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Japan's nomura bullish on PH economic growth prospects

Aha, even the Japanese economist sounds bullish on Duterte efforts to improve the economy of Philippines people. The reason is simple, he's a man of action and not BS-ing his people like his predecessor (so far). When he said something, he immediately did it without question. Hey, if Japan, US allies in Asia already says that, what do you think the


India could become China's 'economic slave' if the current rate of trade continues: Baba Ramdev

The problem is not in China, but in the Indian society itself. These casts system is millenniums old tradition that never goes away anytime soon. Even if they said that they are boycotting "Made in China" product, as a businessman, they keep importing such product because the purchasing power of Indian especially in the bottom 50% of the population


Argentina's Macri Faces an Ugly Economic Dilemma

Of course, this is similar in many third world countries. When the previous administration start fabricating number, the reality it hurts to know. In fact, he's facing a bigger problem in term of inflation and poverty in the country due to massive mismanagement left by his predecessor. But at least, he's not hiding it compare to CFK.


Philippine minister says to clarify Duterte comments, says keeping economi...

Nah! I don't think he will completely cut ties with the US economically. There are lots of long term contract between US and Philippines especially in the mining sector. But of course, Duterte can open all up to the public and see how crappy those contract is and let the public decide what they want to do. In this era of technology, the more open t


Uruguay and China Want to Expand Business Relationships

Xinhua tells us that China, Uruguay will expand trade, investment cooperation. In fact, Uruguayan President Tabare Vazquez has traveled all the way to China to meet with Premier Li Keqiang on various trade and investment issues. While some in Uruguay believe that little will come of the ambitious trip, Vazquez has attracted positive business attent


World War 3

Top Russian military officials gathered in Beijing to discuss their next possible attack. A few weeks ago, a group of highly trained Chinese and Russian assassins failed to assassinate the US President. The Pentagon retaliated by implementing economic sanctions to the said countries. However, the Russian and Chinese hackers have a few tricks up the


Duterte declares break from US in military, economics

Just like I thought. Duterte is siding with China against the US. At first, I thought he only wants to be neutral between the two nations for economic purposes. But when he stated that he wants to separate also with US economics my assertion has been vindicated; he actually intends to entirely break with the US because he wanted to strengthen relat


China stocks barely change as investors digest wave of economic data

Statistics is just a statistics. No difference! The fiat market will continue to be stagnant due to the policy of PBOC to pegged the CNY/USD at 6.70 instead of 6.73. I remember when Shanghai market was 6000 last year and now, it already wipe half of the wealth of the investors.


Congratulations To Bolivarian Socialism - Finally A Sensible Economic Policy In Venezuela

It's not supply and demand. Even if they stop price fixing in Venezuela, the food is still being controlled by the state. Moreover, the inflation still high to the point that even the wages can't supplement their basic needs to the higher price of food. Maduro needs to step down and Venezuela need to overhaul their economic system regardless.


Vietnam Ramps Up Trade Talks Amid Economic Uncertainty

Aha. As the 4 youngest members of the ASEAN, the impact of the Chinese slowdown will also impact them the most. This is due to the fact that the Chinese, for being their direct neighbor are not putting more investment in the country where the security and political situation is unclear. I can understand Vietnam point of view here. They even revamp

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