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DNC hackers worked with at least six zero-day exploits

Whether it was zero day exploit that affect windows, java and flash or not, it was all penetrated by hacker through social engineering. Of course the government and their employees especially should know that clicking an advert or answering an unclear email or visiting a web page must use "due diligence" on their part. Something that you can't find


Hacked by a world famous hacker: Kevin Mitnick answers your questions

Aha ha ha! None of the phone line are secured. Even if you encrypted the data on your phone, hacker still able to go in through social engineering. This is Mitnick overall point actually. To make a friend with the holder of the phone and then overload the phone with DDOS attack to bring it down. Simple, but powerful attack. And the way Mitnick obta


Apple lawsuit says 90 percent of 'official' chargers sold on Amazon are fake - The Verge

Holy crap! What so interesting is that if you search for Apple Charger, the Amazon pages will come on the top of the search engine. In other words, 90% of the people who bought charger from Amazon are all a fake product. This is not only cost Amazon some money, now all the customer who bought from Amazon will want their money back or at least get t


Imogen Heap advocates blockchain as saviour of music

"At the moment it takes up to two years for me to receive my money, and it can really change your life if it would just come when it was due. In this day and age when we make millions of transactions a second, how can it take so long?" I agree with her completely here. This is how fu*ked up capitalism is. You create something, they get the patent a


Yahoo stumbles again in 3Q, raising stakes on Verizon deal - Chicago Tribune

Time is no longer on Yahoo side. The once internet giant in the 90's that pretty much control the search engine for ten consecutive years is now tumble because of their own stupidity. The problem is internal and not from outside. Their cyber security is weak and to make it worse, they work together with the US government for surveillance purposes.


Nope. I don't want to retire completely

I probably wouldn't retire completely. Maybe just reducing the amount of regular work that I do. But as a software engineers I don't think I can retire. The reason is simple. I'm interested in many things to the point that I keep learning a new things. I believe that education is an ongoing process and it will not stop until I die.


Going Organic in China - Mastering Baidu SEO

Wow! This is a good info on Baidu, the Chinese giant search engine. Although it's something that most people from outside China overlook at, it actually one of the best search engine out there. Interestingly, Baidu still reads those backlinks or non organic matters into their SEO. But I don't think this would be that long since they are also apprec


Cryptocurrency Exchange Poloniex is Insecure, Security Review Claims

I agree with the Sirer's assessment on //l[2]. The exchange has been under fire for the past 3 years. But the author argumentation that Tristan D'Agosta, the founder of Poloniex is a music major and not engineer is kinda absurd. I think anyone who has a guts to become an entrepreneur must take one small step ahead regardless what his background.


Many companies falling prey to hackers who have turned thieves

Social engineering is always the best ways for hacker to get into anyone system. Why? Because the employee training in the field of cyber security is lacking. Most SME doesn't want to allocate money for security training to the point that it will waste their money and resources. In fact, like the example above, those are the most important thing in



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