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Podcast: When Is 'Crunch' OK?

Is mandatory overtime an integral part of game development or a systemic issue that should be completely eliminated? Where would you even start?


South Korea to export viewership tracker to Mexico

So, the Mexican will start surveillance system at something that people can't live with it, television and entertainment sector. So, by installing all of this chip in people's TV, not only they can track what people watch, but also monitor their daily activity. This is only benefit the advertiser since they can normally pinpoint the audience on whi


Poverty can both hinder and stimulate entrepreneurial creativity, says U of T prof

Yes and no! It's not poverty that sometimes hinder entrepreneurial creativity. But the ability to obtain loan or collateral to start their entrepreneurial journey is the problem. And the problems lies in the heart of government and financial institution who are not willing to give a collateral with trust to enrich the society. In Southeast Asia, in


Report: Uruguay has Latin America's oldest population

Oo! The 19% of over 60 yrs old is quite alarming. It means that there is almost no retirement for aging worker since they are less likely to be replaced by a younger one. On the other hand, if educational system in Uruguay is solid, they could start switching their base economy into a more productive one such as automated industry or service sector


One Of Brussels Bombers Worked In EU Parliament - RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty

Yeah so! I think the EU is start to understand that good guy and bad guy are alike. This proves that someone who can hide their identity for so long could be pulled into IS in a matter of hours, days, month. So what will the EU do? Does the educational system to eradicate people with subversive ideology in place? Or this is the mistake of law enfor


Arrest of Facebook exec, now freed, stirs debate in Brazil

Some governments like Brazil here goes to the distance of trying to get the content of conversation or file of the suspected criminals. Of course based on the encryption system, they might not be able to crack it anyway. This probably prompt WhatsApp to start using end to end encryption system starting April 1, 2016. What is this arrest imply to Br


Argentina’s Congress OKs Payments to Holdout Creditors

The origins of Argentina’s late 2001 default, which was then the largest in history and occurred amid a financial meltdown and economic depression, go back to Argentina’s 1976-1983 military regime, which presided over a 465 percent expansion in public indebtedness. Lots of economist, analyst and even regular people agree that the soci


Students: Two-factor authentication required starting June 15

Starting June 15, Duo two-factor authentication will be required for all students accessing secure MIT systems such as Stellar, Atlas, WebSIS, and other systems protected by Touchstone. Enrollment for Duo is available for students now. IS&T strongly recommends enrolling immediately, so you will have no trouble accessing important systems w


Planning A Move To Canada If Donald Trump Is Elected President? Choose One Of These Budget ...

This article misses the boat on a number of extremely important points. First, moving outside the US because of a political issue is very short sighted and isn't likely to resolve the issue for you. For example, you feel that Trump will "ruin the US", so you will run off to Canada (or a more budget friendly place) will do nothing for you. You will


Xbox One March system update rolling out: buy 360 games on Xbox One, more

The latest system update, which was released in preview earlier this month , will start rolling out on Xbox One and the Xbox app today. Along with the features outlined on March 1, a few additions and updates have been added and are posted below.

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