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Physicists control electrons at femtosecond timescales

When you shine a light on a conducting surface like silicon or graphene, that light jump-starts certain electrons into high-energy states and kicks off a cascade of interactions that happens faster than the blink of an eye. Within just a few femtoseconds - a thousand trillionth of a second - these energized electrons can scatter among other electro


Dalian CNC DMTG VDL 1300 Fanuc oi

I had a OT alarm but is unable to reset. The issue is, all the 3 axis are not over-travel at all. Before this alarm came on, I had a blown fuse on the I/O board. I had replace the fuse and when I turn on, there is no alarm MSG, except on the screen EMG is blinking. (With no alarm MSG). And on the control panel, the OT light came on. As mention abov


lucid dreaming without control

Ever since I was young I have seen these tall jet black humanoid figures with red eyes everywhere. As I grew older, they grew taller. Once I became 15 or 16 and their numbers decreased but never disappeared. The story starts a couple months ago. The humanoids began to increase in numbers even though I'm more mentally stable than I ever have been an


Party decoration ideas with kitty party games

Party Decoration Supplies & Essentials ? Cover the walls with flat paper, gossamer, or party curtains. ? Set up table decorations, organize party favors, and roll out murals for party decorations. ? Even your party invitations can serve as decorations. Hang them from curling ribbons. ? Attach tissue lanterns to party decorations or lampposts, walls


Cayenne Pepper in your Eyes!

How's that for something exciting to do today? Put some cayenne peppers in your eyes. Even for those that enjoy a dash of spice in their food, that probably seems a bit extreme. Now, as you all know, I am also a bit extreme I am not not so much for supplements, but would prefer to see a bit of purity in our diets and attain life and balanced life-f


Anne Z. Cooke: Answering The Call Of Alaska

"Piece of cake," says Jerrod. He sees the overhead light blink on and stops by... Out the window, I can see the Chugach Mountains, the string of peaks looking... The snow piling up in Anchorage is the reason I'm visiting in late February... Chances are you've been to Alaska in summer, when the days are warm and the sun... Before my t


98 caravan-blinking recycle/AC...

98 caravan has blinking A/C & recycle light..climate control resets didnt work..I HAVE NO HEAT or A/C. I CAN HEAR THE COMPRESSER COME ON BUT NO COLD AIR. plenty of air flowage..jus not hot or cold. thought it was the heater core and pressure checked it an it held 16 no prob. I noticed the fan underneath the glove box was making sounds and i can phy


Heater Problems

All that I get from the vents in my 1998 Plymouth Voyager is heat. I have no AC or defrost. The heat is constant. I can't shut it off. The problem began when the battery went dead. Now, when I start the car, all of the lighted buttons on the control panel (AC, rear wipers, recirculate . . .) blink for about 10 minutes; they won't shut off. Any idea


Onsite Home/offices Installation ciss for brother printer

Continuous Ink Supply System with 5 months Warranty Epson CISS C41SX/C41UX/C43SX/ C45, C59, C60 C65/C79/C90/T10/T13/T20/TX100/ TX121 1, 500 / 400 ML FREE INK TX200, TX210, TX300f, TX400 TX410 CX2900, CX3700, CX5500, CX7300 TX109, TX110, TX111, TX117, TX106 2, 000 / 400 ML FREE INK : Epson Photo R210, R230, R250, R270, R290 1, 800 / 400 ML


Forum: 98 Dodge Grand Caravan - climate control lights flash

The forum discussion: 98 Dodge Grand Caravan - climate control lights flash, Dodge-Grand Caravan has some great discussions. Here is a sneak peek. "I have a 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan. This mornin I had a dead battery. (Yes, really dead!) I now have a new one. when I start the car, the" In regards to your flashing climate control buttons, I h

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