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75 million Nigerians lack access to electricity - world bank

In as much as I am happy that the world bank has noticed the plight of Nigerian in the power sector but I would like stand to correct them that more than 75 million Nigerians is suffering lack of power, in fact the Entire country is suffering from lack of Power. I just hope they can come out and help us fix this power issue.


La Torre Golf Resort 2017-02 Newsletter / Boletín

From: LaTorreInfo (, To: Plot 1369 - email1 (david.lowry), Cc: Estimado Propietario / Residente de La Torre El ComitÉ complace enviarle adjunta la ediciÓn de febrero del boletÍn. Si recibe mÁs de una copia de este correo electrÓnico, es probable que su direcciÓn de correo electrÓnico


New resource for optical chips

The Semiconductor Industry Association has estimated that at current rates of increase, computers' energy requirements will exceed the world's total power output by 2040. Using light rather than electricity to move data would dramatically reduce computer chips' energy consumption, and the past 20 years have seen remarkable progress in the developme



My spending power is much that I do not know how to rationally use electricity or something else I do not know. I just know that my account still high. several times I advertised but none of that. I pay a lot.


In our electricity bills are very high

I think it is in our power is very expensive. The accounts are great, one might say even astronomical. Because some divisions that carry out electric power, people in the winter getting high bills where invoices on a monthly basis for one household out over 100 euros. How to spend the zone in which no one can be sure, but of opportunity that you sa


Lagos plans 24 Hour power Supply

The Lagos State Government has plan to provide stead electricity power supply in to all citizen in Lagos State. The amount of power plan to be supply will be 3,000 mega watts by 2020. It will only takes time but they will surely achieve it and that will make Lagos state more better than any other state in the country when it come to power supply


Coming soon to China: A building that fights pollution

Fantastic. While the Chinese work very hard to reduce their carbon footprint with the new building design and reducing their dependency on coal as the primary source for power plant, Trump and the US want to revive the mines and build a power plant from it. The fact that this could be the giant chia pet in the middle of central business district sh


Odda Norway - waterfall is very impressive

Latefoss is a powerful, twin waterfall. This is not the greatest, but his twin currents refuse and pumpkins off a huge rock in its own way, it seemed with the intention of moving out of the way. This creates a fog sprays that can change direction and intensity without warning. There just around the bend us and camp, arriving late in the evening and


Diversify The Source Of Power

Diversifying the source of power should be the best way to tackle electricity issues in Nigeria, there is too much dependent on the hydroelectricity supply that is why the country is not moving forward, in Nigeria, there constant sunshine all year round and i think if they should lay more emphasis in solar energy, they will succeed in diversifying


How South Sudan Radio Station Runs Entirely On Solar Power

This is a very good idea i have come across today, there has been a great loss of power supply in south Sudan and for a station like this to be running on solar power without interruption, there must be some great effort by the engineers. What i am trying to say in essence is that, in Nigeria here, there should also be such, so that there won't be

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