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A "search engine" that pays you for using them. If you're a privacy freak, don't use it. It just plays the man in the middle role between you and any common use search engine. They updated their GUI, yet, they didn't upgrade the hosting: thus, every search you make, is not only slow, but also with no "location data" (which means you'll unspecific i


Forza Horizon 3's first 150 cars revealed

150 of the cars in Forza Horizon 3 in one go. Forza Horizon 3 is going to include a big roster of cars across different classes, engine types, manufacturers, as well as the various terrain conditions each are designed for.


Former Google Engineer Develops Blockchain Core OS for Banks

Fundamentally, the Vault OS kernel helps run the core funds of the bank on a centralized and permissioned cryptographic ledger. Isn't that what Mikey and his R3 working right now? Developing a permissioned and centralized blockchain ledger to replace the current ACH and SWIFT system. The article just scratch the surface although it could be interes


Complex Bitcoin Phishing Scheme Revealed - Cisco's OpenDNS Security Team

For novice users, phishing email seems to be a common email and there is nothing irregular. But for someone who know and realize it, they pay attention to the address on the link. Moreover, people should use due diligence and pay attention also to the address on the site address. This is typical and the easiest for hacker to breach your account. Th


Google: Today's Encryption May Not Survive Tomorrow's Attacks

Did they say 2KB of the additional data was transferred for the new crypto system? That's a lot. Of course if I know Google's engineers, they will trim this down to almost nothing if the platform already in place. On the other hand, the application of quantum computing is still limited and it's good that Google, NASA and a handful of higher educati


JuliaCon draws global users of a dynamic, easy-to-learn programming language

"Julia is a great tool." That's what New York University professor of economics and Nobel laureate Thomas J. Sargent told 250 engineers, computer scientists, programmers, and data scientists at the third annual JuliaCon held at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL).


The Great Fallout 4 Rube Goldberg Machine

Using Fallout 4's Contraption Workshop DLC, UpIsNotJump has gone and made about the most Rube Goldbergy machine imaginable within the confines of the game’s engine. Read more... ..


VIZIO's Excellent 60' M-Series 4K TV Is Down To $800 For the First Time

VIZIO’s M-series of 4K TVs dominated the holiday shopping season in 2015, but if you held out this long, you can save big on the 60" model today, courtesy of Dell. $800 is the best price we’ve ever seen on this model, and that price gets you local dimming, smart apps, and a well-reviewed upscaling engine for 1080p content. Read more..


Robert Fano, computing pioneer and founder of CSAIL, dies at 98

Robert “Bob” Fano, a professor emeritus in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) whose work helped usher in the personal computing age, died in Naples, Florida on July 13. He was 98.


Plant That Won’t Glow Shows DIY Biohacking Is Overhyped

Do-it-yourself biologists who hit the jackpot on Kickstarter have learned that genetic engineering isn’t so easy after all...

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