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Unexpected Job Requirement For Video Game Streamers: 'Be Comfortable Wearing A Bikini Top'

Well here’s an unusual job requirement: A Craigslist call for a “Lady Video Game Streamer” asks for applicants who are OK with wearing bikinis on camera. Read more... ..


You’ve started your job application!

Dear Frank, Thank you for starting your application for the Service Technician position at Cortland Partners! We look forward to reviewing your credentials once you’ve submitted your complete application. In the meantime, if you lose track of the job application process or need to return to the application later, just click here: https://job


How the government tries to recruit hackers on their own turf

"I challenge you all to make my phone ring during my remarks," he said, brandishing a flip phone the size of a soda bottle. "Take a shot," he said, urging the crowd to hack his phone. Then he sweetened the deal: There would be a government job for anyone who succeeded. Is a "government job" a "sweet deal" for a true hacker? Elsewhere at the confere


Is social media killing the recruitment agencies?

Accompany with the increase in hiring and connecting directly from employers to candidates, there are some controversy arguments about what if these new recruitment ways will destroy Agency Recruiters like a natural selection? With more than 10 million of applicants found their jobs through LinkedIn and 427,000 CVs have posted every week on Monster


Bitcoin Will Succeed via Innovation, Not Laws (Op-Ed)

There is one innovation that this article pointed out that I agreed with, which is smart or private contracts. Private contracts that are invisible to 3rd parties, in this case is government, can't be regulated by them. Similar to automation that start replacing human, private contract will be flourish in the any sector. Innovation without any rest


Must-know tips to recruit foreign workers

In the integration trend, more and more businesses looking for manpower from abroad To successfully attract foreign candidates, you should pay attention to two factors: First, the choice of recruitment channels: The most popular channel for recruiting foreign candidates is headhunter services thanks to a lot of experience, the approach opportunity


My Job Depends Upon My ASUS Computers

I am an information technology professional who has worked with computers since the late 1970's. I have seen all generations of computer technology from then to the present. I have worked with many computer models and types. The most common I have used since 2009 is the ASUS make. Therefore it's the product I name as my favorite product. Firstly, I


VMST Employment Services: Why Choose VMST?

There doesn’t lack headhunter companies in Vietnam that are qualified to meet your human resource demands? So why recommend choosing Vietnam Manpower Service & Trading Company (VMST)? What make this company shine out? 1. VMST is truly experienced and trustworthy in the employment supplier business. Founded since 2000, it has claimed its indispensib


Bhupender Narayan Mandal University in Madhepura, Bihar, India

Bhupender Narayan Mandal University Admission 2015 If you have been waiting for the Bhupender Narayan Mandal University Admission 2015, it is the right time to fill the application form to pursue the desired course in one of Bihar’s best universities. For the current academic year, the announcement has been made about the study options at the unive


FAQ - Bitcoin BlueBook Directory

This site, Bitcoin BlueBook Directory is a directory of bitcoin related websites. They are organized by category and optionally location (state / country). The directory is designed so that new sites may be entered in a semi-automatic manner, that users which like a website can add it, and website owners can also make their own submissions and clai

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