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Chinese hackers 'targeted US aircraft carrier patrolling in South China Sea'

This is really stupid! Most of the network in the South East Asian Countries are not even match the US military network. Why do people or more importantly, a stupid American believes that this is the Chinese doing the hack? Only a fool that believe that the entire US system is foolproof. In fact, the problem is at their own home and not in the hand


Nasdaq Sees Low Hanging Fruit in Blockchain Post-Trade

"The collateral management system on the blockchain will include the member, clearinghouse, bank and CSD as part of the asset ledger and cash ledger," he said. Yeah and how many of these different type of system and entities would like to tell each other secret by sharing their data on the decentralized ledger? I think NASDAQ is trying to push thei


Walmart Blockchain Pilot Aims to Make China's Pork Market Safer

Men, in China, even porky pig will be registered in their own private blockchain or does it? I think the system should work. The problem is on the food processing plant whether the pork is being maltreated during process or being added additive is yet unknown. Compliance is much better rather than some bozos who want to make lots of money by foolin


How do you add an Adsense on your Existing Blog?

Hey, I need some effective explanation and details regarding to Ad-sense and how am I exactly going to do that. For all you know I just created my business tool which is the Blog so I also wanted to earn from it and I am being referred by my sister that I should register my Blog to Ad-sense but am quite confuse with the instructions I'm getting fro


India could become China's 'economic slave' if the current rate of trade continues: Baba Ramdev

The problem is not in China, but in the Indian society itself. These casts system is millenniums old tradition that never goes away anytime soon. Even if they said that they are boycotting "Made in China" product, as a businessman, they keep importing such product because the purchasing power of Indian especially in the bottom 50% of the population



I don't think that anyone is qualified to rate themselves in anything, especially when it comes to how smart one is. To determine how smart someone is, or put in plain words, to see how high someones IQ is, a person needs to undergo some testings. Do a couple of tests that combine different fields of knowledge. Only then can one see how smart he or


Argentina's Macri Faces an Ugly Economic Dilemma

Of course, this is similar in many third world countries. When the previous administration start fabricating number, the reality it hurts to know. In fact, he's facing a bigger problem in term of inflation and poverty in the country due to massive mismanagement left by his predecessor. But at least, he's not hiding it compare to CFK.


Asia Remains Vulnerable to Uncertainty in Advanced Economies

The problem with Asia is always the same for the past century: education. Yes, the education that the people receive are not sufficient enough to make them go through this stagnation. Training and cooperative education is still badly needed especially in the rural areas. But, Asia, despite its vulnerabilities have begun to understand the potential


O'Keefe complaint to FEC cites Dems' 'criminal conspiracy'

I can see that people protest gets paid by each other opponent. This is nothing new, in fact lots of demo or protest that occurs everywhere in the world are financially driven. But to move voter from one state to another to vote is not their problem. Yes, ethically, you probably expect honesty, but who's honest in any government events anyway. But


Wikileaks may have revealed Obama's personal email address - New York Post

Nothing escape Assange and his Wikileaks team. In fact, by doing this, the real problem has becoming more and more apparent that the US cyber security is sucks. If hacker can get into one of the most heavily guarded place in the nation, imagine what they can do to other strategic locations. The government should beef up the system instead pointing

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