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A very tough and difficult day

I wonder if one day can start normally without upset and don't feel discomfort. I today there was embarrassment in front of children's Hospital in St. Tirsova in Belgrade as a hospital calling itself by the name of the street. I took their child, daughter Nina, who has 10 years which is otherwise broke her leg was in addition to the wrist in two pl


Jso, fancy 100% off your joining fee at PureGym?

From: PureGym (, To: "Jso Sjj" ("Jso Sjj" (frehs), Cc: ! **IMG** Save more, workout more Email not displaying correctly? //l[1] //l[2] **IMG** //l[3] | //l[4] | //l[5] | //l[6] | //l[7] //l[8] Hi Jso, A lot's changed since you last worked out with us - we're always adding fun new ways to workout. Don't take our word for


After Months Of Investigation, Battlefield 1 Easter Egg Only Turns Up A Dog Tag

Battlefield 1 players looking to solve the depths of the game's most elusive puzzle have hit pay-dirt. Translated morse code and a hunt to find hidden symbols yielded an underwhelming reward: a measly dog tag.


Your Favorite Charging Cables Now Come In 4' Sizes, Plus More Anker Discounts

Your favorite charging cables now come in adorable (and untangle-able) 4" sizes, and you can save a few bucks on the 2-pack of your choice today. Just be sure to note the promo codes.


Investigate and try

I do not communicate very often with people outside my country, I think the first way to do it would be to try to locate it through a social network, if what you want is to meet new people it is good to go to chat rooms or try something through Web pages, but if you want you can use some mobile application if you know the international code of the


Watch Dogs 2 Players Discover A New Mystery Quest

After last week's Watch Dogs 2 patch, players have unearthed a mystery quest hidden in the game. Players' investigations have led them to turn over every rock, and even mine the game's code, to hunt for more information on "The Shuffler." Read more... ..


Generating a Bitcoin Wallet From An Image Will not Protect Your Private Key

If this using QR code then I can understand, but using a generic picture such as your selfie, then I doubt that it could be secured. It can be done, but what's the odds that the private key is secure since hacker could get the same thing, manipulate it then upload it to the internet. Interesting topics, by the way!


Hackers set their sights on banks and bitcoin

However, the researcher found the bitcoin service connection the criminals were using and quickly changed some code to trick the attackers into thinking they had been paid. That is what I want to know. How did this dude fooled the ransomware and what happen next to remove it from his PC? Please upload the trick to the internet so we all can share y


Nope, they don't have

Muslim doesn't have ten commandments like Jews and Christians do, but instead they have what they call as the "Six Articles of Faith." Every Muslim, whatever Islamic sects or denominations, are adhering to it. The Iman or Six Articles consists of five pillars, and these are the Shahadah or recitation, the Salat or daily prayer, the Zakat or tithe,


Since For Honor's release on Tuesday, players who purchased the Deluxe or Gold editions have complai

Since For Honor 's release on Tuesday, players who purchased the Deluxe or Gold editions have complained that their redemption codes aren't working. Ubisoft confirmed to Kotaku that they're working on a solution.

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