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Liquid tin-sulfur compound shows thermoelectric potential

Glass and steel makers produce large amounts of wasted heat energy at high temperatures, but solid-state thermoelectric devices that convert heat to electricity either don't operate at high enough temperatures or cost so much that their use is limited to special applications such as spacecraft. MIT researchers have developed a liquid thermoelectric


Solar Power Will Be The Most Expensive In Terms Of Business

Business of distributing solar electricity is more expensive, the reason why I say this is that the panels are not the problem but the batteries are the issue, the most cheapest should be hydro-power not solar, solar energy consumes a lot of money during installations and the cost of maintenance is very high otherwise we would have been seeing comp


It depend on how far any government can invest into solar

It is not how much that it will take for solar system to take over manual electricity in a country, but it is how far the government of any country is willing to invest on solar system and build up their electrical power through solar system. Although investing in solar system is very expensive but it can be achieve through great sacrificial of fin


The Power of Solar Power: Escaping the Electric Company Monopoly

I feel sad when people talk about using solar power as a replacement for conventional forms of electrical power generation. One of the big issues (aside from the pollution of non-hydro) power generation is that it forces everyone to be dependent on one huge bureaucratic monopoly for their electricity. This leaves to complicated organizations, with


How much it will take for solar to overtake?

It is pretty simple to see that if all money are put into electric power and solar panels are more and more common. it will simply change energy distribution and production, taxation etc. Question is how much time it will take to happen?


LIDS Smart Urban Infrastructures Workshop highlights emerging research

Data can reveal valuable insights about the ways humans interact with their urban surroundings, helping to determine the types of services and systems they need and how those services and systems should work. Transportation, the electric power grid, and other services people rely upon can become more automated and more responsive - and ultimately s


Energy: Pretty Soon Electric Cars Will Cost Less Than Gasoline

Of course. And the only thing that can stop this is the government who always stifle innovation. The reason is simple: they are sleeping together with the oil and gas mining industries to slow down the adoption of EV cars or even a self driving cars. Furthermore, if battery and solar power device is getting cheaper, the power company will loose its


Nigeria to encourage private investments in power sector-Sanusi

What the Emir is saying is just the truth, it is now becoming so clear that the federal government cannot solve Nigerian electricity problem alone, my own point of view is that, what exactly the government has put on ground to attract private investors?, actually there is nothing, people and companies will not want to invest in something they don't


La Torre Golf Resort 2017-05 Newsletter / Boletín

From: LaTorreInfo (, To: =?utf-8?q?Plot_1369_=C2=96_email_1?= (david.lowry), Cc: Estimado Propietario / Residente de La Torre El ComitÉ complace enviarle adjunta la ediciÓn de febrero del boletÍn. Si recibe mÁs de una copia de este correo electrÓnico, es probable que su direcciÓn de corre


Blockchain Technology Fuels Global Advancements in the Energy Sector

As moonshot projects in the distributed world abound, it's not surprising to see the energy sector jumping into the fray. This comes as the heavily regulated power industry eyeballs new approaches for allowing consumers to generate and sell electricity in various locales worldwide.

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