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Sixty Percent of Brazilians Expect Economic Losses From Olympics

This is not surprising. Negative sentiment due to political instability, corruption and also health issue will not make the Rio 2016 Olympics is something worth to be attended upon. The athletes will still compete since they are already on schedule, but the audience and general supporter will probably will not go around sightseeing to see the rest


Economic forecaster predicts 'sharp slowdown' over Brexit

Aha ha ha! So, the Scotch Whisky producer is getting a hit as well. Of course every sector especially export will get a hit nonetheless. This uncertain economy will be longer than what most people expected and this will make everything in UK tumbles. Just a matter of time before everything collapse.


Venezuela's Inflation to Reach 1600% in 2017, Spurring Demand for Bitcoin

The state of "economic emergency"? Only a fool like Maduro will declare something like that for another 60 days. And what they will do is confiscating all people assets to pay for national debt, which already mounted to who knows how high it is. I smell a revolution coming in in the next couple of months unless Maduro step down from the office.


Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 07/27/2016 – How Low Can It Go?

Well, despite technical indicators showed that the bitcoin price will undergo a short bear momentum, it's all led to a basic economic chart. When the rewards is halved, hashrate is down, then there will be a contraction in the value of bitcoin with respect to fiat. But this will make bitcoin more valuable in the future since the supply is limited.


Assessing health impacts of policies and plans

When most people think about health inequality, they usually focus on lack of access to doctors or health insurance. They don’t often consider how the city is constructed or the availability of transportation, food, and housing — factors that can have just as much impact on someone’s well-being as affordable medical care.


Why Holding Onto Bitcoin Post Bitcoin Halving is Ideal

Of course! This is the simple basic rule of economics. The value of it will gradually increase as it was expected. The halving process is also expected as the number of blocks created, so are the number of bitcoins on the planet. Holding onto it will increase the value of bitcoin nonetheless. As the basic rule of supply and demand speaks and not li


Halving Aftermath Points To Rosy Future For Price Of Bitcoin

I always enjoy Martin Tiller blog. As one of NASDAQ analyst, he seems to be in bitcoin side or at least neutral. Of course this is one of them since what he said is true. The drop in the hashrate is also expected after the halving. And like Tiller says, if bitcoin follow the basic rules of economic, the value will be even greater in the near future


Japan, China meet as South China Sea ruling threatens to create regional craters

The issue between Japan and China is not on the South China Sea, but on the Eastern China. The politics has been going on for decades especially since the end of WW2 where Japan lost lots of their territories as the losing side of the war. Of course by using the decision made by UNCLOS and trolling the Chinese, they could get some dough out of it.


Central Bank Digital Currencies Could Boost GDP, Bank of England Says

WTF! The Austrian economic is dying. How in the world they can increase the GDP if the corresponding exchange rate is still one to one with the current fiat paper. Reducing the number of fiat that floating around the market, yes, but on only on the paper. Secondly, what if that "countercycical fashion"? Isn't that giving a liberty for a central ban


Failed Turkey Coup Spurs Debate over Bitcoin As Investment

For one thing, if people in the hard economic and war torn areas are flocking to gold, they got to be a nutcase! Imagine that you only buy paper gold and there is a possibilities of being confiscated by authority. Even if you hold bullion, it's still possible of being confiscated or lost. But with bitcoin, as long as you have the private key, no on

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