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Hackers hit 6000 web stores to steal card data

Interestingly that the security analyst mention that the location of the off-shore hackers is in Russia? Does the US always blame the Russia for this type of hack or because all the hype is pointed to Russia at this moment? Credit card skimming happen all the time from the hardware issue at the ATM to software injection. That's the reason why you d


Card frauds used bitcoins to trade money

Idiot! Bitcoin is not the problem here, the debit card that being cloned is the problem. The reason is simple, the banking system is sucks thus enabling a group of thugs to clone people debit/credit card system through the ATM. Now, whether they change it to bitcoin or not that a different story. In any case, the reason they convert it to bitcoin b


Central Bank Embargo Ushers In Sudden Bitcoin Awareness In Nigeria

The primary issue here is how many retailer will accept bitcoin in Nigeria. Considering that even people who own ATM cards is less than 25% of the population moreover credit cards, the only thing they need to be concerned is when they're doing international transaction. I know that some of them use Paypal since they take Nigerian Naira, but if the


R3 Blockchain Consortium Adds 12 More Banks; Will Soon Integrate Financial Services Firms

You know, if you look at the list, these are no different than building another VISA/MC networks for credit card or Cirrus/Plus network for ATM where it's accepted worldwide. The different it they use blockchain technology behind it. Now, with Hearn's involvement in it, you can bet that he will put his XT to work with these people. It's good to kno


ATM Skimming Worries SEPA Zone - Time For Bitcoin?

Worries? This thing has been going on for the last 20 years and they just even worries now! Where have they been for the last 20 years? Using credit cards with e-chip even won't help either as long as people still transact using cash. The internet booming make possible for people use less cash transaction. Even now, lots of developing country alrea


Digital payment startups awaiting momentum

The problem is not merchant unwillingness to adopt digital payment. Typical e-commerce services such as credit card which is of course every one knows that they charge high fees for services are still running in the old infrastructure. Even the ATM machine still run in the old system and vulnerable to attack. The reason is simple, the government wh


Insure Your Life with Bitcoin

Bitcoin users in the Philippines, and those abroad, rejoiced when added a number of new services in their website. The new services include payment options for utilities (electricity and water), credit card bills, cable provider, phone bills and even school tuition fees for 4 universities, namely Ateneo de Manila, La Salle Greenhills, Miri


Chips, Dips and Tips: 5 Potential Problems With New Credit Cards -

What a bunch of joke! First the US were 10 yrs behind the schedule on chip card. Secondly, they still requires signature to finalize the transaction while in other country, they use PIN like in ATM. Third, lots of countries already one step further without even requiring both signature and PIN because user only need to tap into the machine and the


Bitcoin's Primary Role In Our Daily Lives

Bitcoin revolutionized how people see and use money. From sending money overseas, to paying bills, buying groceries and shopping online. Virtually everyone uses their bitcoin for different purposes. Since discovering bitcoin, I have used it in many ways possible. I have bought e-books and other products online with it. But my primary use of bitcoin


We asked people about their reservations with bitcoin and here are their answers

An innovation as good as bitcoin should go mainstream and be used by everyone. But there is something holding it back from achieving this. We asked as few people what they think it is and here are their answers. Knowledge gap and volatility Brandn Ackroyd //l[1] The knowledge gap and price volatility are the two big hurdles. Firstly I think it's

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