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FBI paid more than $1.3 million to iPhone hackers, says it was 'worth it'

IDIOT! That's the word that I should use to describe Comey. He could go to Apple and let Apple engineers to crack it. Not because Apple doesn't want to, they want to help, but instead, Comey went the other way around by suing Apple to give up their backdoor key. Of course now people can see how the head of FBI has just wasted 1.3 million bucks to g


Hackers' search engine presents leaked Filipino voters' data

Aha ha ha! First is the federal reserve breach routed to Philippines and now the election data. Of course the government start to think twice about cyber security. On the other hand, it seems that the hacker was local so it's indicating that the breach could be done from inside.


Intel axes 12000 jobs as it seeks to break away from PCs - Computerworld

They didn't say what kind of position that they axed in this 12,000. Of course, if they restructure the pc market and pass most f it to IoT then the most of the engineers will be saved. Mostly admin and the labor such as factory workers as most of their repetitive jobs can be replaced by robot.


Beaver Works collaboration brings new talent to Lincoln Laboratory

"I came into MIT with a music background and learned over the first few years I was there how to be an engineer, how to think like an engineer," Jean Sack, a member of the technical staff in MIT Lincoln Laboratory's Energy Systems Group, explained to a CNN reporter. CNN featured Sack on "The Next List" in 2013 for her innovation as a mechanica


Biobarrier explorer and dark matter theorist win MIT’s prestigious junior faculty award

Jesse Thaler, associate professor in the Department of Physics, and Katharina Ribbeck, the Eugene Bell Career Development Professor of Tissue Engineering in the Department of Biological Engineering, have been awarded the 2015-2016 Harold E. Edgerton Faculty Achievement Award, announced today at MIT’s faculty meeting. The award was establishe


BioShock Looks Far More Crisp in Unreal Engine 4

BioShock came out nearly nine years ago and used Unreal Engine 2.5, so it’s no wonder the Unreal Engine 4 project it inspired looks so sharp. Read more... ..


Combining curiosity with a desire to help

When Juan Jaramillo was young, he would ask his father endless questions about the world around him, particularly during the 12-hour road trips his family made between Mexico and Texas. “I'd ask him so many questions and he had an answer for literally everything,” Jaramillo says. Jaramillo, a chemical engineering major, has learn


Brown Bag: The Visual Component

Join the Program on Information Science for our May Brown Bag with Felice Frankel, research scientist in the Center for Materials Science and Engineering here at MIT. She will discuss visual representation of all kinds as it becomes more important in our ever growing image-based society, especially in science and technology, and


RuneScape kicks Java to the curb, relaunches with new game engine

RuneScape has bid adieu to Java after 15 years and relaunched today looking spiffier than ever. Jagex Games Studio has revamped the MMO using its new proprietary visual engine and game client NXT.


3-D Printing Gets Tougher with Inks That Turn into Ceramics

A new way of making these tough materials could be a key step in producing better airplane engines and long-lasting machine parts...

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