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How can libraries use augmented reality?

In a recent guest post on the MIT Libraries Program on Information Science blog, Diana Hellyar, a graduate research intern in the program, reflected on her investigations into augmented reality, virtual reality, and related technologies. Libraries Can Use New Visualization Technology to Engage Readers My research as a Research Intern for


Discovering New Payment Efficiencies Through Decentralized Applications

This is a guest post by Danial Daychopan,  the founder & CEO of He is a fintech entrepreneur within the payments industry who has been active in the groundbreaking blockchain and Bitcoin ecosystem since 2013.


How Decentralized Applications Could Bring the Blockchain to New Industries

This is a guest post by Michael Gord and the opinions represented are those of the author. From socializing to hailing a cab to finding our way around, there’s an app to help.


Deep-learning algorithm predicts photos' memorability at "near-human" levels

Researchers from MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) have created an algorithm that can predict how memorable or forgettable an image is almost as accurately as humans - and they plan to turn it into an app that subtly tweaks photos to make them more memorable. For each photo, the "MemNet" algorithm - which you can


Is social media killing the recruitment agencies?

Accompany with the increase in hiring and connecting directly from employers to candidates, there are some controversy arguments about what if these new recruitment ways will destroy Agency Recruiters like a natural selection? With more than 10 million of applicants found their jobs through LinkedIn and 427,000 CVs have posted every week on Monster


Facebook Is Working on a 'Dislike' Button - ABC News

Forced inevitably to do so. The ammount of third party applications that enabled a "dislike" button and also farmed account's confidential information lead to several phishing attacks on naive users. Before that, Facebook was (and I believe it still is) against a "negative feedback". Prepare for posts baiting for "likes" abusing a public consensus.


New Applications for Bitcoin Technology Blockchain

This video is created by Yahoo Finance as a general introduction to bitcoin and on how bitcoin may reduce the transfer fees between two parties. For those who already use bitcoin and at least know a little bit about bitcoin, this video is useless. There are more better video posted at youtube to further your education in bitcoin and its blockchain.


FAQ - Bitsoap Box Chat with Forum Communities

This website is a system which combines online chat, forums and bitcoin into a unique social networking app. The page operates as an app, and thus browser actions such as "back" will tend to cause confusion. Here you have the opportunity to make friends, engage in topical based forums and maybe win a bit of bitcoin as well. Free PDF downloadable g


Mainstream Applications of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is yet to penetrate mainstream public use. The bulk of its users are still computer and technology savvy people, or as what a good friend loves to say, the bit nerds. But the question of bitcoin entering mainstream is not a question of can it or can it not. Of course it will, and it can. The question is when and what. When is it going to ha


Profit Bitcoin Weekly Update 07/27/2015

Top posts... Here, I will outline a quick and easy way to get a Bitcoin debit card. A Visa branded US Dollar debit card that you reload with bitcoin. It is very accessible. The cost is currency US$10 for the card and the minimum reload amount is US$6. The maximum usage depends on whether you are a verified or unverified user. Here is the great t

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