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Deutsche Bank Troubles Dent Europe's Economic Engine

I don't get it! Why all of this thing based on Deutsche Bank performance? Is there no other indicator that shows how the economic going? I know DB and VW is facing a huge lawsuit on the US. But perhaps it's US idea to take down the German. WW2 ain't over most likely! Just a weapon is different this time.


Here's How China's Economic Data Could Be Misleading, Analysts Say

Well, this Fortune analyst is worried about ghost property that happening all across China. Heck, if that the only concern, then they do not need to do the analysis. There are other factors that might be put into equation. Why the west is always want to stir any countries on the planet. Let them be. Even if it's a fail property, the government fund


Fed's Williams says US economy can handle rate hike

So, if the US economy can handle the interest rates, why don't they raise it? The answer is political. They want to wait who will be the next POTUS with the new economic plan so they can increase it in December 2016. Moreover, if the unemployment is kept below 5%, Obama exit polls might be better than what is it now.


Expat citizenship could help solve Dubai's economic challenge

Some may not want to work, while others may not have to because of private wealth, or generous government handouts such as free housing and energy subsidies. See, that's the problem. Local are lazy and do not want to work like foreigners do. They tend to suck in into the government free program such as free housing and welfare. People like that sho


China biggest threat to global economic stability - former IMF chief economist

No! China debt to GDP ratio is only 30.1% and it's still manageable by them domestically. Don't pretend that China must go higher than 6.6% based on the IMF. The IMF is just a psycho ops that influenced other country to pump out their economy at their own expense so the US and EU can enjoy their growth. They do not like if the west doesn't grow esp


Mario Draghi Suggests Europe Should Entirely Change Economic Course

Looks like the opinion written here is centered about Brexit. I can understand the the decision of UK to leave EU were decided through the referendum by the people. But referendum is not a binding agreement and the UK hasn't invoke article 50 yet. The big union like EU is benefiting bigger and more industrialized and financially strong nations like


The Powerful Link Between Digital Finance and Economic Development

That were the same thing that I've been debating in many sites and publications. The infrastructure is the only thing that hinder the development of digital economy. Even in the developing country, government are trying to keep up with the technology. Only the government and meatballs in the financial industry can slow it down. Even through the tra


Why lower oil prices didn't ignite an economic boom

Because the thought of people for having a low oil prices do not correlate with the economy. Long gone the power of petrodollars where the oil industry is steering the financial market. It's all pump and dump on the commodities market. Besides the low oil price, which is over 50% from their record highs doesn't guarantee that people will spend more


Japan's Leader Vows to Accelerate Economic Measures, TPP

This is a solid proof that Abe is just a USA agent in Japan. He even mentioned that TPP could boost the economy! Duh! How in the world they can achieve a $10 billion exports if their farmers is being controlled by big boys from the US like Monsanto!


Why China's Internal Economic Arguments Matter, For Everyone

I think the point of this article is much more concentrated on how the west perceived China output rather than what they can do to protect their own economy. In one point, of course I agree with it, but certainly, China will want to continue supply of production. But in this case, they will do so for domestic market rather than to be exported. The

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