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Hackers now have wider choice of weapons

The issue is not only connected through the network and worse, it exposed itself to the internet which is the entire planet network. The problem is the device is reachable even without the network. Pick TV for example, it can be controlled by a remote. This is a passive receiver that can be done by anyone who has the transmitter. And now, it reache


Do you have back pain?

You know, spending most of your time playing games, watching TV or browsing the internet can cause you a back pain? If you have done all of the above, and experience back pain many times, you could have a chronic back pain. I spend lots of time in front of my computer for almost two thirds of my life. Sometimes, I take a break every other hours and


Blockchains: Bitcoin Tech Could Increase Trust In The Food Supply

Over 80% of antibiotics used in the US are used in food production. Funny thing is that like the article said, all Tuna that comes from Indonesia to Japan for sushi or sashimi are fresh and not being injected other than being freeze until the reach the destination point. 80% of the antibiotics used is quite an alarming number. Thus making the label


Alarm bell: Texas' 'Clock Boy' may not enjoy time in Qatar - Fox News

So, in the midst of election year, even 14 years old could be a "weapon of mass distraction" to get more vote. Kids only 14 and should stay in school. Instead, he got too much media attention that will affect him psychologically many years to come. I think, destroying someone slowly psychologically is better in the long run rather than kill him at


5 Smart Gadgets That Makes Our Home Intelligent

Is it possible to make our homes intelligent? If you ask me this 10 or 5 years ago, the answer may be no, or just maybe. But right now, the only answer to that question is yes. Gadgets that makes our homes intelligent are here to stay. Alarms that will tell you if there are any problems in your home, it will even text and call you. You can set up t


Naturopathy is Natural in India

NDTV tells us that, "Arvind Kejriwal's Ailments 'Classic Case' of Faulty Lifestyle." It's very interesting to read analyses of health care treatments via the India media because some of them feature naturopathy and report on it matter-of-factly. This is the case with a profile of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's, who left his post to be treat


VK45-II Servo parameters alarm after HPC1 board replace

Hi All, I'm very fresh with Seiki control, I would ask you for help... Machine: Hitachi Seiki VK45-II (the cotrol type I will check ASAP) I had [813] BATTERY ALARM (HPC1) (Faulty battery at HPC1 Board). Battery was OK, so I replaced the HPC1 board. After replace, battery alarm disappeared, but I got: [1241] ASC INADMISSIBLE PARAMETER An illegal par


Hitachi Seiki HT 20

Getting alarm codes 323 and 310. Can't seem to get anywhere with this problem, any help would be appreciated


531 overtravel -Z

Hi, I have a KIA va-410 Fanuc control series O_M, and in the display panel appears an alarm as 531 over-travel -Z, does anybody know how can I fix this problem? regards


Turret alarm

We are having problems with the turret alarms on a HT40S Lathe. The coupler, Encoder and lock microswitch have been replaced. The turret will index to the proper number station, and after 15 seconds index, clamp alarm will show up. Need some advise.

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