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I think people should be free to express themselves and wave whatever flag that they want. There may be some people that are offended but there will always be people like that in life. Now if they are beating people up and smashing windows whilst waving their flag, then there is a problem.


Colombians celebrate as peace deal is reached with Farc rebels - BBC News

Yeah. After over 50 years of conflict, finally they put their weapon down. What's the problem is now what happen with several cells that still operating under different umbrella that caused more damage to the rural areas in the country. Lots of report about rapes, murders, and looting still occurs especially deep in the forest. At this moment, even


Responsible Gaming Policies Make Online Casinos Better

The problem is that the house always offers 5x or even higher margin to the players. Even with bitcoin, the house offers the players higher handicap in order to retain player to keep playing. These are the reasons why people is hard to get out. It becomes addiction similar to nicotine or alcohol. Psychologically, it already another branch of study


Enterprises Lose US$209m To Ransomware In First Half of 2016

I could be more, considering that many of the incident are unreported to law enforcement authority. The issue is not how ransomwares were created from the mind of hackers, but how it can get distributed so effectively across the network. Most of these attacks, if you notice, are based on social engineering or human negligence so their system can be


Case Study: Filipino OFWs and Bitcoin

Interesting post at national publication, but this is nothing new since lots of educated OFW already look at bitcoin as a medium for remittance back to their home country. The problem is the uneducated OFW such as domestic workers or laborers where the number is staggering. Of course it's somewhat a duty for a bitcoiners to educate them. On the oth


Changes to EU's Telecom Rules Are Coming Soon

"Unlike Telco's, OTT, (web based), are global players that are allowed to commercially exploit the traffic data and the location data they collect,"... In other words, they want similar legal umbrella that can make them collect the metadata from customers! The problem in EU is similar like in the US. Those telecommunication companies are regulated


Litecoin Price Spikes 10% as Coinbase Exchange Turns on Trading

Isn't it kinda oxymoron that Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin and former Google engineers are the VP for technical development at Coinbase? And just now, Coinbase open their door to Litecoin trading after 3 years in existence? The Chinese did that back in 2013 even before the Mt. Gox collapse. I don't know this is a signal or not, but it looks


seek help

Are you sure your not a psychic? Cause usually especially rational people rather want to believe that things happens with a reason and explanations. I believe in ghost even though I am not a psychic myself. But yet again you have to see a doctor first and see if there's really a problem with your visions.


Bounty hunters are legally hacking Apple and the Pentagon - for big money

Aha! The problem is they have to register to be able to hack the hi tech company or government sites, otherwise the government will hunt you and label you a black hat hackers. One thing for sure, why the government or hi tech company can't create a secure system and must ask a "free floating" hacker to crack it open. Besides, after all the recent h


The town where 100 young people have tried to kill themselves

This is not only problem in Canada, the US, south American, EU, and even Australia has similar problem. It seems the government abandon them to the point that there is no hope for living anymore. Interestingly, the government provide support for refugee but they are neglecting their own indigenous people. It's politics and it's a crap!

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