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tired of being saved by a chevy

Short story long. this is a two part problem. Number one I blew a head gasket..truck was running great still..just going water..going yo try dura seal...any advise?? Number wastwo..occasionally my truck will just click when starting..after several attempts it will finally start but with a couple grindinthatg noises and slow cranks while crankin bu


1997 S10 Pickup 4.3 vortec v-6 HELP!!!! Turns over but does not start

I need some help!! I have a 97 S 10 pickup extended cab with a v6 vortec engine. Truck will spin over like it wants to crank but it will go back dead and wont bust off and start. It acts like it is not getting enough fuel to it. First thing I tried was replacing the map sensor which was the code it was throwing at first, ended up replacing that twi



The forum conversation: MY 199 FORD EXPEDITION WON'T START,WILL NOT EVEN CRANK, Ford-Expedition has some excellent resources. Here is a snippet. "I have a 1999 5.4L Eddie Bauer expedition. The truck was running fine before, but I parked it down for a while and now it will not start." I had to put an independent starter button under the dash


Beth Expat Interview

##pic=class/BurkinaMom/Sahara_wedding_party##pic What is your name? Beth What is your current age or age range? Most Burkinabé have only a vague idea of their age. But I have to admit that, unlike most people here, I do actually have a birth certificate. What country are you native to? I was born in Lincoln, Nebraska. But as I had absolutely no


Hemi is the Hemi of Motors, and for Good Reason

We've all seen the commercials about the line of Dodge cars with available Hemi motors. If you, like me, are under the age of 40, it's likely you also had no idea what the fuss is about. Short answer, it's an old muscle car engine that made Mopar famous. Longer answer, it's a modern day monster that can burn you off the line, tear down a house, or

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