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Dubai Salary Grade for 2015-2016

The United Arab Emirates Labour Ministry releases salary grades every 2 years (which is the usual contract length) for specific job titles. Each Emirate has their own salary grades. Therefore the a marketing position in Dubai does not necessarily get the same salary for the same position in Abu Dhabi. The salary grade serves as a guide for companie


What makes a good electrician?

Electrician is a high-risk job which requires certain qualities and personal traits to handle the job well. When you seek electricians for your business, take into account these following things that a good electrician must possess to ensure quality of hire.


Bitcoin Crushes Bank Fees in Emerging Economies

Of course, but will the people aware of it other than those who understand how they are being raped by those banks and financial service provider every time. It's our job to educate people on how important digital currency especially bitcoin to our lives. Personally, I only keep the minimum amount in my bank account to pay for bills. Other than tha


Why Your Business Needs to Consider Blue Collar Worker Engagement

When discussing the importance of corporate culture, work environment and employee engagement, it usually refers to white collar jobs. It's a big shortcoming of management if employers don't take blue collar workers into account. In the US, professionals and managers account for 40% of the workforce. The remaining (60%) belongs to other occupations


Why Should Employers Love Vocational Education?

There remains a paradox in the world labor market in many years. While millions of jobs couldn't be filled, youth unemployment is always high year to year. Unfortunately, a huge number of unemployed people have academic degrees. This is a conundrum resulted from the skills shortages of workforce all over the globe. Governments, policy makers, educa


U.S. Law Enforcement Actions Against Cryptocurrency Businesses: A Review And Suggested Guidance

"MSBs are required to monitor transactions and report if a transaction meets a certain threshold or in cases of suspicious activity. All MSBs must file currency transaction reports on cash transactions exceeding $10,000 in a day. These include information about the account owner's identity and occupation." "MSBs also have to file a currency or mone


Why Blockchain is Still a Decade from Mainstream

That's might be true. People are afraid to change. 99.9% of the people who own bank account does not know how the system works. They relied on the system so much, the only thing they care about is that the thing gets the job done. Take a look of the US, they still using the old ACH system where still being used in many third world country at this a


State Department Hackers May Have Stolen Sensitive Data, Watchdog Says

"We believe your Facebook account and your other online accounts may be the target of attacks by state-sponsored actors," the message read. We pay this people to do their job, and look what happen. They fooling around among themselves on Facebook. For someone who worked in a highly classified material in a sensitive department such as State dept.,


Finland's Basic Income Is a Bad Idea

Finland plans to pay each citizen 800 euros per month in national basic income proposal Updated Mon at 7:27am MAP: Finland Imagine no more social welfare benefits or income support packages. Instead, you receive $1,190 deposited into your bank account, each month, tax-free. Finland is planning to pay all of its citizens, regardless of income level


Fiverr Announces US$60 Million Series D; Eliminates $5 Minimum Charge

It's about time Fiverr get out of those $5 business and let user choose their own price. This is good for user that use Fiverr to find and do freelance work. But one issue still remains on Fiverr is their inability to block internet trolls who post jobs for nothing, like find 1000 followers for your account on Facebook or twitter for $5.

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