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Zippie - 77276737

My advice is to be rally careful. I don't know how the rules are in Missouri but in Amsterdam some drugs and marijuana are legal. Be careful in which coffee shop you go because many of them offer cake with hallucination mushrooms in it. Also, if you really want to study stay away from red lights :P


Lights come on again in Venezuela but the country's economic problems remain

"I asked a mother when I left, if her child had eaten something and she told me: what I got was soap and I'll see if I can change it for something else," school cook Carmen García explained. This is bad. Exchanging soap for food? Nothing worse in this world that you can't even get food for you and your family. Talking about exchanging the bar


46 Years of Excellent Public Service

Today, Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago will end her term as a senator of The Republic of the Philippines. She will retire from politics and return to her life as a private citizen after 46 fruitful years as a public servant. Sen. Santiago started her public service life in 1970 in the Department of Justice. She worked in the United Nations in Geneva


10 tips to kick visitors out of your house.

PULL OUT A GUN IN A CASUAL WAY Casually pulling out a pistol or revolver will make your visitors not really wish a second cup of coffee. Start stating points about how you enforce being armed in retribution to the despotic violence the government influicts upon you. This will either bore or scare them to death... same result. FAKE AN EARTHQUAKE All


Light Drinking While Pregnant Is Probably Safe - Slate Magazine

"Probably". Is it worth the risk? If you cant stay away from booze & cigarretes while you're pregnnat I would seriously recommend to stay away from cocks of any sort. Really, a "low probability" doesn't justify a misbehaviour. There's "low probability" of so many things that we dont do, because common sens states that any kind of problem that can b


Hello, my friends. Galena, an Expat from Russia wrote the following to me:

I had an appointment with an abogado and also asked some questions. I now know where to go for a day in Spa! I already visited and took a tour there. I liked it a lot. I will go there Saturday. They offer better prices for local residents. If you buy 10 visits and use them in the course of one month, each visit will be only 15 dollars. You are all


Question renouncing US-citizenship in Germany

Greetings, I am 25, a physics student in Frankfurt and am still married to a German woman (on paper at least). Under heart breaking circumstances we have been separated since the beginning of May. I moved to Germany with the dream of living outside of the US, learning to speak a language I find wonderful and then working here while founding a famil


Philippine Startup offers a Salt Lamp

SALt Corp.-short for Sustainable Alternative Lighting, a startup aiming to provide people without access to electricity with a lamp that can stay lit for 8 hrs with just a cup of saltwater, is receiving praise and funding from local investors. About 16 million Filipino, mostly living in remote areas, deep in the mountains and hard to reach islands,


Are Police Eavesddropping?

The Ann Arbor News, Sept. 10, 1985, SHARON RUBINSTEIN Would it bother you to know that it is possible for people more than 300 feet away to hear your conversations as if they were at your shoulder? It bothers Glen Roberts. He is bothered because the Ann Arbor Police Department bought a listening device called the "Bionic Ear" which, when aimed, cap


03/11/2015 Total Uruguay Weekly Update

Top posts... I started in May of 2005 just before I moved to Uruguay. At that time there were no significant expat resources for Uruguay and very little information in English. In June 2005, I hopped on a plane from tropical Costa Rica and came to Montevideo in the middle of Winter. I've been living here ever since with only

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