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Could Bitcoin Triumph in a Mr. Robot-like World?

Yes, of course it would triumph! This argumentation presented here under "NO" condition is absurd. It's true that bitcoin need internet and source of energy. But it doesn't mean it's called an electricity. Heck! You could run a node and still relaying the transaction all over the world and those doesn't need too much power like mining does.


Growing food with seawater and solar power

Perfect! I know that tomato can grow in coconut coir hydroponically thus making it suitable for urban farming. Moreover, the solar energy that being produced here not only capable of desalinating water but also produces excess energy for other electrical purposes. Hey. I can use it in tropical island. After all, we don't need to have a consistent f


Spanish Electricity Giant Endesa is Harnessing Blockchain Tech

If anything that come up from nationalize power grid, it will definitely a private blockchain. The other tech word that sounds good in front of everyone else in the country. In fact, the reason why they want to explore the technology is similar on what they did in Australia and Germany which is to share the excess power with those who doesn't have


THMiners Announces the Launch of Two New Cryptocurrency Miners

For 3000 bucks, this one look interesting. It come in a rack mount format so you can stack it. But the chip is using 20 nm where Bitmain already use 16 nm and faster than this one with less power consumption too. Compare to the electricity in US and other places in the world, the US is still much more expensive than the rest of the third world coun


MGT Capital Investments Inc. (NYSEMKT:MGT) Reports on Bitcoin Mining Operations

As much as I respect McAfee since his early days as an anti virus and internet security techies, I doubt that the company that he created is mining bitcoin at this moment. In fact, even with the hydro power generator that they claimed they build at the State of Washington is still doubtful in my opinion. Why he invest back in the US? Why not doing


Former Duke CEO Jim Rogers: Electric power access a 'basic human right'

Really! If electricity is a basic human rights (no quote there), then how in the world, the government who the sole purpose of existence on this planet is to provide a basic human rights must charge people for electrical access? Doesn't the tax money should cover or at least already cover that? And what about the law that makes people who live off


The Greatest Invention of Men from the 19th Century to the present

The Greatest Invention of Men from the 19th Century to the presentScience and technology has given us a lot of things. It makes our lives easier. Electricity, for example. Although electricity has been around far longer than men did, it's just a free flowing energy there was no way for us to harness that. Men eventually invented things to harness e



For me electricity is the greatest invention. I can't think life without electric power. We can't do anything without electric power. From the simplest that the electricity can do, example lighting of the bulb. Without this, darkness will happen. All our invention will be useless if there is no electric power. Good thing, this is invented and now h


New Report Blames High Costs for Bitcoin Mining Centralization

Whether new miner want to join the network or even a pool, that's the miner decision. If they miner consumes that much electrical power, that's because they were allowed to consume that much by the energy department. What they produce in term of USD as it shown above is insignificant compared to what they contribute to the network.


Australians Test Selling Solar Electricity To Each Other

There is nothing wrong to do it, after all this is only a test. But the consumption of energy on every households are increasing annually. Regardless who has the panel and the resources to generate more energy, they are deemed to use it for their own before sharing it to someone else or even sell back to the power company. I support green and clean

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