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2002 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.3l 6 cyl with no power

My wife's 2002 grand caravan had an electrical glitch with the power locks for months (they would lock themselves or go up and down rapidly by themselves). The other night, I was driving when the battery light came on and the radio started to go on and off. I stopped at a friends house and a couple hours later I started home when suddenly everythin


help with 1993 dodge caravan SE

The other day while driving my 1993 Caravan SE it suddenly started this "Hiccup" thing. Whenever it did this, the speedometer dropped to "O" then right back to the speed I was driving. I made it home, and the van started several times without a problem. I decided to take it to Lowe's and get some supplies I needed. BIG MISTAKE....on the way it star


1997 Dodge Grand Caravan locks & alarm gone beserk

I have a 97 Dodge Grand Caravan on which the door locks and alarm have gone BESERK! When I am either driving or opening any of the door(front, rear sliders, or rear gate, the alarm and auto locks go off. This happens frequently and randomly but not all the time, waking up the neighbors or everyone in the parking lock. If it happens when I have star


93 dodge caravan will not start

1993 caravan won't start, cranks/turns over fine, but wont fire off to start. So far we've replaced the fuel pump, crank sensor, cam position sensor, checked/swaped the ASD relay with a new one. No spark at plugs when jumped from plug wire to eng block ground. The van was running badly for a while then while driving 45mph or so, it sputtered, stall


Forum: Dodge Caravan does not want to start

This discussion: Dodge Caravan does not want to start, Dodge-Grand Caravan has some good conversations. Here is a lead in. "When I turn the key the instrument panel lights go off but the engine does not turn. I only hear click sound. There was nothing wrong with" my grand caravan 1998 dont want to start too. i only heard the sound but dont


Is your Dodge Caravan making rattling or thumping noises coming from the front e

This is a very common experience for caravan owners. The front end of my van was making a racket. I mean it sounded as if it were falling apart every time I went over the slightest bump in the road. We started by checking out all the front end parts and found one bad axle, which we replaced. To make a long story short, I think we replaced almost ev

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