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Gavrilova Upsets 2014 Champion Pavlyuchenkova In Moscow

Well done, Gavrilova. Even though you proved that you can play really good in the last match against Carla, I honestly didn't except this big turn over from you. However, I don't mind it at all. Was cool watching you and everyone else reaction on your plays and victory.


Don't forget... release

Trying to forget a past event that causes you emotional hardship is only going to increase the pain. The past, as they say is the past. It is it what it is and nothing you can do will change that. As well, memories remain with us. Trying to use a magic eraser on a specific memory, just focuses our attention more and more on it. And, that attention


The long history of the U.S. interfering with elections elsewhere

Breathing on the other side of the phone line, collecting metadata over the network, overthrown other government and set up a friendly dictator, ... what else is new! Now if I look back, for the past century, most of the so called democratic countries in the world are so fragile where democracy is no longer can be implemented fully. Instead they tu


Psychology: It's not worth losing friends over politics

Heck! Even an NFL team can cause people losing friends moreover politics. My argumentation is that people really stupid to route for someone or a group of people without knowing what they are capable off. How many times since the turn of 20th century that every time there is an election, Americas keep electing idiot into the office. Get rid of that


HP plans 3000 to 4000 job cuts over the next three years - TechCrunch

More trouble for HP. The moved made by Fiorina to eat Compaq so they can enter the PC market decade ago was useless. And now, with the arrival of automation, more trouble for the one great US company. The company that Bill and Dave built to last for over 100 years is now on the verge of dying. They probably turning over in their graves.


Frustration leading to accidents

Yesterday a friend came over to visit and we went out and about for a few hours. When we returned to my apartment we noticed that the glass next to the entrance was broken. At ground level. Neither of us had noticed it when we left. Sundays are very quiet in my part of town so it seemed off that the window would have been broken in the afternoon. T


Yes... I tried to escape a ticket....

So check it out, I had just recently gotten my car. My Buddy and I were just out "Cruising'" in the new "Isuzu Stylus" (haha - it was just a little 4 door economy car, but we beat the hell out of it, it became a member of the family); so we were cruising and had some pot on us of course... No wait, We had just lit a joint, and I still was cupping i


Philippines President Duterte dares United States CIA to 'oust' him

Aha ha ha! Hey, he got nothing to loose. In fact, he's over 70 and already seen lots of action for most of his life. Don't worry, he knows what he's doing since he play his politics well. Don't sugar coat anything! That's Duterte motto. By creating fear, he knows that he could clean up the mess that has been going on for the pass half of the centur


Free social security cards?

From: GovSimplified (, To: hhhh, Cc: ! **IMG** Hi Dd, have you heard about this government study regarding social security offices wait time? Hey Dd, Let's get right to it... Here's the truth about "free" social security cards: Sure, if you go the Social Security Administration building, you won't have to trade your money


In U-Turn, Saudis Choose Higher Prices Over Free Oil Markets - Bloomberg

Yup! That's how it works. Be in bed with the US with their petrodollars and now they are in red for the first time in history. Time to move out from oil business. The world is moving away from coal and fossil fuel to a more greener and cleaner energy source. The question is that not everyone agrees. Even if OPEC will cut production to boost the oil

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