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US PlayStation Store Flash Sale - grab Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, many others for under $5

The first Flash Sale of 2017 has kicked off on the North American PlayStation Store, and everything is under $5. This includes PS4 titles Knack, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, Metro 2033 Redux, Metro : Last Light Redux, Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition and more.


Haunted Hotels

One of the main reasons to go to the hotel is peaceful sleep. Good location and excellent service are not as important as a comfortable bed for some people. And what if you can't sleep because you fear that some mysterious ghosts will disturb you?! True, if it is a tourist attraction or a good marketing, these hotels are not for everyone.


Today's Best Deals: Networking Gear, Flash Storage, Wake-Up Light, and More

Storage and networking gear , Philips' popular Wake-Up Light , and your favorite blender lead off Wednesday's best deals. Read more... ..


At my hand (poem)

The maggots enjoy their latest meal The court rules in my favor with no appeal Like a bat hitting a baseball My machete hits dead on Your body slumps and falls I'll tear you open like a Christmas gift Leaving more and more victims where ever i drift. I'm like that asshole with road rage A wild beast let out of his cage My perfection of brutality co


Today's Best Deals: Timbuk2 Flash Sale, Timex, Solar Lights, Hoover, and More

A great way to exercise at work , Timbuk2 flash sale , Timex watches , a $75 Hoover WindTunnel , and more lead Monday's best deals. Read more... ..


2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee Indicator Lights flashing off and on

My 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee continues to have the indicator lights flash off and on over and over again. The Jeep still runs and has power while this is happening. I've noticed it more so when I first start up my Jeep. I have seen a lot of post in regards to this same issue and people talking about replacing the ignition switch. Has anyone else had


Deathroad to a funeral

About 15 years ago a close friend of mine died in a tragic shoot out with the police in Bemidji, Minnesota. I was living in Roosevelt Mn. at the time, about 130 miles north of there. I decided to attend the funeral and arranged a few days off from work. I left at 8 am in my small chevy s-10 pickup for Bemidji. About 30 minutes into my journey it be


Womens fashion

Q: Name of your website? A: Atterley Road is the name of our business which was formed from a stylish brand designer Q: Tell us about the business behind the website A: The business behind our website drives us to sell womens fashion and clothing online, we are online focused and aim to increase our sales through social marketing Q: What recommenda


Helen (100721,15716) Profile

"Looking for being an sourcing agent in Shenzhen" Hi Friends, I am Helen, 29 years old, living in Shenzhen, 8 years experiences in fty/trading/sourcing. Rich sources in Guangdong, Zhejiang for products: any kinds of promotional gifts such as usb flash, lanyard, key ring, coin, ornament/canvas oil painting/home decor/furniture/led lighting/ceramics


Embeded YouTube: The Alien Visit -- The Night the Grey Aliens Landed -- An Alien

The Alien Visit -- The Night the Grey Aliens Landed -- An Alien Story for Children Charlie and his brother were fast asleep, when from nowhere bright lights flashed past their window. They heard a crash, and decided to sneak out of the house and investigate. So began a night they would never forget as they discovered a wounded Grey Alien and the re

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