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What does Western Union Want With Digital Currency Group?

It's simple. Number one, they eat their own words by investing in Master's DCG who has been known to do research on blockchain for banks. Secondly, their number are also dwindling since the cost to transfer with bitcoin is cheaper worldwide. Of course with these two alone, WU can save lots of money since the money transmitter services are getting b


Sunlight Exposure

There's a totally widespread theory in our culture that says that "marihuana is the gateway to stronger drugs", this asseveration implies a great headline for anyone that already has the idea of drugs being bad (they dont complain about alcohol or tobacco... ). This headline would be very adecuate if it was checked, or had some sort of scientific r


FBI paid more than $1.3 million to iPhone hackers, says it was 'worth it'

IDIOT! That's the word that I should use to describe Comey. He could go to Apple and let Apple engineers to crack it. Not because Apple doesn't want to, they want to help, but instead, Comey went the other way around by suing Apple to give up their backdoor key. Of course now people can see how the head of FBI has just wasted 1.3 million bucks to g


The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth DLC gets PS4, Xbox One release date

The Binding of Isaac fans on console can finally check out the myriad new features of the latest expansion. The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth DLC gets PS4, Xbox One release date The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth fans on PC have been noisily enjoying the Afterbirth DLC since October 2015, making console players wildly jealous.


Beautiful chaos: Facebook Messenger now allows you to voice chat with 50 friends - CNET

This will make regular voice line obsolete since you can voice chat with your group together like a party line. Well, soon or later we will reach this stage anyway. One thing for sure, people will be spending their time more on Facebook rather than any other social media, just for chatting. Facebook get the revenue, but productivity down because pe


Law Enforcement Shuts Down Blackberry PGP Communication Network

Overreacting! That's the word that I should say. This is got nothing to do with the Ennetcom owner who has been arrested. The PGP server is encrypt email between user who used it so they can't be read by anyone without a key. Of course this will get attention from lots of activist and privacy advocate who prefer their communication line not being i


Bitstamp Close to Securing European License for Bitcoin Exchange

Well, Luxembourg is known for a grey country anyway. But if Bitstamp can manage to get an EU license there, that means, they are legal in all 28 EU member countries. This is good news for everyone as the rest of the exchange can follow BitStamp steps.


How to make cities more energy efficient

Many programs encourage owners of homes and other buildings to improve their energy efficiency, sometimes offering substantial subsidies or tax incentives for doing so. Now, planners may have a way to determine where such programs can get the most return for that investment: New research shows how to identify the buildings where retrofitting for en


Mirror's Edge Catalyst – here's your minimum and recommenced PC specs

Those planning on purchasing Mirror's Edge Catalyst for PC can now look over the system requirements. Here's the minimum and recommended system specs posted by EA : Minimum OS: Windows 7 64-Bit (use the latest Service Pack) CPU: Intel i3-3250 / AMD FX-6350. (game equires at least quad-core) RAM: 6GB HDD: 25GB of free space Video: Nvidia GeForce GTX


How to get published in IEEE journals

Attention, would-be IEEE authors! Ruth Wolfish, IEEE client services manager, will present "How to get published in IEEE journals." This overview of how to become an IEEE author and best practices for searching IEEE Xplore will cover: Tips on how to select an appropriate IEEE periodical or conference, organize your manuscript, and work through

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