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A number of updates have been added with respect to links in posts and responses. Please read the complete details and rules: . Additionally, it would be a good idea to review this too: . Quick Overview of Changes: A link took is displayed to add new links and/or update or delete existing links. Links can be added to a post or response when you


Bitcoin 0.13.0 May Change Bitcoin Forever

Well, if the segregated witness code that being incorporated into the v13 works, then the scalability issue is no longer an argument. But miners seems to agree with the newer version since the last time they met with core-devs for R&R. We wouldn't know until it's fully deployed. But for the time being, this is the solution that most people has been


Call your provider!

You could check your plan with your provider and make sure that you are signed up for "international plan". Most likely, every US customers are automatically enrolled in such plan these days. And to send the text, it's easy as calling their number by using international dialing code, so India will be 01-91-area code-number.


Anti-piracy through bitcoin company raises R6 million funding embeds bitcoin bounties as watermarks within videos and movies. Once it loads into the blockchain, the data is immutable. Now I see what they are doing by embedding the code, they can track who download what from the network. It could be interesting down the road on how this will be cracked by movie's bootlegger.


It's treated like an SMS!

It's all treated same like SMS. The address of your email on your smartphone is 10 digit phone number @ provider dot net (1-area code-phone number). I'm using T-mobile, so my email address on my phone is my 10 digit phone number@tmomail dot net. Maybe US Cellular has a different address like @uscell dot net or something. You should check their webs


Experts: FBI Not Bidding On Hacked NSA Code With Bitcoin From Silk Road Seizure

He noted that the person manipulated transaction data recorded from small payments to the auction account that spells out the lyrics of the song, "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley. So, if someone can fool the FBI before they realize that the bid was fake, isn't that open up another question, how secure is the FBI system? Considering that the


Test Attack on Krypton, Ethereum Classic Might be Next

Dude, do you think ETC will make the same mistake again? What the problem with Kyrpton is a classic example like the DAO, hacker follow the code or probably the only one that read the ToS on it. Don't have enough hash power, simple, rent some from third party then hit the chain. Assuming that ETC will be attacked next is considered not impossible.


Code is Law? Not Quite Yet

TLDR! This meatball is writing a goat cookie article from lawyers standpoint. Since your code is immutable and cannot be changed, you need to be perfectly sure your code has no flaws. Duh! Let me ask him this, does the Magna Charta not have a flaw? Does the US constitution not have a flaw? Do all the clause on the Geneva convention not have a flaw?


Nxt 'Megalodon' Offers Bounty of $150,000 to Support Ardor Blockchain

Hey, this might interest some people to run some nodes on the network. I've seen the code, and you could even run a node with your own PC and doesn't need a special ASIC chip. Anyone that has a computer to spare could help the network who in turn will get paid in NXT. I might be interested to do it. Who knows, it might be big some day. We'll see.


France and Germany Want EU to Ban End-to-End Encryption

This is really stupid! Doesn't the Apple vs. FBI already show that the hi tech company can't provide backdoor access to anyone including government. Even let say for some stupid thing, these meatballs pass the law. What happen if the user still using the same apps on their device. Who are they going to nail, user or the creator of such system. Are

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