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What's with the Subaru?

I hope someone can help you immediately. I don't think the problem lies in your battery. Maybe you are right in thinking that changing your battery triggers the electrical components and makes your car flash its hazard lights. I can understand how this bothers you. No person in his right mind would want to drive with his hazard lights on. Peop


Yahoo! Answers: Do I have to have the title to my car to sell it for parts?

I have a 97 subaru and i placed a listing on Craigslist for it. I have been told twice now I cant sell it for parts without the title. I live in Maine and I have sold a car before for parts, and didn't need the title. I have made it clear you cant buy it to put it on the road. HELP!! I need to sell this car but I don't want to go through the hassle


YouTube: Subaru Dealers Nampa ID | | Subaru Dealers Nampa ID Subaru Dealers Nampa ID Do you live in the Boise Idaho area? Are you looking for a new or used car? The folks at Gentry Ford Subaru are excited to help you! We offer competitive pricing and provide excellent customer service. We understand people express themselves through their


Questions: are high milage 2000 and newer subaru's reliable?

i have around 10000 dollars bugeted for a car and i live in nebraska. Really want a subaru, but because resale on subbies is high usually can only find higher milage subbies. I want a 2000-2006 impreza...main question is...are the newer subbies good past 75, 000 miles?


Toyota could give the MR2 the hybrid treatment

Auto Show season is an exciting time of year for car enthusiasts as they finally see what new tricks auto makers have up their sleeves - new designs, more speed, newer technology and much more. Its all too easy to forget that for the automakers who have spent millions on research and development these are make or break moments, and this might be th


Mitsubishi wants to go green, and fast.

Mitsubishi is aiming to have electrical vehicles represent 20% of its global sales output by as early as 2020. Not only that but they will aim to halve the average carbon dioxide emissions of its global line-up! The Japanese Auto Company will release its battery-powered i MiEV model in July at a retail price that is almost $6,000 more than its com


Toyota RAV4 - A Car To Make Your Own

As I was doing the regular video round up, I found the funniest car commercial in the world. It's a bit weird but I liked it. Haha its so hilarious. A couple killing each other just to drive their new Toyota RAV4. For additional information, Toyota RAV4 is a compact crossover SUV. RAV4 means Recreational A


What A Day For A Daydream

Are you singing now? Yes, its the title of Lovin' Spoonful's song. But I'm not gonna discuss that song, I will discuss my daydreaming yesterday, about 'me and my cars'. I dreamed yesterday afternoon while having my afternoon nap, that I own hundreds of cars. All of them are high valued and expensive. Shiny, elegant, luxurious, with all the ladies w


Subaru B9 Tribeca the Obvious Executive Choice

Last week I was convinced by my editor to take out a crossover SUV, and I have to tell you from the first second that this was entirely against my will. I love a muscle car as much as the next man, and a good, utilitarian car likewise, but a crossover is something I've never even pretended to have time for. This B9 Tribeca, however, blew off my soc

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