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3 “simple but effective” principles that managers should apply

A lot of entrepreneurs, organizations and employers have difficulty in operating and developing the company. The most popular questions are how to deal with multiple problems, how to create business culture to boost the work productivity, or what to do when facing obstacles?, etc, always exist with the Managers and Leaders. Many management theories


Quick Tips for Getting Settled in Uruguay

I started in May of 2005 just before I moved to Uruguay. At that time there were no significant expat resources for Uruguay and very little information in English. In June 2005, I hopped on a plane from tropical Costa Rica and came to Montevideo in the middle of Winter. I've been living here ever since with only an occasional vacat


Video: Resolving the problem of Statelessness

Al Jazeera asked me to submit a video for one of their programs. They wanted 30 seconds and the first one came out over a minute, so I uploaded it to Youtube. Here is a rough transcript of the video (Youtube's automated system with a few edits): hello my name is Glen Roberts and about one year ago renounced my United States citizenship and became v


Some ideas for a little social experiment

I'm still very new to this forum, but I've immediately noticed that many others have stated similar goals upon arriving in Uruguay. I thought I'd put out there the plan that I've been working on for a little while now. In no way is this plan set in stone. I'm not certain if anyones tried this before so I'm sure there will need to be adjustments mad



Q: My thought on June 12 A: Last Wednesday June 12th, while many across the country were reflecting on the perils and challenges to our young democracy and remembering the efforts of MKO Abiola, the University of Uyo was embroiled it seems in a battle that could also trace its roots to the perils and challenges facing our infant democracy. Whatever


What do you fear?

If you are a person who is trying to be macho or looking for an excuse to be reckless, then your answer is probably something like: "I have no fear". Almost as fear is something that can be collected and hoarded. I think before it is fair to ask the question, what do you fear, we must first take a deep look at what fear is, what it isn't and how we


Things You Didn't Know About PARAGUAY

I am writing about Paraguay in the Uruguay forum because the article referenced in the most recent post I made here inspired me to. That article said, "Before I came down to South America I’m not even sure I could find this tiny country on a map, let alone tell you the difference between it and Paraguay." It then proceeded not to offer any answers


Support for Washington Entrepreneurs

StartUp Northwest, is part social network and part online resource for small business owners. Whether you are just starting out or need input on how to expand your existing business, StartUp Northwest may just hold the answer. New business owners often need support and interaction. Traditional networking groups are great, but many of us don't have


Help from People Who are good at Spying!!!

Hello to any and all that will read this, First I'd like to say I am grateful for forums like this. Whoever created this, thank you from the bottom of my heart! I'm desperately in trouble, and need some excellent advice from the pros. My post may be a little long, but please, polease read it all and bear with me. My problem is not new, but complica


bulldog scam

i was looking for a bulldog and i found one i could afford and i sent email to the person and in mins i had a responce...they asked a bounch of questions and i answered them got another responce and they said for me to send 120.00 and i would have my new puppy melissa in the morning at my door and when i told the guy nevermind that i would find one

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