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Escape Artist Pouille Claims Maiden Title In Metz

Oh yeah, this was the best match of today without any doubt, well including turn over in the St. Petersburg from Alexander Zverev. Anyways, impressive work for Lucas Pouille who won against Thiem Dominic in grand finals and claimed his ATP world title. It was surprisingly easy job for Lucas, who won 2-0 in sets.


Inglot/Kontinen Save Match Point To Take St. Petersburg Title

Tournament in Russia, St Petersburg is now over officially. Inglot and Kontinen saved match point and turn over the whole match in their favor to win their first ATP world title. It was really interesting match from this two newly-formed team mates. Well done.


Berdych Fires Into St. Petersburg SFs

Tomas Berdych reached into semi finals of St. Petersburg tournament. It was hard match for him even though that his opponent was not playing so good. As we did see yesterday, he had hard match against Andrey Kuznetsov and he was so close to lose but some how he manage to turn over. Now he is in semi finals.


Romanian Stars Niculescu, Tig, Soar In Seoul

While, there is big and main tournament in Tokyo going on. There are also few secondary tournament going on right now, with players who didn't qualify for Tokyo. Niculescu proved that she can make turn over and made into semi finals of tournament in Soar in Seoul. She got potencial, I'm not pro but I think that she can do a lot.


49 hours

It was a road trip and i was the leading car. Me and some of my friends went on summer tour of Europe, but our starting point was almost 3 days drive away. So it began; the long journey to our starting point. I, as usual, don't have a problem with driving, no matter the distance or time spent. But others apparently did. So, in a line of 4 cars, eve


Never finished high school; never regretted it.

I left high school about a year before it was allowed under law. The corrupt school officials turned in the minimal passing grades for me when I never attended a single class! They surely didn't want to miss out on their state funding for me, or explain why they violated the state truancy laws. I was too busy working and exploring computers to be b


Just Once

I was pulled over once by a cop. I was driving in Manila on to the hospital to take my mom for annual checkup. The traffic light is currently at yellow so I drove fast to turn right on the next lane, but a cop on the other side keep's waving at me asking me to stop. Knowing that the lights are still at yellow, I continued driving fast. When I was a


Traffic Violation

Yes, its my first time that a cop caught my attention and hoping it will never happen again. I remember that day, I was driving with my best friend going to city. On our way, we are chatting then I didn't noticed the traffic lights turn red. So the cop let me pull over, but the advantage of lady driver is you can use your charm. With that my licens


British expats sue Rothschild over Spanish property scheme

That's how Rothschild keep getting richer and richer. Heck, they can buy the entire Iberian Peninsula if they want to. Besides financing the central bank, swindling honest law abiding taxpayers are also part of their business. Back in the mid 90's, I was offered some property in Malaga and also Cartagena. Back then, the internet was still in infanc


eMarketer Daily ( sent you 0 files

From: "eMarketer Daily" ("eMarketer Daily" (, To: "Williams Gardner" ("Williams Gardner" (bill), Cc: DotLoop eMarketer Daily ( sent you 0 files in an email. eMarketer Daily - Marketers Turn to Algorithms to Improve Attribution peoplework, not paperwork **IMG** dotloop is the largest network in real

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