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Nasdaq Sees Low Hanging Fruit in Blockchain Post-Trade

"The collateral management system on the blockchain will include the member, clearinghouse, bank and CSD as part of the asset ledger and cash ledger," he said. Yeah and how many of these different type of system and entities would like to tell each other secret by sharing their data on the decentralized ledger? I think NASDAQ is trying to push thei


In Fintech We Trust: Tesla Motors, Google, PayPal, Santander Bank at TRUSTECH 2016

Looks like this is not something that got to do with public blockchain. Imagine if PayPal and Santander share their data or Google's car with Tesla. I think this is more about what the future for this company and not something to do with more hi tech blockchain system since we don't know what kind of crazy protocol they will be using.


Six in Ten US Consumers Feel Banks Will Become Obsolete In Their Lifetime

Not only in US, but throughout the world. Think about it, if the bank is the solution of the financial world, then how come there are more people in the world that underbanked compared to the one that has access to it? See, people rather choose not to get suck in into this monopoly or cartel game controlled by a handful of people. They choose to op


Russian government teams up with Sberbank for blockchain system tests

Well, there is no option. Sberbank is the largest bank in Russia thus making it feasible to work together as a team. If the Russian government who suddenly turn 180 degrees can successfully integrated their own version of blockchain and create a digital currency regulations, they will be the first in the world. And if I know them, they probably can


Opinion: Bitcoin Still Expected To Grow Exponentially, Especially In Africa

And it should be. In a continent where 80% of the resident operates outside the traditional banking system, bitcoin would be perfect. Where else you can implement a decentralized currency where the trust of the people against their government is at all time low? The only thing that can stop mainstream to adopt bitcoin is the infrastructure and gove


Bank Trials Show India's Blockchain Interest on the Rise

Normally, when two institutions are implementing the same system, a near the future M&A is inevitable. And I believe this is what happen here. Of course no one know what kind of crazy blockchain do they use. But if they share their data through distributed ledgers, means that they are about to merge into one single entities. Simple reason, you can'


Russia's Largest Bank & a Federal Agency Launch a Blockchain Project for Document Exchange

I think, the latest news that I got from them is that they are using Ethereum blockchain as the base and go from there. There is no way they are using bitcoin protocol since it's time consuming for them. But with ether, they can secure smarts contract system easily. No news about whether this would be a public or private chain though. Most likely i


Gold And Bitcoin Tell A Story About Central Bank Policy

Gold? This analyst must be joking. Those gold that being traded is not about hedging people assets but it's just pump and dump because the system was crooked since the beginning. Do not expect gold to be continuously up since the people who trade it is just moving one piece of paper from one person to another.


Wells Fargo Develops Blockchain Banking Prototype

This is really stupid. Take a look at this: The prototype allows two banks to reconcile payments sent via Swift with one another, using a distributed ledger to offer a real-time transaction log. WTF! You sent something with SWIFT? SWIFT is not even a blockchain technology yet. In fact, the system is so outdated and their efforts to create their own


DealBook|Central Banks Consider Bitcoin's Technology, if Not Bitcoin

TLDR! Everyone knows that the central bank wouldn't adopt bitcoin. Heck, who want their secret exposed with a public ledger anyway. Of course every financial institution will use the word "blockchain" as a common jargon to make them look good. After all, the last time the financial industries update their IT system was when Y2K and still, they coul

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