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Free social security cards?

From: GovSimplified (, To: hhhh, Cc: ! **IMG** Hi Dd, have you heard about this government study regarding social security offices wait time? Hey Dd, Let's get right to it... Here's the truth about "free" social security cards: Sure, if you go the Social Security Administration building, you won't have to trade your money


Has Hong Kong's Economy Peaked?

It's already peaked in the early 2010's and now they are experiencing downturn. Don't get me wrong, this analysis is provided by E&Y and do not incorporate numbers from the mainland as a comparison. You see, Hong Kong is practically a trading state and since they are under China despite their SAR status, they still be able to make their own decisio


Yahoo hack: Tech giant hacked by common criminals, not state-sponsored hackers, security firm says

See! Stop the hype about other state sponsored hackers! There is no way that a group of people could go in unnoticed. Yahoo, FBI, DHS, etc., are a bunch of crapola organizations who blamed other where in fact the problem lies within their own organizations.


Happy Kid

I grew up with a happy family, financially stable I think. Because my parents send us to the best school in town. Money is not a problem since I was a kid, I can get any amount I want. We travel in different places, country every vacation. Although life is not comfortable as before, but I didn't regret anything, I am thinking that life is changing.


Blockchain Startups Want to Solve Cannabis' Banking Problem

Aha ha ha! Snoop is up again! No need to have difference company. They can make an agreement with an existing but solid bitcoin exchange who would be willing to take their business. Putting an extra efforts where in fact is just creating another type of hot address is practically worthless. Save your money by working together in this economy.


Finish Line Unclear for Some FATCA Pacts as Banks Worry

The CRS calls for a fully reciprocal exchange of data, while the IRS is asking for more data from foreign countries than it can legally send back. That's one problem that the US wouldn't comply with other foreign countries. They want all countries in the world to become their minions under their FATCA, but they do not want to send information abou


Millennials Want To Be Entrepreneurs, But A Tough Economy Stands In Their Way

The issue is very simple actually: First, the economy based on credit. Thus having a debt after you graduate from college with student loan prohibit you to get a financing for your business. Secondly, in this uncertain economy, it's better to have a crowdfunding as your financiers. If you have a solid business proposal, you shouldn't have any probl


Swedish Investment Portal Sees Bitcoin as a Currency for the Future

That assessment makes sense. The problem is that the government might not like it. But, worse come to worse, Sweden and Denmark could be the first country that will abolish physical cash as a medium for transaction. Everything will be electronic transaction in the next couple of years to the point that it would be easy for central bank to control t


Need Brain and Capital

'Lazy' here if means lazy to move the body does not matter. Just sit and lift foot on the table, then bath a lot of money. Every person in the world have dreamed about it, you know. In the modern era like now with the high technology, everybody has a chance to be rich. The requirement is simple, just need Brain and Capital. For an example, you just


run baby run

I would run to one of the near mountains with no trace of civilization. I am very good in botanics, so I am sure I would be able to feed myself with no problem. As I live in southeast Europe, climate is very good and vegetation is endless.

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