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Tristan da Cunha

Remotest inhabited place in the world is Tristan da Cunha, an archipelago of small islands located in the southern part of the Atlantic Ocean. The nearest land these islands is South Africa, ,while the coast of South America. Despite the small size and isolation, Tristan da Cunha had a rich history. The archipelago was discovered in 1506, and later


As was once upon a time celebrated Easter in Novi Sad?

As was once upon a time celebrated Easter in Novi Sad? The tradition of celebrating Easter is long and it is believed that it marks the victory of good over evil. Good Friday is the saddest Christian holiday, and was not allowed to play music in Novi Sad coffee shops, and even the children forbidden to play. On Good Friday they dye eggs, and on Hol


Pancakes with sour cream sauce

It is necessary (for about 15 pancakes): 3 eggs pinch of salt 2 cups flour a little oil approximately 1-1.5 bucket 1 cup milk 1 cup water Jam for the filling: Three tablespoons of good jam diluted with water in a cup. Pour just enough water to cover a little jam. Whisk to equalize .Do not worry if you remain lumps of jam, they'll eat you! Dre


The feeling of thirst

Thirst is a normal physiological sense. It occurs as a signal that our body needs water and protects us from dehydration. In the summer, when increased sweating, thirst is completely normal and commonplace. But if you always feel great and insatiable thirst, regardless of the heat, diet or physical and mental strain that you are exposed to, it is t


I like Salt Water Fish

In my country we have both ocean and sea where you can catch as many fish as possible. There are both salt water fish and also fresh water fish, but I do prefer eating salt water fishes because of the nutrient and the freshness of the fish and it is more sweeter than fresh water fish or frozen fish.


The plant, which dispels the insects out of the house

Nobody likes when on the walls and in the corners of the ceiling appears cobwebs. Even less when insects like mosquitoes spoil the enjoyment of summer days or nights. Thus, the eternal question of how to most efficiently and as natural as possible to solve this problem. And one of the answers lies in the plant that we are all well known. Did you kn


To be or not to be, that is the question

So do not understand these people today, my generation, dependence on social networks, proving liking, images, and they all do not. All live in a perfect world, all have a pair and drink and eat the most expensive, everybody has 1000 friends ... not can speak of a feminine, what pictures published ... No one lives in a perfect world. I would say th


Arrangement of flowers - natural detail in the home

Its shapes, textures and colors of cut flowers in pots with water is always a nice touch to any interior home. As a living form arrangement of flowers each room adds color and brightness, enhances positive energy, brings calmness and warmth. Flower arrangement involves combining several types and colors of flowers. When arranging flowers, consider


La Mesa Dam and Reservoir

Just behind our house, you can overlook the La Mesa Dam and Reservoir. I remember we always went there when we were young and when it was not yet under the office of Maynilad. Before, it was open to the public, and you can fish there, and no one will prohibit you. You can even catch fresh water fishes such as tilapia, catfish, mudfish, and milkfish


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