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Link from ( Smith corona electra xt manual - Fixya

Confirmed link from to Office n More: First click through viewed: 09/27/16 13:08


Fwd: *Internal Use Only: R J McLeod - PL policy: LB348871 - ZEUS claim: 20-50-085175

From: David Toogood Date: Tue, Sep 13, 2016 at 8:48 AM Subject: *Internal Use Only: R J McLeod - PL policy: LB348871 - ZEUS claim: 20-50-085175 To: mailto:jerry.cutler (jerry.cutler) Hi Jerry - Here's a copy of the policy schedule. Regards David Toogood Senior Claims Handler Construction & Engineering Team Zurich Insurance PLC PO Box 9942, Birmingh


Any sewing machine!

Any sewing machine can be used to make Bikini. From the old manual pulley with belt all the way to the modern computerized version. I have Juki, Brother and Singer at home. My parents still trust their old Pffaff sewing machine as the best despite their wear and tear. The most important thing to make a bikini is not the machine, but the person who



Depending on what is your specialty in drafting. I notice that some people tend to concentrate in one field such as machinery, architecture, geology, interior design, etc. And once they are stick to it or find their niche, they tend to not move to other sector due to their interest. I found that most people depend too much on their CAD software and



GAO Report - FBI Face-recognition Database Consists Of 411.9 Million Images

It's been found to be biased against African-Americans, and utterly failed in the Boston bombing manhunt. What else is new? There is no actual way to describe the face recognition system. For once, human ages and so are their faces. Of course there is a need to do this manually by using real human to monitor the activity. But with the current FBI


BTC Harvest Weekly Summary: Bitcoin Rewards 07/23/2016

BTC Story Weekly Drawing 07/17/16 00:00 - 07/23/16 23:59 BTC Story Weekly Bonus: 0.07000000 BTC, Bonus per story: 0.00007527 BTC Total stories: 930 //pi[412673] had 667 qualifying stories for a bonus share of 0.05020509. //pi[417835] had 58 qualifying stories for a bonus share of 0.00436566. //pi[388294] had 30 qualifying stories for a bonus


The Slow Disappearance Of The Video Game Manual

Collector F. M. da Costa has an amazing Flickr page where he opens up his games, showing everything that came in the box. It's very pretty just to look at, but it's also a timelapse, showing the slow and steady decline in the number of pieces of paper that shipped alongside a video game.


Resident Evil 7: fan creates NES-style manual for Beginning Hour demo

Everything you'd want to know about the demo in an old-school manual. The Resident Evil 7 Beginning Hour demo has been hugely popular, as evident by the 2 million downloads , and it's got its fair share of unsolved mysteries.


Link from meldas m3 plc programming manual

Confirmed link from to Bit Soap Box; All Sites Combined: Search on Bit Soap Box; All Sites Combined for: First click through viewed: 07/02/16 18:44

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