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Why Portugal could be Europe's next economic disaster

I knew it. I made many comments about the EU countries that I deem will collapse next. First is Cyprus, then Malta, and Greece. Next in line will be Italy, Portugal and Spain. Things are not looking good for the EU as lots of their members are facing difficulty to pay back their sovereign debt.


Fed Admits Another $4 Trillion In QE Will Be Needed To Offset An "Economic Shock"

This is getting ridiculous. Even if the federal reserve inject just 1% of it, which is $4 billion as a QE, it still will not be able to shake the economy. Things are getting worse for the greenbacks. In one side, they will print more money, on the other side, they are raising the interest rates too. All of these are in the election year?


Philippines says sea dispute not led to shift in ties with China or U.S.

Of course Duterte will not raise the issue of South China Sea during the next ASEAN summit. He knows that he will get support from the other ASEAN members especially if he do not discuss politics and maritime issue. Most of the ASEAN leader will talk about the economic integration among the 10 members association. Something that Duterte needs badly



I don't believe that Jim Rogers is a good guys. In fact, the warning that he gives made people investing way poorly. Besides, those two meatballs started their Quantum Groups of Fund in Cayman Island, one of the most favorite tax haven country with the initial investors were who's who among the rich on the planet including the Rothschild family. So


Beyond war on drugs, Philippines' Duterte seen setting up economic boom - Reuters

Hell yes! Despite the 6% economic growth under Noynoy, he's consider pro upper class while the lower class is still struggling to make the ends meet. Similar to Joko Widodo in Indonesia, their administration emphasizing more on infrastructure such as transportation to make the price of basic goods uniform across the country. I agree with Duterte pr


R3, HSBC Experts: Collaboration is Key for Blockchain Potential

He also says that the global standard will be a letter of credit which exists today and what his bank has been trying to do is to replicate that standard on a distributed ledger. WTF! No matter how bank make the fees to 0% due to using a blockchain technology, the letter of credit is still a credit. It's been in existence for the last millennia and


International Economic Week In Review: Japan Is In Trouble

Japan has been in trouble since the turn of the century. In fact, now they are the only country that has national debt to GDP ratio over 200%. To make it worse, the BoJ and the PM plans to inject more helicopter money into the economy just to stimulate it while in the next 40 days (October 1, 2016), the ratio of Yen will be reduced in the SDR (Spec


'Nobody believes in anything anymore': Why Greece's economic crisis is not over

Mental breakdown! That was it is. Despite the people choose "no" on the bailout from EU and prefer austerity, the government still chose first option. This has erode people trust against their government. After all, what happen if the bailout can't be paid again. People will go back into their "austerity" again. Nothing can be done. Paying their de


Are aging and the economic slowdown linked?

The title is good, but the argumentation presented here are invalid or do not touch the basic issue. If you look at the workers, they are all baby boomers who work for one company and do not ask for any perks when they enter the workforce. But now, try to pass that high labor factory to millennial or even generation X, no one wants to work like tha


Hungry Mob Of Venezuelans Break Into Zoo And Butcher Horse For Food, Blame 'Economic Crisis'

Not only horse, but other animals as well. I'm pretty sure that horses are the last one on their list after poultry and other mammals such as goat, cow, and pig. What's next, tiger, lion and elephant. Heck, some of these animals has not been fed by the caretaker anyway. Tell that to Bernie as an example. Venezuela is feeling the "Bern" right now!

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