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The search for the hackers behind the massive DDoS attack

Good luck with that! The reason is that, DDOS a DNS using a malware doesn't need the hand of hacker. A tech savvy engineer could modify the Mirai code and then redeployed it on the dark web for everyone to see and share. Hacking involves a more creative thinking. The person who created Mirai is a hacker. But in the end, anyone can deploy such malwa


Fwd: Direct Debit Advance Notice Pure Gym Ltd

From: Date: Mon, Oct 24, 2016 at 8:32 PM Subject: Direct Debit Advance Notice Pure Gym Ltd To: mailto:frehs (frehs) **IMG** IMPORTANT - Confirmation of the set-up of your Direct Debit instruction, including future payment schedule Account name: JSO SJJ Primary Club: London Oval Sort code: 30-**-** Account No: 4876**** Reference: 00190013047801 Mem


In Milestone Release, Chain Open-Sources its Blockchain Tech

Hey, this is good, since now everyone can see the code and made any improvement on it. So far, no one fork it yet on GitHub. Well, it's only a couple of days. But I'll keep an eye on it to see whether this code is actually works or have a hole in it.


R3 Finally Open Sources Blockchain Project, Admits Budget Difficulty

Aha ha ha! 3.5 years in the making and they finally open up their code so everyone can see. What a waste of money, but hey, it's worthless paper money anyway! I bet you, once it open up, we can judge how's this "make to believe" private blockchain works in the real world. NOT!


Report: R3's Banking Blockchain Software is Going Open Source

I believe when I see it. This is kinda an oxymoron issue; They applied for patent on Corda, but they will release the code under GNU open source license? Woot! I think R3 will only release a portion of that code. It would be interesting to see what kind of crazy protocol do they use here.


Komodo Cryptocurrency Platform Raises Over 1000 BTC on the First Day of Its ICO

Well, even Zcash is not online yet, but this one says that it used Zcash platform or base coding then hard forking it. Heck, I don't even know whether Zcash will keep its promise once it's online at the end of October 2016, moreover this new alt-coin.


Samsung Artik Cloud Network Riddle&code Releases Tagtok, Brings IoT and Blockchain Together

individuals can utilize riddle&code's IoT infrastructure to secure their ownership of certain devices and track their location once it is stolen or misplaced. What if my toaster or coffee maker gets stolen? Could I track those from the Samsung platform without being hacked by outsiders? Or better yet, can I issue a self destruct command to render t


Expect US estate tax changes no matter who's elected

Aha ha ha! The tax law and even code changes many times every year. Not only estate but other segments as well. It ain't matter who's the POTUS will be. But taxing US citizen property in other country seems absurd. If you own a property let say in a poor third world country where the foreign exchange value against USD is pretty much worthless, how



I have tried making my own website during my high school days. It was part of the project in our computer class particularly on HTML codes. Bragging aside, my website was one of the best during that time. Back then I was really great in using HTML codes. But now I totally forgot what I have done. I no longer recall what happened to my website.


Adding Adsense to Your Website

Basically, you submit an application to Adsense and when they approve it follow the instructions for adding their ad codes to your site. Also, read and pay very careful attention to their guidelines. They can be very arbitrary and unforgiving in their enforcement of the rules. Also make sure you NEVER, EVER, NOT EVEN BY ACCIDENT click on any of the

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