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Why I bought Amazon Fire and a Cruel Joke

I have a Sony Bravia TV and although it has an Ethernet jack and connects to the internet, using it to view TV programs or movies makes me feel more like I am working than enjoying a bit of entertainment. The user interface seems designed at best to mentally cripple anyone who touches the remote control. However, it gets worse. Slowly, channel by c


SharePoint 2010: Recopilatorio de enlaces interesantes (VI)!

Web Content Management in SharePoint 2010. Configuring Profile Image Export in SharePoint 2010. Fuente: Blog de Matthew McDermott. EDiscovery in SharePoint ...Web Analytics in SharePoint 2010. SharePoint 2010 Integrates Web Analytics Service. Integrating azure & Sharepoint 2010 3 Ways to Customize SharePoint ...Management in SharePoint 2010 How Sha


Kill the Cubicle! - How Modern Office Design Increase Productivity

When was the last time you had a good look around the office you are sitting in, maybe right now as you read this? Are you stuck in a cubicle with boring-looking IKEA furniture? What is the feeling you are getting, are you feeling productive? It may not come as a complete surprise but the work we do in our office week out and week in is far m

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