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How Bitcoin Is Creating Financial Stability Where There Is None

Of course. People want to have their hard working earnings be worth it of some value. With fiat where it's controlled by big boys and financial institution, those are hopeless. Only a system that operates outside those totalitarian regime can solve them all. The problem now is how willing people to adopt it. Education is important but if people do


Litecoin Becomes Anonymous, Available on Jaxx Soon

This is nothing new. Charlie Lee has been advocating this for the past 2 years but since not many people pay attention to Litecoin compared to Bitcoin, then the idea is stagnant. The problem is that he and the consensus must be agree to hard fork the chain similar to Ethereum. The question when it will happens is everyone guess.


This is America on drugs: A visual guide - CNN

Aha ha ha! This is the reason why you should not let those big pharmaceutical company to be in charge of the health care of the people. The problem is not with the people, but those big boys. It's not traditional drugs that killed people, but synthetic like Fentanyl and heroin that being manufactured 1000x stronger from their original natural ingre


Why Bitcoin Spinoffs Are a Dumping Ground For Memes About Get-Rich-Quick Schemes

That's most alt-coins all about. It's all about get rich quick scheme. But the problem is that which trader that want to take it. Cryptsy, one of the most popular trading places are gone, and most current trader are very careful on which coin they should pick.


Asset Managers See Blockchain Adoption by 2021

...two major opportunities for wealth firms: cost-cutting way of doing a significant number of back-office tasks and as a revenue opportunity. What about getting rid of them due to their stupidity that cause the current economic turmoil? The reason the world experience global economic slowdown is because those speculators is doing what they do best


I don't see any problem

First and foremost, you invested all your time with your children, which is a very good and powerful thing. Secondly, you have 401k which you can use to start a business, one located at your home or nearby. And as of now, you are still at your 40s, there are still a lot of time before you retire. Try to grow the money you have without degrading you


Beggar or not

Its always a dilemma if a beggar is really a beggar. Cause usually they are just a part of a bigger group that's trying to collect money for "the boss". I know this from talking to some of them, and usually those are kids that we are talking about. They say that their system is that "the boss" provides them with foods and cloths but only if they de



The development of technology is a good thing for all of the humanity. Every new discovery and development of anything leads to better future and soon enough to interplanetary growth. But the problem is not the development of technology, but the people behind it. Cause, usually when someone creates something new, the people with money, the military


49 hours

It was a road trip and i was the leading car. Me and some of my friends went on summer tour of Europe, but our starting point was almost 3 days drive away. So it began; the long journey to our starting point. I, as usual, don't have a problem with driving, no matter the distance or time spent. But others apparently did. So, in a line of 4 cars, eve


Alaskan Man Arrested After $15,000 Ecstasy Package Intercepted

Details regarding how Homeland Security got wind of the package have not been released. That's the problem people. If you feel that you do not order anything, stop opening the packet. It could blow up at anytime! Based solely on acceptance of the package during a controlled delivery, a successful prosecution is likely. There you go. The perpetrato

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