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JetAirways Want Their Passengers to Melt Away

I recently booked a flight to Dubai from Hong Kong. And the cheapest flight I could find was that of JetAirways'. It cost about half the price of Emirates Airline's direct flight. The catch for the cheaper airfare is of course you have to fly first to the base airport of the airline, which is in Delhi, India. Lay overs are no problem for me. I enjo


Statelessness and Travel

One of the issues that comes up with respect to nationality is often that of travel. International travel to be exact. In these discussions often, the "right" of travel is seen as the only benefit nationality offers the individuals. I do suspect true proponent of the nationality system could list a whole host of other "benefits". Though, I believe


Your friend wants to Bang you.

You live believing that things were always the same, until you recall your mother's face when she told you the family was getting a phone... A line phone, that thing that goes in the wall; that thing that rings whenever someone wants to run a survey on you or when your aunt wants to talk to you and, basically, nothingelse.'s Healthy Habits for Men's Healthy Habits for MenMen are busy. And while we believe we take care of ourselves properly, it's a fact we can't always prioritize health and fitness. But AskMen compiled simple things/activities the we can turn into regular habits to become healthy. Healthy habits for men. Which one do you practice? Exercise at least 3-4 times a week


Searching for Irina Baronova in the Jerome Robbins Dance Division

I was in The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, Jerome Robbins Dance Division research room looking through a box of photographs when I found it, a postcard of my mother, Irina Baronova, and Paul Petroff in Aurora’s Wedding. I looked at the picture then turned the postcard over.


FBI, DHS flew secret surveillance missions over Albuquerque in recent months

Ah. Perfect! These meatballs are testing the new surveillance equipment. And what a better way to hire a shell companies to fly it all over the city. Of course the FBI or DHS will mum if anyone asked. Little did they know that some people are noticing it through flight radar. Maybe they should turn off the transponder while flying so it can't be tr


“Venezuela” shows up on 241,000 documents in the Panama Papers

If the "Panama papers" claimed what has happened in Venezuela for the last 15 years in detail, then Maduro is toast next month. I think it's better that way before the entire country will turn into a civil war and become an opportunity for foreigner to take over.


WhatsApp turns on end-to-end encryption - PCWorld

In lieu of FBI vs Apple battle, now WhatsApp, Facebook subsidiaries is using an end-to-end encryption too. Of course this will not only irks FBI, but also Washington and other countries as well since over 1 billion people use WhatsApp in this world. I wonder if this is a signal for anyone that soon or later Facebook might also use an end-to-end enc


Venezuela Opposition Sees “Long Road” Ahead to Sack Maduro

"Long road" is the term used by the opposition since they try to avoid bloodshed. Despite Maduro's popularity is dwindling, he still have a power over the people. He still hold the military and also most of the Supreme Court and Legislative bodies. Of course it won't be easy, but with the will of the people behind the opposition, things might turn


Ken Colburn: Can I 'FBI-proof' my iPhone?

There are of course numerous things you can do to help. Some of these would be at the top of my list: Don't look for useful advice from the media, especially something connected with USA Today! Don't rely on anything that comes as a part of your phone. Don't rely on anything that is part of a closed system (Apple / Microsoft). That is hardly sug

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