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Insurance Policy

After working hard and providing for your family, it would be also wise to have insurance maybe a retirement or pension plan. Planning for a future can have securities when you came on the retirement age. Because whether we like it or not, we are going to retire. But having insurance policy will make you less worried because even you don't earn any


Relax and enjoy

I am not really sure when I want to retire, but when the time comes I will know. My vision of retirement includes a person I love, to spend the rest of our days on this planet together. Some cottage up on the mountain at the opening of forest, huge garden and a couple of dogs running around freely playing with the kids, a stream nearby with life in



I would like to have a huge cottage house, with garden, near forest and with small river or pond. Or both, actually. Doing yoga, walking, cooking, gardening, having family and kids coming over. Besides that, having money for trips to the sea side would be splendid too.


Kvitova, Bertens Tear Into Luxembourg Semifinals

Today was ''that'' day, the easy one. Everyone who was playing in Luxembourg, and those who won, it was peace of cake for them. I know, I was watching all three matches, because Caroline retired. Wasn't that interesting at all, like all three matches, when I put them in one basket, it will go up to three hours game play. So you can figure it out by


Entrepreneur ( sent you 0 files

From: "Entrepreneur" ("Entrepreneur" (, To: Williams Gardner (bill), Cc: DotLoop Entrepreneur ( sent you 0 files in an email. 10 Flaws of Conventional Retirement Plans peoplework, not paperwork **IMG** dotloop is the largest network in real estate where over 900,000 professionals come together to get wor


Cash and Jewels

Wow if I could freeze time?? I'd cruise around the various jewelry stores and wander into some high dollar locations and pack up some $$loot$$ for the time that I haven't frozen time. Once well padded, then I'd plan "real-time" vacations and retirement


Enjoy life

Retiring is far from me now. I'm still young and strong. But if time comes that I would retire, I will probably stay at home and take care of my grandchildren. Enjoy life by serving God. But being full-time preacher will be nice also.


Nope. I don't want to retire completely

I probably wouldn't retire completely. Maybe just reducing the amount of regular work that I do. But as a software engineers I don't think I can retire. The reason is simple. I'm interested in many things to the point that I keep learning a new things. I believe that education is an ongoing process and it will not stop until I die.


Knowledge is power!

They would probably think I was some kind of witch or something... If I'm going back to mid century Europe, those people were petrified of everything; and if I get to keep what I know about this Century, I think it could be a dangerous thing... - I would probably figure out some cool skill set to settle on and keep my knowledge to myself. Not the w


When do you want to retire? What do you want to do when you retire?

Well, it's starting to look like we might just make it another half Century as a human race.. Supposing this is true, that the World is going to be around long after us, then you're going to be old for a long time. Are you still working towards being old someday?? When do you plan to stop working, permanently and just relax? Tell us all about your

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