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pre fab homes and solar panels

I was just looking at the site, for the off grid comments, and was also thinking about the rise of prefab homes being build. What if you could combine prefab walls and roofs with solar panels so you could save the cost of set up and use the whole roof for the purpose? If the solar panels worked, they could heat the roof too, to keep off snow, esp i


Manufactured homes

I am the internet sales manager for Alternative Living. We sell manufactured homes/ Prefab homes. If you have any questions about prefab homes please send me a message or reply to this post. Manufactured homes are a really good idea for people who want to live in a good size home but has less of a mortgage payment. If you are looking to build a new


Prefabs and crops

I looked into prefab houses when I first arrived. Back then there was a company in Paysandu which did them nationwide and another near MVD who did a slightly posher version. I'll have a hunt to see whether I still have their details. I've planted 1000 eucalyptus dunii on 0.8 hectares (about 2 acres) which are a dual purpose variety... good for wood


Forum: PreFab Housing

Forum resource: PreFab Housing, Costa Rica has some interesting information. Here is a snippet. "We have a need to have some prefab steel structures which can be dropped on location and become operational within 24 hrs to 48 hrs. We are" Looking for prefab companies servicing Cahuita costa rica. Let me know. Thanks. ... Interested in lan


Questions: where can i find prefab furniture replacement parts. mostly the speci

i am looking for the screw and lock cam that is used to join pieces at a right angle

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