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Religious or real

Well, I also think that's a question of own conscience. If you have it, then you literally know what is good and what is bad. Also we should understand important thing, that if person makes some criminal, it's because of his own problems with soul, with inner world. It means, that person confused himself, didn't make clear what he really wants. So


On Russian hacking connection, the US isn't as sure as Clinton says it is

Of course they are not sure. Heck, even the regular people on the street of USA believes that this is an internal jobs similar to the Watergate scandal. What else is new? Blaming other and spreading more FUD will not solve the problem. They should fix the outdated cyber security system that has needed lots of improvements since the turn of century.


Time for RT News to Switch to Bitcoin as NatWest Arbitrarily Closes Its Accounts

RT already takes bitcoin for advertising payment. But for some adverts that still want traditional fiat currency, they want to pay with Euro, USD or Rubles. What interesting is that the account was closed but never mentioned the amount of money that they took! If they take RT's money, then it could be a problem in the long run.


Why Can't Economics See Race?

The problem is simple, most economist believes in statistics and census and forget to do the most important thing, going down to see the people and calculate the economy based on the micro system. They all want to push their own ideal to make the lives better for everyone to the point that they actually make more mess. Detroit, like this article ch


sea side

All I recall is one room on Croatian coast few years ago. I went there in the peak of season, so it was hard to find any place at all. This room with small shower had a price of apartment, small window looking straight to other window. If I needed I could jump from one to another with no problem.



In this world we live in where bad news are everywhere, whether that is personal problems, worries or the environment we live in. I think it can help if we read about positive outlook or good news. Reading positive books will boost our hope to the future and inspired to continue life, and believe that life is beautiful.


Ecuador acknowledges limiting Julian Assange's web access

Wow! Now the Ecuadorian embassy admit it was them that limit Assange internet access? Duh! This could create a new problem. Other than Ecuador supports Assange in general, but I think it might have something with the UK network too. Of course who said that all network in London is not being monitored by the GCHQ including the Ecuadorian embassy whe


Facebook is leaking valuable younger users - Computerworld

Well, it's simple. Younger generations are tech savvy and evolving. Of course they do not want to use social media similar to what their grandmother use. But, as long as Instagram were up, Facebook will still get the profit. The problem is when people start going to Snapchat. And today, it seems that Facebook is copying Snapchat features. Who knows


Election officials allege more voter fraud in Indiana - USA TODAY

Interesting that this happen in VP Candidate Pence home state. What is this? The vast right wing conspiracy to commit voter fraud! Or this is just a glitch. I think this is more than a glitch. In fact, during the voter registration, which is now closed already, the database should has been updated. And if they don't, then the problem is on the elec


Yahoo stumbles again in 3Q, raising stakes on Verizon deal - Chicago Tribune

Time is no longer on Yahoo side. The once internet giant in the 90's that pretty much control the search engine for ten consecutive years is now tumble because of their own stupidity. The problem is internal and not from outside. Their cyber security is weak and to make it worse, they work together with the US government for surveillance purposes.

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