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Deloitte Luxembourg Pilot Tests Blockchain Platform for Banks

I heard lots of things about this DLT stuffs, but none of them mention what kind of protocol that they will be using. So, I consider all of that as "vaporware". Moreover, even if they manage to implement this private blockchain system, it will only be to cut cost by cutting lots of people from their jobs and do not pass such cost to their customer.


Mobile Apps are Taking Over Jobs of Financial Experts As Millennials Prefer Fintech

Yup! Do you think that the new generations want to waste their time to sit down for more bullshit on their lives with these meatballs who are about to collapse anyway. They value their time and want to use it to their full extent. This evolution will continue and banks or financial institutions are facing the pressure from all sides where technolog


Irish economy surges 26% as revised figures take in foreign investment

Aha ha ha! This is just on the paper. In reality, there is nothing to be proud about. When you can't print your own helicopter money, the balance sheet make the difference. High revenue with less output despite those meatballs big boys relocating to Ireland will not solve the current dilemma of deficit. Yes, they take new money in with tax holiday


Bank of Korea Holds Rate as New Board Assesses Economic Data

It won't change. The economic slowdown is also affecting Korea. The problem is most of the youngster are not capable to be integrated into the new type of jobs. As President Park mentioned last year, she wants most of industry and company integrated or trained the millennials into their corporate style organization. Of course the jobless claim is s


The Fintech Threat to Banking: A Solution From MIT

In the next 10 years, 30 percent of banking jobs could be obsolete, according to a recent Citi GPS report. This statistic from Citigroup’s report makes an assessment of the potential impact of fintech on the global banking industry.


Salaries paid, 100 Filipino expats await repatriation

I don't know who's dumb and who's dumber! I've always argued that sending an uneducated or even a skilled worker overseas to work for some meatballs depicting that their country is in deep sh*t! Why! Because they can't even provide a job to their own people. Of course the government doesn't care either since the banking system generate revenue to t


Blockchain Technology Could Put Bank Auditors Out of Work

When most people think about computers and robots taking jobs away from humans, the images that usually come to mind are robots moving inventory around in an Amazon warehouse or McDonald’s customers placing their order via a tablet instead of a cashier . But the robots are coming for much more sophisticated jobs as well. For example, blockc


Bitcoin Crushes Bank Fees in Emerging Economies

Of course, but will the people aware of it other than those who understand how they are being raped by those banks and financial service provider every time. It's our job to educate people on how important digital currency especially bitcoin to our lives. Personally, I only keep the minimum amount in my bank account to pay for bills. Other than tha


Congress Is About to Take Food Away From the Poorest People in America

My gosh! Like a raw meat inside a lion cage. In one side, I agree that capitalism must make these lazy people to work, and not becoming couch potato collecting welfare. But on the other hand, these productive people also couldn't not find the job they need as the job is not available. This is what we call completely screw up. Do they need to line u


Report: Hackers use malware to manipulate Russian currency value

Ah, so that what they saying after the Rubles has fallen rapidly for the last 8 months. I wonder who are the perps this time since they found out that the virus apparently has been in existence since 2011. Somebody or a group of people must be work very hard to be able to get into Russia banks or even central bank to plant this virus. So, who do yo

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