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Is Brazil the worst country for expats?

Survey suggests that foreign nationals are not happy, and the bad economy shoulders most of the blame This question and survey results seem to have two problems: The assumption that one-country fits all expats. The difference between expats dependent on the local economy and those who earn a living from afar, or receive a pension from afar. Expat


Onchain Scaling Conference: Are Hard Forks Really Necessary?

I don't think hard fork will occur in the near future, perhaps another 3-5 years. It is true that the bitcoin protocol might someday need to fork but for the time being, we learn from Ethereum fiasco that fast making decision creates problem for the community. I believe that bitcoin will fork eventually, but to make a significant hard fork without



We use cell phone while driving because we don't want to miss on important schedule.... and it's somewhat addicted to the point that we do not concern about our own lives rather than losing our communication devices. But hey, the problem is right now is just the cognitive process of someone while driving. With extra tools such as handsfree set like


Brexit May Send the EU 'Down the Drain', Good For Bitcoin

The EU ain't going down the drain. The original three ain't split up. They've been together for so long with some similarities. But the next three which is Germany, France and Italy could be different. Of course right now Italy faces their own economic problems. This got nothing to do with bitcoin. Bitcoin is here to stay regardless there is EU or


UAE introduces new initiatives to protect Indian migrant workers

This is one problem that should be adhere by the government. Even if they have a contract between the two government, it doesn't mean that the employer will honor such agreement. Human trafficking are rampant in south Asia especially for slave labor and sex workers. I think the government of India must gradually decrease the number of expat labor.


Try Trading

If your after with a huge income try Forex. Trading is one way to get you earn while you do your regular routines everyday. Now that I am a fan of Trading, I have seen a lot of people achieved so many things because of trading. There are two things you get from trading the liquidity and volatility. You don't have to wait hours to see your investmen


Obsession to eat abnormally cause dramatic stress and diseases

Its really not a problem to eat much as long as eating doesn't affect your body. I for one, loves to eat especially when it comes to creamy and buttery food products to the extend my body became overweight and all of the sudden my entire body can not maintain the huge weight I gain. Eating Abnormally is a problem, my chest hurts and there were time


Nearly 4500 Vietnamese renounce citizenship in 2015

The growing trend of Vietnamese people breaking ties with the land of their birth poses a serious problem - brain drain, experts say. Well, if you look at the statistics especially in the US, does it constitute a Vietnamese foreign student or naturalized immigrant. Based on my experience, there are a thin line between Vietnam born US citizen, US c


Provider uses different technology perhaps

There are two things here: First, if you have an international plan and you already set your roaming features correctly, then it shouldn't be a problem since you can receive any SMS. Second, what I found out based on my experience is that when telecom provider uses two different technology, sometimes they do not communicate to each other. For examp


Venezuelan Cryptocurrency Exchange Adds Dash to Roster

I think the exchange try to capitalize the chaotic nature of the Venezuelan economy. The problem is what will happen if DASH collapse and those people that already been suffering, will be in deeper trouble because of it. Personally, I stick with bitcoin since it's already proven its effectiveness.

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