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China Bitcoin Miners, Government Agencies, Electricity Companies Hold Conference

Aha ha ha! Now, even the government support the bitcoin miners. Forget all the conspiracy theory, forget about all those BS that you ever heard about the Chinese government will confiscating all mining rigs because they steal power, this event proofs that even the central command in Beijing try to work a solution to support the overgrowing consumpt


Find Out Which Appliance Is Sucking All Your Power

Sense’s $299 gadget is the first that can identify which individual devices in the home are using the most electricity...


Chinese Bitcoin Miners Busted for Electricity Theft

Aha ha ha! Mining rigs is consumed lots of money, of course the power company notice if there is a spike on their meter. BTW, 1.63% on is equivalent to about 23-25 Petahash. That's about 6000 S7 Antminer if my calculations are correct. So, those 74 that they confiscated doesn't mean anything to the entire network. As a matter of fact, they probably


Winds of change?

China has an opportunity to massively increase its use of wind power — if it properly integrates wind into its existing power system, according to a newly published MIT study. The study forecasts that wind power could provide 26 percent of China’s projected electricity demand by 2030, up from 3 percent in 2015.


Germany Runs Up Against the Limits of Renewables

Even as Germany adds lots of wind and solar power to the electric grid, the country’s carbon emissions are rising. Will the rest of the world learn from its lesson?..


Higher coal use in Asia could increase water stress

Coal burning, despite recent signs of having peaked in China and pledges made at the Paris Climate talks in December, remains the primary source of electric power in Asia. In both China and India, it’s responsible for the lion’s share of human-made sulfur dioxide (SO 2 ) emissions, which drive up concentrations of sulfate aerosols in


Pharmacy on demand

MIT researchers have developed a compact, portable pharmaceutical manufacturing system that can be reconfigured to produce a variety of drugs on demand. Just as an emergency generator supplies electricity to handle a power outage, this system could be rapidly deployed to produce drugs needed to handle an unexpected disease outbreak, or to prevent a


MIT Energy Initiative and AVANGRID to study the future of the electricity industry

Today, the wholesale price of electricity is largely driven by the availability and operating cost of large power plants as well as congestion in the high-voltage transmission system. It does not take into account many of the low-carbon energy technologies that are rapidly being deployed onto the electric grid.


Solar Is a Booming Business, but It’s Still Not Generating Much of Our Power

Solar capacity is on the rise, but it still accounts for only about 1 percent of the world’s electricity...


MIT develops nontoxic way of generating portable power

The batteries that power the ubiquitous devices of modern life, from smartphones and computers to electric cars, are mostly made of toxic materials such as lithium that can be difficult to dispose of and have limited global supplies. Now, researchers at MIT have come up with an alternative system for generating electricity, which harnesses heat and

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