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Pakistan: Prison Rule Requires Condemned to Be Able to Stand on the Scaffold

(Oct. 9, 2015) The Magistrate in Faisalabad, Pakistan, stopped the execution of Abdul Basit over uncertainty on how to hang a person who is incapable of standing up, as required by the Pakistan Prisons Rules of 1978.


South America needs to get ready for possible North American military interventi

This is from GlobeEurope Anticipation Bulletin: I apologize for the long discourse, however, I had to extract this content from a .PDF file. South America 2012-2016 : Still uncertainty over US domination and regional independence by Héctor R. Sánchez (proof read : Ian Shaw) The failure of the Washington Consensus 1 policies marks a turnin


How's the weather?

Global warming is truly upon us and because of this, the weather all over the world has become quite erratic. It rains during even summer and Christmas season, when the weather is supposed to be dry and cold all around. Isn't it frightening to not know the actual weather condition outside our home? For all we know, a huge tornado or a strong typh



From: F. A. Tex Harris X;> Subject: Argentina Editorial Roundup Wednesday To: Tex Harris AFSA X;> Date: Wednesday, March 17, 2010, 7:02 AM 1. WORLD WATCH: ARGENTINA: GOVERNMENT PRESSURES BEEF EXPORTERS ON PRICES (The Wall Street Journal) 2. ARGENTINA?S IRSA, YPF MAY SELL FOREIGN DEBT ON SWAP (Bloomberg New


Video: Portman for Senate RV Tour through Northeast Ohio

In February, the Portman for Senate campaign went on our 6th RV tour throughout the state. This trip took us to seven counties, mostly in Northeast Ohio, a traditionally Democratic stronghold where we are determined to reach out to voters with our pro-jobs agenda. After stopping in Columbus for a health care policy meeting, we headed up to Willough

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