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ACI's Roger Oliphant: 'Open Blockchain Standards Are Too Slow'

Yeah so! As technology matures so is the speed of the network. This meatballs want to change everything overnight like when someone turn over their palm, as simple as that. Patient is virtue and so is the development of technology.



Like Ross and Dough said previously, first get physical and tone your body. Second, try to learn how to be sensual and not sexual. Many times, dancer doesn't not understand the difference between the two. Third, do your research by going into a club or search over the internet for someone that already done the same thing. Fourth, if you want to mak


International Economic Week In Review: Japan Is In Trouble

Japan has been in trouble since the turn of the century. In fact, now they are the only country that has national debt to GDP ratio over 200%. To make it worse, the BoJ and the PM plans to inject more helicopter money into the economy just to stimulate it while in the next 40 days (October 1, 2016), the ratio of Yen will be reduced in the SDR (Spec


NASA considers handing over ISS to a private company

WTF! NASA is technically a private company. It just sucks the taxpayer money under the cover of government civilian agency where it actually a military undercover agents. NASA should not be funded by government in the first place. The creation of NASA was originally to make the military stay away from the civilian research, but in turn, it's still


Suu Kyi Government's Economic Policy Still a Mystery

It still too early to figure out Suu Kyi plans. After all, the people of Myanmar has been under junta military government for ages. Complaining about Suu Kyi never get close to the media will make the people question her leadership. But on the other hand, people shouldn't expect everything can be turned over overnight. Process will take time, but f


Chile to Change Most Radical of Pinochet Economic Legacies

Every government should know that due to instability of fiat currency with the deflation and inflation, the value of money is depreciating over time. Chile is no exception either. But to look back on how the system that has been in existence for the last 30 years and just being overhauled at this time is brought back another question: why they have


Trump's Iraqi obsession wasn't ISIL but oil - Politico

"Call me old school, but I believe in the old warrior's credo that 'to the victor go the spoils,'" Trump wrote. Oh really! So this big fat idiotic senile delusional alzheimer meatballs open up his big useless mouth again. And what happen if the Iraqi decided to turn around and attack the US forces over there? Will he still going to pull the troop


US Tosses $161 Billion Worth a Year of food!

... two-fifths of produce never reaches the market because it doesn't look "perfect." That forces "shoppers with lower incomes [to] turn their eyes towards cheaper, highly processed foods instead," Needn't I say more! The food business in the US is practically controlled by the big boys. From the source all the way to the estuary of the food chain


Should Bitcoin Hard Fork To End The Block Size Discussion?

No! I think that bitcoin hard fork ain't gonna happen only because scalability issue. Ethereum case are different. They are reversing the hack and return the money to their stakeholder which is in turn shows that the fork was only to fulfill their what the stakeholder wants without further repercussions. Bitcoin are different. The scalability issue


Dark Clouds Gather Over Deutsche Bank As Collapse Looms

It turned out, however, that the bank was actually hiding $12 billion in losses to avoid a government bailout. Well, another comedian is scheduled to get lethal injection in the near future. After the global economic catastrophe in 2008, these meatballs are never learn. Of course this could be one heck of collapse as one of the largest bank on the

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