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Samsung must get the Galaxy S8 right, analysts say

It seems some analysts are getting skeptical about the Samsung Galaxy S8, the newest model of Samsung smartphones. It might be due to the devastating Galaxy Note 7 which had some problems months ago. This new model might be their way to redeem themselves.


Religion: Mexican Archdiocese Blasts 'Immoral' Companies Building Border Wall As 'Traitors To Homeland"

This is the problem when religion starts entering politics. The Arch Diocese shouldn't get involve with it. This is a matter of politician. Mocking any business who just want to make money out if US misery might generate revenue to the state, if it's not being corrupted. Hey, why not, the US pay for it anyway in USD.


Encryption: Britain Wants Social Media Sites Cleared of Jihadist Postings

The issue is not forcing Google, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media site. The issue is going into the court on whether they can get the backdoor key or not. Similar to the FBI vs Apple case, the problem right now is WhatsApp can't even crack their own message unless they are making an entirely a new system with a backdoor to it, which of c


Decorating Small Dining

Dining room as a separate room or part of a large room within which are the living room and kitchen is a place where they gather family and friends. And smaller dining room does not have to be a problem for decoration, because with a little creativity and detail can become a cozy, warm, but also aesthetically interesting corner in the house.


Hive such detail exterior home

The problem with cutting large or even of a small tree in the yard or garden is to remove the remaining stump and swimming with carrots, on what must spend a lot of time or completely destroy the garden. Instead of burning, removing or leaving the old hive to rot in the yard, turn it into a rustic furniture, place to place hanging baskets, pot of f


Nigerians are not responsible for Indonesia drug problems

This is true. The hardship in the country makes people to seek for greener pastures abroad. I will make the best of my ability to live a happy life no matter what. The ambassador speaks the truth. Many of the Nigerians that loves I'm Indonesia joins the drug cartels.


Less salt may lead to fewer nighttime bathroom trips

Honestly, I have problems with nighttime urination. I am not sure if it is normal but two to three times of urination at night is too much for me. Now, I think I should lessen my salt intake. Maybe, less junk foods or salty foods.


Hackers: Chinese hackers suspected of targeting individual Koreans in THAAD retaliation

If the site can be breached with a simple SQL injection, then it's not the hackers fault. In fact, it could be from within the country itself. Why connecting the dot with the Chinese and the deployment of THAAD where the problem lies from within the country sovereignty!


Indonesia: Government Further Limits Expat Jobs in Construction

The problem with Indonesia is that the people doesn't have a will to educate themselves. They take thing for granted and want more money for their action regardless it' good or bad. Typical low to middle class income mostly following the market psychology where the one that succeed is the one that can think outside the box.


Politics: Stop Blaming. Start Governing.

And how they going to govern if the problem already in front of their door? Trump ain't gonna negotiate with the Congress. He wants what he wants. Nothing more and nothing less. Even if it has to drop some of his support in Congress, he doesn't care anymore. He just want to get rid of ACA or Obamacare with full force and create a new one under his

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