory of them fades fairly quickly," says David Singer, an associate professor of political science at MIT.

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