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32% of Singaporean millennial entrepreneurs started their businesses in school: Study

That's the different between educational system in Singapore and in the US. Here in Singapore, while students are still in college, they are given education and tools to start their own business for free while in the US, they just give them education but no free tools. Thus encouraging people to start early is much better. For once, if you start sm


Major Hong Kong Lenders Plot Blockchain Mortgage System Launch

Mortgage valuations? What about land title registration system? The cost of property in Hong Kong is the highest on the planet to the point that the number of expats are start dwindling especially the one from the western nations. They move up to Shanghai or Beijing or just across the Pearl River Delta in Guangzhou or Macau to get a better rate.


Digital Currency Exchanges on the Upcoming Ethereum Hardfork

Lots of exchange are currently halt the ETH and ETC trading until all has been settled. No error or nothing in particular that can cause more damages to the system. Most exchange already hold ETH trading since 10/15 while ETC will be held this weekend starting 10/23. Who knows what happens next? We just need to wait until its all clears.


Appcoin Law: ICOs the Right Way

I can see where the author coming from. But with lack of knowledge in the legal part, there are no regulations that can prevent an alt-coin or app-coin to come to the surface. Of course once the system is seems to be cheesy, the government start issue a warning like OneCoin, but for the time being, people just need to use their due diligence before


Judges question whether Silk Road founder's sentence is fair

Now that's a good start for Ulbricht defense team. Of course it's not fair. He didn't commit any premeditated murder nor directly involved in drug distribution. What he did just run a dark net website from the basement of his house in Texas. Heck, lots of people that is worse than him deserves a harsher sentence like those two federal agent or the


Personal Trainer Long Beach

Our experienced trainers work one-on-one with people who want to get back into shape, lose weight, and boost their health. Our personal training programs are designed to support experienced individuals and beginners, so you don't need any experience to get started with us. Our training programs utilize our scientifically proven slow motion strength


System Updates

In the upcoming hours or days there will be a significant system update. In general the changes won't have any effect on user interactions (except for grubs, bugs, aliens and/or weasels lost in the code). So, please bear with us during the first few days. Of particular note for users include the following: Chat nickname All nicknames in the chat w


Don't panic, but a 'computer error' cut the brakes on a San Francisco bus this week

This not new. It happens before on Lexus if anyone remember back in the mid 2000's. What happen is that the computer start taking control of the car by pressing the gas pedal or in this case the brake inadvertently. Psychologically, people should not depend too much on computer to tell them what to do. In fact, the computer should be used as a tool


US Government Debt Reaches All Time High, Bitcoin Offers Financial Protection

And it will go up to reach 20 trillion bucks by 2017, no doubt about it. Heck, the entire world monetary system is based on debt anyway. There is no way the economy will be back into what it used to where government do not interfere with people's economy or laissez fere. The only way to do it is to collapse the entire thing and start all over again


Bill Gross Says Bitcoin, Blockchain May Counter Central Banks

Central banks are acting increasingly like casino gamblers who double down on bets every time they lose, according to Gross, a strategy that works as long as they can print unlimited amounts of money. They are a casino. A casino that can print their own money whenever they want it. For the past century alone since the inception of central bank, cur

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