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Pluto is hiding a gigantic liquid ocean you would never, ever want to swim in

If NASA says that Pluto might contained an icy core, would it be a life form over there that might survives those temperatures? We all know that no living things can survive without water. Ice means the core could be made of hydrogen and oxygen atom. And in the icy cold dark space, it's possible that some microorganism survives those harsh environm


Relax and enjoy

I am not really sure when I want to retire, but when the time comes I will know. My vision of retirement includes a person I love, to spend the rest of our days on this planet together. Some cottage up on the mountain at the opening of forest, huge garden and a couple of dogs running around freely playing with the kids, a stream nearby with life in


How Hackers Plant False Flags to Hide Their Real Identities

If you're an intelligence agency, say the NSA, you have access to a lot more data. In that case, pointing the finger is possible, but saying how they did it isn't. That's typical NSA job. If they can blame anyone else in this planet but themselves. This is how the war started. Putting other people lives in jeopardy by letting them killing each oth


Drinking Water

For survival purposes, if I were put in a situation where I get stuck in a dessert island, I would first look for a drinking water or any means of converting a free flowing water into something potable for drinking. I'm certain I won't panic. I'll just keep on praying for the rescue to come the soonest possible time. I will survive no matter what.


Humiliation on the High Seas

Photo courtesy of Scientific American. International water! My sweet end! You can see from the picture in this post that the Strait of Hormuz is only 21 nautical miles wide. So, if the law of the sea said that 12 nautical miles is the legal boundary of country from the farthest point, then those 21 miles is divided between Iran and Oman. So, there


ASX Completes First Distributed Ledger Settlement Prototype

Another vaporware in bogus environment. How do the people know unless they show it to the public? Of course with the backing from Digital Assets Holdings and possibly Ripple (Aussie are hot on Ripple compared to bitcoin), the kangaroo exchange are testing the water on people perception. Give up guys, you couldn't even make up your mind on bitcoin d's Healthy Habits for Men's Healthy Habits for MenMen are busy. And while we believe we take care of ourselves properly, it's a fact we can't always prioritize health and fitness. But AskMen compiled simple things/activities the we can turn into regular habits to become healthy. Healthy habits for men. Which one do you practice? Stretch in the morning and at nigh


Heart attacks striking younger, fatter Americans: Study -

Of course! This is according to plan by the big boys. Keep screwing around with our food with GMO or preservatives, then the result is cancer and heart attack. Similar to smoking when back in the 40-60's that mentioned that people who smoke was cool not like others. This time they are manipulating our food supply. What's next, probably water like t


Students unveil "magical" product designs

In the 20 years that David Wallace has been teaching the mechanical engineering course "product engineering processes," known by its course number 2.009, he has spiced up the class by donning costumes ranging from an explorer in a pith helmet, to a princess in a blonde wig, to a wizard in a cape. The final course presentations by student teams have


PC submerged in mineral oil? Is it possible?

Is it possible to build a pc inside an aquarium filled with liquid? Of course, it's possible. But the liquid we're talking here is not water, but mineral oil. Yes! Mineral oil does not conduct electricity like tap water. This is the same mineral oil or baby oil that you can get at Walmart or Target. The only issue is just that you need about 5 gall

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