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U.S. Department of Energy leaders highlight clean energy research, career opportunities

On Thursday, March 17, members of the MIT community and researchers from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) convened for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Day, an event dedicated to the future of low-carbon energy. DOE leaders and MIT faculty discussed current research to accelerate scientific breakthroughs in clean energy fields.


Does Natural Health Need Regulation?

According to Scoop, "The Natural Health Industry Hails Bill's Progress." Interesting news. Below is information culled from the press release ... The bill in question is New Zealand's Ministry of Health's announcement that the Natural Health and Supplementary Products Bill will progress to its third reading later this year and most likely come into


Turn Your Dreams into Reality

Q: What inspired you to start a business? A: I spent a large part of my professional career documenting and celebrating the successes and achievements of others! As the former director of operations and creative services for Who?s Who Publishing, America?s largest directory publisher, I traveled the country and had the tremendous opportunity to per


1999 Dodge Caravan

autotrannie, 3.8 liter V6, with AC. clunking noise in left front. Sounds metallic, I don't think it's a tire, but the tires ARE old poor. I think that this van has sat somewhere for a long time. I just bought it 2 weeks ago, it is showing 235, 000 miles. There's a lug nut missing the stud is very rusted, I must replace it. The noise seems to be rel


Container shipping operations

1 good ship unloading preparations-China ocean freight Because the container ship in the shortest time to finish unloading container, therefore, not a complete discharging plan, the container is likely to stagnate in the dock, effects of ship handling, make dock work into chaos, delay delivery of the consignee. Thus weakened the container transport


No Low RPM and no Acceleration or Deceleration on Miyano Lathe

My Miyano LS18C (new 1993) screw machine will not rotate spindle forward or in reverse below 525 RPM. The machine is rated 400-8000 RPM. Above 525 RPM, the machine works as if there are no problems. There is no gearbox on the spindle and no %speed override dial on the operator's panel. Spindle will orientate correctly and somehow during orientation


Indian Real Estate Market And Boom

The real estate market in India is yet in a nascent stage and the scope is simply unlimited. It does not resemble a bubble that will burst. An unhindered growth for the next twenty years is almost sure. This is because the outsourcing business in India is going in great guns and this entails a huge demand for commercial buildings and urban housing


Maine Recognizes Importance of Entrepreneurs

A recent event in Maine gave politicians another opportunity to get in front of a microphone and praise a government initiative. Yet, as we know, government initiatives can be beneficial or boondoggles. Referring to this particular program/initiative, Senator Olympia Snowe praised it as something that will "spark the creativity and entrepreneurship


Volvo to Develop KERS for Road Legal Cars

Most vehicles used in F1 racing uses a technology known as Kinetic Energy Recovery System or KERS. But that technology could soon be employed in road legal cars for added fuel economy. KERS on road legal cars will soon be available in Volvo, which has received a grant from the Swedish government to develop flywheel-based KERS. Volvo hinted on doing


1994 Silverado..1500.. shifting problems

Hello Chevy people I have a 94 silverado 1500 4 wheel drive. I used to pull a trailer for a while, and then I noticed that they transmission was not shifitng properly.. now the truck will only shift if I release the accelerator after 3000 rpm, other whise it will continue until redline. Does the tranny have a speed (rpm) sensor, ??... or is ther so

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