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Higher coal use in Asia could increase water stress

Coal burning, despite recent signs of having peaked in China and pledges made at the Paris Climate talks in December, remains the primary source of electric power in Asia. In both China and India, it’s responsible for the lion’s share of human-made sulfur dioxide (SO 2 ) emissions, which drive up concentrations of sulfate aerosols in


Pharmacy on demand

MIT researchers have developed a compact, portable pharmaceutical manufacturing system that can be reconfigured to produce a variety of drugs on demand. Just as an emergency generator supplies electricity to handle a power outage, this system could be rapidly deployed to produce drugs needed to handle an unexpected disease outbreak, or to prevent a


MIT Energy Initiative and AVANGRID to study the future of the electricity industry

Today, the wholesale price of electricity is largely driven by the availability and operating cost of large power plants as well as congestion in the high-voltage transmission system. It does not take into account many of the low-carbon energy technologies that are rapidly being deployed onto the electric grid.


Solar Is a Booming Business, but It’s Still Not Generating Much of Our Power

Solar capacity is on the rise, but it still accounts for only about 1 percent of the world’s electricity...


MIT develops nontoxic way of generating portable power

The batteries that power the ubiquitous devices of modern life, from smartphones and computers to electric cars, are mostly made of toxic materials such as lithium that can be difficult to dispose of and have limited global supplies. Now, researchers at MIT have come up with an alternative system for generating electricity, which harnesses heat and


Comparing The Cost Of Cloud Vs On-Premise – Hidden Cost You Should Not Overlook

Many companies are engulfed in the comparison between the cost of Cloud and On-premise. Many business owners when considering the best often concentrate on face value cost and forget about the total cost of ownership. Many businesses consider the cost of acquiring new hardware and software to keep functioning the only cost in the case of On-premise


State funds sought for Inland Empire Gold Line rail extension

I like trains and therefore the extension of rail systems. It is good for the earth and our enviroment, not everyone needs to drive his own car or go by bus, it is very bad for the nature and other livings that can't stand the toxic exhausts. Trains are fast, they can be run by electric power, they fit many people.


Bird Poop Likely Caused N.Y. Nuclear Reactor Outage

There has been serious issues with a nuclear power plant in france lately and germany is demanding the france government to shut it down for safety reasons. I think this article is kinda scary and kinda funny, we aren't as far developed as we think. "In a report to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission last month, the New Orleans-based company said the


Today's Best Deals: Electric Grill, Lightning Power Bank, Noise-Canceling Earbuds, and More

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APARTAMENT with two bedrooms in BUCEO, Montevideo

Modern 5th floor with nice panoramic view, two bathrooms and garage: The nice flat is located at the counter-front of a modern building, finished at the end of 2011. It is found in the neighbourhood "Buceo" on Gral. F. Rivera Avenue, just a few steps away from the Montevideo Shopping and the World Trade Center. Its 5-floor-building is equipped with

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