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DayLight Team to Create a Blockchainized State

What a bunch of crazy but unclear idea? There are several projects on the market right now. One of them is the BitNation with their worldwide governance. The question right now is who behind these meatballs. I tried to access their site and it seems that their project is questionable even by seasonal engineer at bitcointalk.


Snowden: Don't Use Google Allo 'Encrypted' Messenger

Well, if the master himself already know about Google massive surveillance, then why everyone still use it? Still, Google is the most use internet engine all over the world. Even their Android OS is being monitored. Thus making everything under them could be considered not private alias being monitored.


Bank Tech Provider Sinodata Calls for Blockchain Collaborations

Really! Why they don't want to join with other such as IBM or the R3 consortium? I think they want to use local talent more than collaborating with international agent. The Chinese has the resources and the money to create an entirely digital bank like WeBank. Thus encouraging local engineer to do it under their own standard.


Institutions Turn Inside Out: Backend Systems Revolution via Blockchain

If, large microblogging services or search engines would expose all user content and queries to the degree that the Bitcoin network does the brain strains to imagine the amazing applications that could be conceived. If that happens, isn't it undermine the privacy of each and individual user? Are we in some sorts of collective mind that being contro


IBM is All in on Blockchain; Criticisms From Bitcoin Experts

Heck! Banks have failed to provide even a die hard blockchain engineers a proof of their work, so IBM took over the issue and declared their own blockchain. In fact, there is a different between blockchain and distributed databases. Of course if IBM says something, people immediately believe it where in fact, it's just a simple distributed database


A bit of change: Indians using bitcoin to trade, shop, even pay for pizza

Pinto, 59, had been a marine engineer and a transport entrepreneur before he set up a successful chain of funeral parlours. Now that something different! He also involves in bitcoin mining and put his money to buy mining rigs every month. I think the 9% return value on every month is much better compared to fiat currency. Funny things is that this


IBM and Bank of Tokyo Start Blockchain Revolution in Banking, Aim for Complete Automation

You know, if IBM jump into this system, I'm pretty sure that they are able to do it. The question is just a matter of time. The problem is that it might not be blockchain. The reason is simple, there are not many, in fact, the last statement from BoJ said that there is no talent in Japan that would be willing to work for the banking industry. Simil


Seagate Sued By Own Employees For CEO Fraud Attack

This is a very big issue - Everyone should know how to defend against a social engineering attack. This is a link to the KnowBe4 blog - They have a newsletter that alerts me to all the newest threats out there, and how to keep your organization a little safer in an increasingly socially digital world.


Solar-powered tuk-tuk completes India to UK trip

Wow! It's an interesting story about an Indian engineer called Naveen Rabelli who journeyed 6000 miles with a solar driven tuk-tuk. He came from India to UK with his solar driven tuk-tuk. It's a great achievement. He said: we definitely have to start thinking about renewable energy, now it's high time and it's not a local problem it's a global prob


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From: David Toogood Date: Tue, Sep 13, 2016 at 8:48 AM Subject: *Internal Use Only: R J McLeod - PL policy: LB348871 - ZEUS claim: 20-50-085175 To: mailto:jerry.cutler (jerry.cutler) Hi Jerry - Here's a copy of the policy schedule. Regards David Toogood Senior Claims Handler Construction & Engineering Team Zurich Insurance PLC PO Box 9942, Birmingh

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