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Nuns, other religious investors demand Wells Fargo disclose more about fake accounts scandal - Denver Business Journal

Duh! What with the religious organization these days? Do they really invest in Wells Fargo? I though there should be a reason to separate spiritual order and the worldly affairs. And now, the nun are in the "sisterhood of perpetual agony"! That's the reason religious organization should not make profit from the world debauchery.


Which do you prefer?

If you were about to spend your money into an investment in Real Estate properties what would it be? Buy a Brand new house and lot or invest your money into a Condo-hotel where you may get shares in one unit at the same time you can ask the Management of that Condominium to manage your unit and earn some huge money from it? If you ask me, I will in


Watch out defensive investors - big companies are in the firing line

The change is being backdated to deals done in the past three years. Wasn't one of the premises of US Law, and one that helped make the US special and better than other countries, one that the law could not be changed to make something you did in the past, illegal? Maybe if the US corporate tax rate wasn't so high and its general tax regime so over


Intellectual Maggots Bullying and Censorship from Fortinet - FortiGuard

Freedom of expression is considered by many to be a basic human right. However, I believe that it is something much more important than that. Freedom of expression is the essence of who we are, our true identity, our soul. When one is not able to freely express themselves, they are simply not themselves. When an outsider attempts to control our fre


Chinese, Western Marts Equally Manipulated.

China stock probes send shivers through investment community: 'If I don't come back, look after my wife' ... Investigations by Chinese authorities into wild stock market swings are spreading fear among China-based investors, with some unsure if they are simply helping with inquiries or actually under suspicion, executives in the financial communit


Bitcoin 101: The Bitcoin Millionaires' Club

Bitcoin has made countless individual millionaires. Bitcoin has some of the most interesting stories of rags to richest. In 2013, when the value of bitcoin was at its highest, a number of people became instant millionaires. Started with a value of less than a dollar, it reached a high value of $1,242 at the tail end of 2013. While it is hard to tel


Profit Bitcoin Weekly Update 06/21/2015

Top posts... The start of 2015 is action-filled for bitcoin. Deep web, black markets getting busted, exchanges closing and opening here and there, value going up and down like it usually does, and of course, regulations of all kinds in different places. For many, 2015 is a promising year for bitcoin. After all, those regulations alone must mean


And So the Business Cycle Turns, Ms. Yellen

Reuters relates," Fed's Yellen says equity valuations high, warns of 'potential danger.'" This little article from Reuters encapsulates the frustrating nature of our current system of finance. Ms. Yellen, in fact, is a chief architect of the difficulties she is warning about. But you would never know that from this article. Professional investors


Brazil: Not so Squeaky Clean

The Wall Street Journal explains how, "Brazil Graft Case Sets Back Economy" The "corruption" scandal at state-controlled Petróleo Brasileiro SA threatens President Dilma Rousseff and also Brazil's economy, the Journal tells us. We're not surprised as we predicted this months ago. What began as a probe of money launderers operating out of a gas


Has Bitcoin Lost Its Investment Potential?

Bitcoin has become one of the most unexpected and profitable investment opportunities in recent history. Early investors who bought bitcoins before their ascent in value were able to purchase for a dollar or less, and then realize enormous profits when bitcoin prices spiked at over $1,200. These earnings, combined with the volatility of the cryptoc

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