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Watch out defensive investors – big companies are in the firing line

The change is being backdated to deals done in the past three years. Wasn't one of the premises of US Law, and one that helped make the US special and better than other countries, one that the law could not be changed to make something you did in the past, illegal? Maybe if the US corporate tax rate wasn’t so high and its general tax regime


Intellectual Maggots Bullying and Censorship from Fortinet - FortiGuard

Freedom of expression is considered by many to be a basic human right. However, I believe that it is something much more important than that. Freedom of expression is the essence of who we are, our true identity, our soul. When one is not able to freely express themselves, they are simply not themselves. When an outsider attempts to control our fre


Chinese, Western Marts Equally Manipulated.

China stock probes send shivers through investment community: 'If I don't come back, look after my wife' ... Investigations by Chinese authorities into wild stock market swings are spreading fear among China-based investors, with some unsure if they are simply helping with inquiries or actually under suspicion, executives in the financial communit


Bitcoin 101: The Bitcoin Millionaires' Club

Bitcoin has made countless individual millionaires. Bitcoin has some of the most interesting stories of rags to richest. In 2013, when the value of bitcoin was at its highest, a number of people became instant millionaires. Started with a value of less than a dollar, it reached a high value of $1,242 at the tail end of 2013. While it is hard to tel


And So the Business Cycle Turns, Ms. Yellen

Reuters relates," Fed's Yellen says equity valuations high, warns of 'potential danger.'" This little article from Reuters encapsulates the frustrating nature of our current system of finance. Ms. Yellen, in fact, is a chief architect of the difficulties she is warning about. But you would never know that from this article. Professional investors


Financial Benefits you can Get in Owning Condo Property in Philippines

Here are 11 financial benefits you can get from owning a condo: 1. You can access first-class amenities at a very low cost. 2. Condos in key cities have high resale value. 3. Condominiums can easily be rented out. 4. Condo units are easily transferable 5. The initial financial demands of owning a condo are much less. 6. Owning a condo poses minimal


Paid-in Capital System Replaced by Subscription Capital System.

Paid-in Capital System Replaced by Subscription Capital System. As of March 1, 2014, these requirements will no longer apply, unless as otherwise specifically required by the laws and regulations. Instead, the registered capital of a company is the capital subscribed by all the shareholders (subject to one exception) and the shareholders are free t


Evergreen Residences

Evergreen Residences With fascinating and distinctive lighting at dusk Evergreen Residences @ Geylang is conveniently located to meet your desire. The freehold development is well matched with the city and amenities of the city life are well accessed from the development. A decent architectural appearance with smooth and safe design has made the de


M2 @ Macpherson Mall

M2 at Macpherson Mall A shopping mall is not only a place for shopping only. It should have other dimensions also. An ideal shopping mall should have some other recreational facilities. If you are thinking about the picture of a true or ideal shopping mall, you need not to think so deeply. Just visit M2 at Macpherson Mall and you will have an idea


Mapex @ Jalan Peminpin

Mapex @ Jalan Pemimpin If you are looking for an excellent freehold to enrich your business your search may stop at Mapex @ Jalan Pemimpin. It is said to be the the latest well facilitated freehold at 37 Jalan Pemimpin within prestigious District 20 of Singapore. The 8 storied building is having 130 units of size from around 1600 to 2000 square fee

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