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Worlds end

Its not that I don't like politics. I just hate politicians more. All the wrongs of this world starts with politics and people making decisions for you cause they think that is in the interest of the people. If you wanna know if its in our interest, ask the nation, don't think that you know what we want. All they do is corrupt the system, steal mon


Why This Founder Is Starting A Movement To Empower Young Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur must stand behind their product and quality of services and do not follow the trend. Isn't the old saying that a successful entrepreneur is the one that thinks outside the box! Nowadays, things have changed from the old traditional method into a more digital domain. Having implemented a typical moms and pops system is no longer work in


More harm then good

I was 6 years old when I first set in front of a poker machine and broke it. My dad had this night club with many games on fortune. And one night i was waiting for him to finish the work so we can go home but some people wanted to talk and drink all night. So as i was getting bored, he set me in front of a poker machine, told me what I need to do t



The development of technology is a good thing for all of the humanity. Every new discovery and development of anything leads to better future and soon enough to interplanetary growth. But the problem is not the development of technology, but the people behind it. Cause, usually when someone creates something new, the people with money, the military


Roger Ver is Suing a Hong Kong Firm Over '' Revenues ...

Men, Ver and OKCoin feud has ben going on for couple of years now. It all started when Ver, created a fiasco to make a mess with OKCoin through their legal system. Ver should keep their mouth shut and let people do their work. This kinda attitude will make him look like a bad guy. And of course if it's involving money, what he got to lose. Craps!


Fwd: Behance & Adobe ID: Please verify your email address

From: Date: Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 10:17 AM Subject: Behance & Adobe ID: Please verify your email address To: mailto:80120 (80120) You're nearly there. Welcome to Creative Cloud,. Before we can get started, we need to quickly verify your email address. //l[1] //l[2] **IMG** You're nearly there. Welcome to Behance,Susan. Before we can get started, pl


IBM and Bank of Tokyo Start Blockchain Revolution in Banking, Aim for Complete Automation

You know, if IBM jump into this system, I'm pretty sure that they are able to do it. The question is just a matter of time. The problem is that it might not be blockchain. The reason is simple, there are not many, in fact, the last statement from BoJ said that there is no talent in Japan that would be willing to work for the banking industry. Simil


China will rank expats based on their 'talent' in new streamlined work permit system

So they start by telling us it is a "good thing": while also neatly categorizing all the expats. //l[1] And then, reversing and surmising it is not so "neat": So, how exactly will you be graded? Well, as you might expect, it's all rather vague.


Looking to Invest In Bitcoins? You Should Check This Out! - TheStreet

All of the above option, stocks, ETF and IRA are traditional investment that still based on fiat and probably fit for those who do not want to leave traditional financial world. But why don't you just buy bitcoin directly. It's so easy to open a wallet. There are plenty of those who are willing to try by learning through the information available o


New report warns G20 leaders that digital disruption could hinder job-creating young entrepreneurs

It's not digital world that could hinder the job creating young entrepreneurs, but the debt that they accrued while they were in school and their inability to get financing if they want to start their business. Digital domain is their everyday breakfast. These young entrepreneurs are not an alien to the digital technology. The government and financ

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