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The Man Who Knew No Fortune

Memphis Tennessee, same as all "Real" guitarists who have any clue about Rock n Roll. He left home at the ripe old age of 15, totally (not) prepared for the drama yet to unfold in front of him. As the door slammed on his heals, his mothers screams that he would end up a no good useless, bum on the street echoed as he headed to the road with his thu


1997 Ford Expedition lost power

i was driving down the road and engine lost power and eventually died, and now the truck wont even click when i try to start it. the oil light turned on as the truck died. no warning. i checked the oil. there was none. i put 5 qts in the truck, still nothing. my question is did the motor seize up? Just dont understand i had no warning the oil was l


Man and Motorcycle: The Love

It's cold outside but it doesn't matter, Mike loves his motorcycle. Many of those around him have told him he is asking to get killed, many have told him he will regret getting it but his wife supports him even with her own doubts. To him, it has been a project of resurrection. He bought his Honda Shadow off of a drug user who was looking for his


tired of being saved by a chevy

Short story long. this is a two part problem. Number one I blew a head gasket..truck was running great still..just going water..going yo try dura seal...any advise?? Number wastwo..occasionally my truck will just click when starting..after several attempts it will finally start but with a couple grindinthatg noises and slow cranks while crankin bu


95 dodge ram

When starting the truck it turns over and over then fires right up Then driving down The road it acts like it's not getting gas? It will back fire then Take off again. When stoped at red light it idels real low then almost dies? Any ideas???


1997 S10 Pickup 4.3 vortec v-6 HELP!!!! Turns over but does not start

I need some help!! I have a 97 S 10 pickup extended cab with a v6 vortec engine. Truck will spin over like it wants to crank but it will go back dead and wont bust off and start. It acts like it is not getting enough fuel to it. First thing I tried was replacing the map sensor which was the code it was throwing at first, ended up replacing that twi


Forum: 2002 Ford Excursion Electrical Problem

This forum discussion: 2002 Ford Excursion Electrical Problem, Ford-Excursion has some excellent resources. Here is a "I have a 2002 Ford Excursion V10. Drove truck today and all was fine. Parked and locked it. Returned about 1 hour later and the key remote" I have the exact same problem with my 2000 V10 6.8L Excursion. Tried replacing the



The forum conversation: MY 199 FORD EXPEDITION WON'T START,WILL NOT EVEN CRANK, Ford-Expedition has some excellent resources. Here is a snippet. "I have a 1999 5.4L Eddie Bauer expedition. The truck was running fine before, but I parked it down for a while and now it will not start." I had to put an independent starter button under the dash


Forum: Trouble starting

Post: Trouble starting, Chevrolet-Blazer has some good posts. Here is a preview. "After driving for approx 1 hr and a half and I stop my SUV, (turn off the engine), It takes me about half an hour before it will start" I have a 1998 chevy silverado with a 350 in it. Its a 2wd truck. When I try starting it in the ... Where is the thermosta


man killed by monster truck, madison, wisconsin

It's billed as a family event but an accident during Saturday night's monster struck show killed the program's announcer. Investigators say 41-year-old George Eisenhart Junior of Chardon, Ohio died from major internal injuries. He leaves behind a wife and two daughters. No one knows why Eisenhart stepped out in front of the truck when he did, but w

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