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JP Morgan Joins Ethereum in Developing Private Blockchain 'Quorum'

JPM is exploring all the possibilities. They join R3 and their old employee Blythe Master Digital Assets Holdings. And now they want to fork Ethereum for their own purposes. Heck, no one can prevent it anyway since the code is open source and available to the public. But still, make up your mind!


I use 'Freehostia' there is both free and pay options....

Well, for hosting a website for free, use FreeHostia. When I first started hosting a site there, it was for free, a year or so later when it was time to renew, I chose a paid option. We love our email from them (Through the website, of course, but would hate to have to stick to cloud mail like google, etc). But that's hosting. You didn't ask about launches javascript bitcoin library - Bcoin

This is just another SPV, reminds me of Multibit. I think purse dot io has done pretty good job converting bitcoin to fiat and vice versa for Amazon's customers. Of course by uploading their own version of the code (//l[2]), people can choose which wallet UI that they want to use.


BitFury Lightening Network Successfully Tested with French Bitcoin Company

See, with the new lightning network in place and be successfully tested and with the segregated witness code already incorporated in the v13 of bitcoin core, the issue of scalability will become redundant, making all of those mumbo jumbo argumentation absurd. I found that BitFury techniques are unique since they kept reinventing themselves. This pr


Final Countdown: Bitcoin Core's Segwit to be Released After Long Testing

Well, the v13 is already incorporate a portion of the segwit code. I can hardly wait to see the new v13.1 or even v14 where the entire segwit code will be included in the core and running smoothly. If this thing runs, then the matter of network scalability can be pushed aside until further consensus.


Ethereum Responds to Recent DDoS Attack

Aha ha ha! Less than 6 months since the last DAO attack, now the new forked Ethereum experience the same thing, hacked. I think this is similar to what the previous hacker do, read the Terms of Services and follow the code to find the weakness on it. On the other hand, this shows that VB's Ethereum 2.0 could be way longer to be deployed since actio


LifeLock Says Startup Execs Pulled a Fast One

This is the reason why patent is making big boys richer and richer. Cesares know about it so he sold his previous company to Lifelock. The question of course the code that Cesares made was made when he was at Lemon and not after he build Xapo from ground up. People should be aware that intellectual property is destroying the development of technolo


Singapore Road Tests Future of B2B Blockchain Contracts

When it comes to non-quantifiable clauses, Moskowitz says "these will default back to arbitration or other human decisioning component." If the human reasoning interfere with the system, then where is the word "smart contracts" come from. This one using Ethereum system where I recognize the address and code. But the reason there is a "smart contrac


Don't ever have your brain damaged monkey write your post again!

This is animal abuse! No words are bad or profane enough as to describe what you've been doing! Stop it! And even if you do force your monkey to write the posts, code the whole thing and collect 'coins for you, at least stop squeezing its head like on that terrible pic for it obviously causes brain damage and we are the ones who have to suffer from


KPMG Lists Blockchain Startup OnChain among Top 50 FinTech Companies

This is similar to BitGo platform where it used 3 private key to open user account. The only thing different is just they are using Gem (//l[2]) as their base code for their API. I wonder if this is strong enough, who their clients are? After all, they claimed that they have more than 100,000 wallets that use their platform.

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