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Comparing The Cost Of Cloud Vs On-Premise – Hidden Cost You Should Not Overlook

Many companies are engulfed in the comparison between the cost of Cloud and On-premise. Many business owners when considering the best often concentrate on face value cost and forget about the total cost of ownership. Many businesses consider the cost of acquiring new hardware and software to keep functioning the only cost in the case of On-premise


APARTAMENT with two bedrooms in BUCEO, Montevideo

Modern 5th floor with nice panoramic view, two bathrooms and garage: The nice flat is located at the counter-front of a modern building, finished at the end of 2011. It is found in the neighbourhood "Buceo" on Gral. F. Rivera Avenue, just a few steps away from the Montevideo Shopping and the World Trade Center. Its 5-floor-building is equipped with


Going off grid: Tata researchers tackle rural electrification

More than 300 million people in India have no access to grid electricity, and the problem is especially acute in rural communities, which can be difficult and expensive to reach with grid power. At MIT's Tata Center for Technology and Design , researchers are exploring ways to extend electricity access to such communities using microgrids - indepen


Osborne slashes welfare, injects £1.9bn into cybersecurity to counter ISIS hackers

"Osborne announced the injection of cash into the security system as he prepares to unveil a fresh round of cuts on welfare and public services next week as he attempts to push Britain back into a budget surplus." For the last three month, there are lots of medical personnel looking for a job abroad because of the cut on NHS. Now, he wants to cut


Let it be our secret...

I enjoy being amazed by the technologies we use on a daily basis. A couple of days ago, while I was considering implementing an upgrade to my performance at a task by applying exhaustive repetitions (I was trying to beat lvl 95 at candy crush), I saw an ad taking over my screen. It was an ofer of a site that allowed me to pay any bill from home. Th


How Does China End Up With Western Policies?

China to hasten roll-out of car charging network ... China wants to speed construction of a national network to charge electric cars, to help reach an ambitious goal of 5 million green vehicles on its roads by 2020, national news agency Xinhua said on Sunday, citing a senior energy official. A shortage of charging facilities has long been a roadbl


Toyota spends $50 million to accelerate self-driving car program

I think the big danger with the self-driving car technology is a of control. I am not referring to putting our life in the hands of a robot or computer program (though I sure hope none of it is Windows or Microsoft based). Instead I am referring the kind of control the so-called "authorities" and hackers may have. Both in terms of tracking and dire


(Anthropology) No man's land.

Despite the huge variety of color, shape, size y and physical distributions that belong to our species, the genetic diversity of the humankind population is lower than the one our near cousins, chimpanzees and gorillas (around 150.000 individuals of each). This means, even among a small ammount of chimpanzees, they are less genetically related amon


Spend Bitcoin Where? - Free Bitcoin Business Register

Spend Bitcoin Where is a free online Bitcoin Business Register listing businesses across Australia and New Zealand that accept Bitcoin as payment. Business Listings Trusted Bitcoin Gaming Provider Electrical & Solar Power Systems Forsyth Real Estate Meeko Fashion Seagull Photography Gadgets Direct GlowGolf Docklands


2015 Toyota Camry Hybrid

MSRP $26,790.00 POSITIVE Toyota's new 2015 Camry Hybrid has a gasoline-electric drivetrain and gives a phenomenal performance when it comes to fuel economy. It also packs a good power. The exterior of the 2015 Camry Hybrid is stylish and posh. Toyota gave some good aesthetic attention it. It also comes with an Entune app integration system that b

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