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Problem with Okuma LB10

I have a Okuma LB10 that keeps throwing the spindle drive alarm. On repair we find that the fuses keep blowing...We have tried everything we know and have called the expert in but problem is still happening...Any ideas as to what to do or what might be wrong? Any info would be much appreciated!


Easy Ways to Protect Your Home

This is a guide that will help you deal with the three main enemies of your home - crime, fire, and pests. Here are some ways to reduce these threats to your home and also your family. Just take these simple, sensible, and expensive steps. Thieves. Many burglaries occur usually during daytime because fewer people are at home then. Some burglars sim


True Leadership – A Few Distinct Qualities

Ever wondered what's that something special that makes a leader stand out amongst thousands around? Why do people feel magnetized by that soul who you feel bound to call a leader? What's that charisma such a personality holds which keeps others glued to him or to whatever he says and does? You may not hold such qualities, but isn't it fascinating t


Forum: help with electrical

This forum post: help with electrical, Nissan-Pickup has some useful discussions. Here is a "I've got an 88 nissan p/u -- it starts and runs but all other electrical is out -- no lights, wipers, anything --" HERE IS A IDEA TRY CHECKING YOUR FUSIBLE LINKS RIGHT OFF THE POSITIVE BATTERY TERMINAL ON THE ... I have a 95 Nissan Max. and when


Keep it Safe: Electric Space Heater Safety Tips

Although heaters can account for a number of home heating fires, the heaters now being manufactured are relatively safe. Nonetheless, precaution must be taken when operating any type of heating device. Generally, [link below] are considered safer than regular electric convection or radiant heaters because they have lower surface temperatures and r

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