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Hypno-parenting: a mum's new best friend

Do you have any spoiled little brats who cause you nothing but grief? Well, don't despair, there is help at hand. Hypno-parenting is a new method that can turn naughty little devils into charming little ... angels. Lisa Machenberg is the expert that shows us how it's done. Problem solved!


Bangladeshi child labourer killed after co-workers reportedly pumped air into his rectum

Over 5 millions children works as a slave labor in Bangladesh. UNICEF estimates about 15 millions, which is about 10% of the entire country population. Product ranging from shoes, sandals, shirts, cigarettes, food processed product and so on. So, when this thing going to stop? For a young country who only been in existence no more than 50 years, so


Across the land: Expats hit by Brexit fallout

The first thing to have affected British expats with salaries or funds paid in British pounds is the exchange rate. The dramatic fall of the pound against the US dollar hit a 31-year low after the EU referendum results. Funds and pension monies required to be transferred from the UK to Thailand to meet living expenses and maintenance costs are now


Moody’s: Blockchain Technology is ‘Creating Competitive Pressure’

The problem with Moody's is they are western oriented. Although they rate foreign bond, but it's only evolve around sovereignty bond and do not concern about anything else other than US and EU market. Bitcoin who operates outside the government jurisdiction might or may not be rated by Moody's. But if they want to rate it, I believe they will start


Blockchains: Bitcoin Tech Could Increase Trust In The Food Supply

Over 80% of antibiotics used in the US are used in food production. Funny thing is that like the article said, all Tuna that comes from Indonesia to Japan for sushi or sashimi are fresh and not being injected other than being freeze until the reach the destination point. 80% of the antibiotics used is quite an alarming number. Thus making the label


Big Tobacco Gets Crushed by Tiny Uruguay

It is nice to see the little guy win. Of course the real problem is cultural... where people seek out and consume products that are bad for their health from multi-national companies that know nothing but how to make money. I think a much more serious problem to health is other much more prevalent pushers of bad health which at the top of the list


'Military psychologists are needed to tackle war stress'

You know, if this is just becoming a news in India, then they have a problem. Since long time ago, there was a need of psychology in the military. In fact, there are more psychologist in the military than medical doctor. The reason is that not all soldiers will get wounded in the battlefield, but they will live through the horror of having to live


Red meat increasing risk of kidney failure

Red meat is found guilty again of another health problem, i.e. kidney failure. Over 60,000 Chinese adults were split into groups according to how much red meat they consumed. After a 15 years follow-up those who consumed the most had 40% more risk of developing kidney failure than those who consumed the least. Maybe it's time for ... soy?


Deadspin Ohio State RB Bri’onte Dunn’s Girlfriend Calls 911: “My Boyfriend Hit Me Really Bad” | Jeze

Deadspin Ohio State RB Bri’onte Dunn’s Girlfriend Calls 911: “My Boyfriend Hit Me Really Bad” | Jezebel Code Pink Co-Founder Covered With Amercan Flag at RNC While Holding Anti-Racist Sign | Gizmodo This Year’s Record Arctic Melt Is a Problem For Everybody | Gawker Several Portions of Donald Trump Jr.’s Con


Senate Bill Asks For Ways to Stop Bad People From Using Tor

Hey, no problem! I look at this from positive point of view. If the state department will no longer fund the TOR project, then the people will. I'm pretty sure about it since they have been taking donation from the general public anyways. Of course with the existence of bitcoin, they can take donations from anyone in this planet.

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