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R3, Banks, Fintech Startups Test Blockchain Platform for Syndicated Loans

One thing that the philosophy of bitcoin will stick into everyone is that there won't be any syndicated loan that can't be repay. This is to prevent inflation, central bank printout of helicopter money and so on. Removing the middle man to manage your financial issue will return the trust to the people to believe in themselves to do it. Interbank l


Botswana Bitcoin & Blockchain Summit Will Train Developers To Build Apps

Wow that's interesting. Who realize that a small African country could develop that fast and now even hold a Bitcoin conference. It's true that bitcoin will thrive in the third world country. No exception here where 80% of the population operates outside the traditional banking system. Great!


Swiss Central Banker: Blockchain Turning Finance 'On Its Head'

Yeah! The idea of giving people the history lesson on banking centralization since the beginning of the 20th century shows that their system was, is and will be 100% bull cookies. Decentralization is the new era. Although it may take some for centralization paradigm to go away, but time would tell that the current technology is here to stay whether


Hyperledger Adds to Blockchain Group in Time for Sibos

It ain't matter. I thought this one has been going on for 3 years now and couldn't come up with anything alias vaporware. And what SIBOS uses for other than inter banking system that led by the group of Swiss banking industry where their secrecy caused so much pain and suffering for people all over the world.


Boston Consulting Group Warns Banks Not Paying Attention To Alternative Payment Solutions

The title is misleading there. It's not finish. It should added the words "could end their existence". Duh! It ain't matter. Remember back in the mid 90's during the internet booming. Banks are quite slow to adopt their internet banking. As a result, the majority of people still using the old method of cash and cheques all the way till now. Similar


ECB: We cannot Consider using Blockchain in Market Infrastructure

Oh. This is just perfect. That means there will be more and more people leaving the traditional banking system soon. Actually, it doesn't matter whether they will use DLT or not. It will be private and only concern about their bottom line savings and not for the regular people benefits.


MineCoin 'Central Bank' Claims to Solve Cryptocurrency Volatility

The Minex Bank will act as a Central Bank by countering speculations and other factors which might swing the value of MNC. Sounds like this is made by a bunch of comedian from Ukraine. Seriously, what makes they think that they can be the central bank of all crypto coin with this crapola and unclear system. Leave or avoid this meatballs at any cos


How corrupt are our bankers?

This is a good op-ed from the author. I think there is nothing new that the people worldwide do not aware on how bankers corrupt our financial system. But since this come from Indian perspective about the recent arrest of one of the most senior manager in the banking industries, the news are very big and can cause a massive shock especially among t


Coinkite CEO Heavily Criticizes Editable Blockchain by Accenture

This is exactly what I said in many post. How in the world they called it as a blockchain where the system is centralized and can be editable. This is no difference than a distributed database service who hosted in a cloud platform in multiple locations. Bank is using the word 'blockchain' so it looks good in their portfolio, but in fact, it's just


SWIFT 2.0? Ripple Signs Major Banks to Blockchain Payments Deal

"GPSG, or the Global Payments Steering Group."? WTF! Ripple has been stagnant against bitcoin since its inception. It's not a worth it system if I might say. Of course the bank want something that they can control where Ripple protocol just fit in since most of the crypto are centralized and pre-mined, just like helicopter money being printed by ce

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