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WhatsApp turns on end-to-end encryption - PCWorld

In lieu of FBI vs Apple battle, now WhatsApp, Facebook subsidiaries is using an end-to-end encryption too. Of course this will not only irks FBI, but also Washington and other countries as well since over 1 billion people use WhatsApp in this world. I wonder if this is a signal for anyone that soon or later Facebook might also use an end-to-end enc


Link from ( I need a manual for a Smith Corona Super Correct XT I recently - Fix

Confirmed link from to Office n More: First click through viewed: 03/14/16 13:20


Need for Speed update out this week, Manual Transmission 'as early as next week'

Need for Speed's latest update, which comes with new cars, more garage space and Drag Racing, is out this week. You can expect the Manual Transmission update "as early as next week."


Apple Needs To Remove Bitcoin Hive Wallet From App Store

Ooops! Hive's developer should notify Apple that his product is not longer be supported or no longer available. This is screw up. IF lots of people use Hive wallet and want to transfer it to other, they must know how to download private key into their phone then uploaded to the wallet they prefer. This could backfire to Hive wallet user if they are


Yes, Google can remotely reset Android passcodes, but there's a catch

It applies to anything below Android 5.0 lollipop product. In fact, there is an option in the lollipop that you can turn in encryption manually, so you don't have to wait for marshmallow update. The 4th amendment of constitution specifically instructed that any law enforcement official need warrant to go through your stuffs. This is because they sp


eMail for link building

Daniel Bailey 2:20 AM (5 hours ago) to --scrapped email-- Hi, My name is Daniel, I’ve been a long term reader of your blog and would love to work with you for one of my client. Your site has a high quality structure and value which will be beneficial for my client. Other than having received 100s, if not 1,000s of emails that start the same


Beware the risks of renouncing your US citizenship in Canada

Great fear mongering article. First, let's separate two issues: Citizenship and Taxes. Your obligations to file tax returns, etc exist whether you are going to renounce or not. If you have been neglectful (intentionally, or not) on that matter, you have the same obligation to resolve it whether you will renounce or not. Yes, there may be some diffe


Departure From Civil Society: Pentagon Attacks Journos

Pentagon needs to rethink calling war journalists 'belligerents', says watchdog ... bOpen letter from Reporters Without Borders calls on US defense secretary to revise manual containing 'disturbing' language on treating reporters like spies James Foley War reporters like the late James Foley could, under a new document circulated by the US Defense


Second Passport = Insurance Policy?

I often run across people who are looking to get citizenship in a country outside the US. This is often a long, expensive process often requires legal residency. Many places require not only legal residency, but also physical presence in their country for years before one can quality for citizenship. Of course, the country is looking for someone to


Need Help With Victor VTC-35 Lathe Programming With FANUC Controller

I'm working on programming a Victor VTC-35B Lathe with a FANUC Model 0T-C controller. The lathe serial number is 2902204. The boot screen reads: ECOCA CNC 0669-12 SERVO: 9046-10 PMC: SJ35-D8 COPYRIGHT FANUC LTD 1988-2000 NOT READY The manuals we have for it are titled Victor SJ-35 Series. They don't list M-codes for running macros, though

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